Inspired by the seminal age of Space exploration, Echo sits in quiet solitude encircled by pitted rock formations. Echo is as close as you can get to feeling like you’re off the planet without leaving Earth.

The space-age design of the ‘Sky Pods’ makes them look like they’ve been beamed down from Mars. Futuristic and luxurious, the six bedrooms are created from composite fibreglass with floor to ceiling windows allowing guests to soak in the moon-like landscape beyond.

Perfect for exclusive use groups and catering for up to 12 people, Echo allows guests to combine an ultra-luxury experience with a once in lifetime adventure on the 7th Continent. As with all White Desert’s camps, Echo is designed to be dismantled, leaving no trace on the Antarctic landscape. Futuristic sky pods have large windows, cozy/heated interiors and adjoining facilities.

Every trip is bespoke with a wide choice of activities and highlights, such as visiting the nearby 28,000 strong Emperor Penguin colony or a bucket-list journey to the South Pole.

Nunatak Tour

Scale an isolated peak of rock projecting above a surface of inland ice or snow for incredible views from the summit.
Abseiling Tour

Experience the thrills of abseiling frozen cliffs under the guidance of the experienced crew.

A fun ride as you tackle the 10km groomed explorer’s loop.

Ice Climbing

Practice your of ice axe techniques and crampon skills as you scale cool walls of ice.

Cross-country skiing (or jog)

A wonderful way to work up an appetite. Ski the 10k explorer’s loop and hone those skiing skills.

Ski-doo tour
The perfect way to explore this icy region and the camp by zooming around on your skidoo.
Arctic Truck Safari

A specially designed vehicle will take you on a joy ride to discover the icy arctic landscapes.
Explorer’s Traverse

Get a real taste of what it was like for early explorers of the frozen continent by following in their footsteps.

Camp Out

Spend the night out under canvas to experience what explorer’s endured back in the good ole days. Learn life saving techniques and return with some great stories.

Mountaineering Expeditions

Venture out with specially trained mountain guides to traverse rarely seen ranges.
Iconic Climbing

Challenge your skills and join the ranks of a few who have scaled a nunatak.


* Many thanks for the incredible photographs by Kelvin Trautman and Marko Prezelj

Check out Echo HERE


Space Pods in Antarctica - Cool!
Mingle with Emperor Penguins &  Chicks
Dec 22-29, 2022
*Grand opening space available!