Xudum Okavango Delta Lodge

Coralia Liveaboard is committed to creating sustainable and unforgettable human-nature experiences. While conserving the oceans we cruise in, we also develop the local communities we work with.

Coralia Liveaboard is a dream come true for every nature enthusiast! Luxurious cabins, as well as spacious decks with lots of relaxation areas. Also, delicious food, and most importantly spectacular diving and snorkeling.

Coralia has 8 spacious cabins. We designed them to provide a stylish and authentic sanctuary for nature enthusiasts.
We named them after coral species – a tribute to the stunning underwater world of Indonesia

Master cabins (4 rooms)
On the main and upper decks are spacious and airy. Each has a private deck and a total of 30 m² space.
Their names are XeniaTubiporaAnthelia & Ellisella.


Double cabins (2 rooms)
On the lower deck are 24 m². We can turn them into a triple room when needed.
Their names are Galaxea & Isopora.

 Twin cabins (2 rooms)
On the lower deck are 22 m². You can book share-spots in these cabins.
They go by the names Merulina Halomitra.