Estancia Peuma Hue

Estancia Peuma Hue is a charming hotel and Eco-lodge located within Argentina's first and largest national park, Parque Nacional Nahuel Huapi, in the Lake District of Northern Patagonia. The 200 hectares of forests of Peuma Hue are located at the southern end of Lake Gutiérrez, just 25 minutes south of the city of Bariloche, 35 minutes from Cerro Catedral and 45 minutes from its international airport. Bariloche is the gateway to the northern Patagonian Andes and an internationally renowned mountain area, famous for its wonderful skiing in winter and its unique beauty in spring, summer and fall.

Estancia Peuma Hue is easily accessible, yet maintains a tranquility and majestic nature found in few other places. Our boutique stay is a slice of heaven on earth. Explore the impressive mountainous scenery on horseback, or go trekking on one of the numerous trails at the foot of the mountain, passing streams, waterfalls, majestic forests, meeting an infinite variety of fauna that call our Estancia their Home!

The ranch is made up of a main lodge and three independent log structures each with private rooms, en-suites and common lounge areas. We have a meeting room, an ecumenical temple, an organic garden and greenhouse, a jetty, stables and pasture for the horses. With capacity for 28 people and staff who live on site, our eco-lodge offers a highly personalized experience and a welcoming environment for all.

Estancia Peuma Hue, which means "the place of dreams" in the native Mapuche language, is the embodiment of a dream. Its owner, Evelyn Hoter, had always believed that she would find a place that would bring together an inspiring natural environment and the tools necessary for better health, peaceful existence and a meaningful life. Upon discovering the land that would become Peuma Hue, she had a profound revelation confirming that she had found her inspiration, her place in the world.

Deluxe Rooms

These roomy suites feature a terrace with the mountains and the native forest view.  It has wood-burning heating and a private bathroom with a shower. You can choose between a double bed or two single beds. In addition there is the possibility of including an extra bed under charge.

Junior Suites

These smaller suites feature a terrace with the mountains and the native forest view. It has wood-burning heating and a private bathroom with a shower. You can choose between a double bed or two single beds.


Peuma Lodge Patagonia, in partnership with the best professionals in Patagonia, offers you the possibility of hiring Rafting, Kayaking, Ducky, Family Floating and all the activities that the River Futaleufu and the Patagonia have to offer.


As a service included for our guests,Peuma Lodge Patagonia offers Mountainbike bicycles for guests to visit the park and the closest surroundings of the Hotel.


The freely grazing horses are part of our family, which lives in a natural environment of 330 private hectares , where you can live a different moments and travels in mountains, forests, beaches or streams with the whole family.

The activities on horseback are a unique opportunity to discover the treasures of Patagonia and the nobility of equestrian life in this unique environment.

When feel free to become a desire, in Peuma Lodge Patagonia we make that dream come true on horseback, amidst landscapes that are lost on the horizon that will give you that feeling of freedom that you were looking for.

A very important moment during your trip will be the experience of living in contact with the gauchos of the Lodge. Whether for a few hours on horseback or enjoying a Patagonian barbecue having the possibility to live to the rhythm of these countrymen will be a must stop during your stay, knowing your anecdotes and your lifestyle will take you to the ancient Patagonia, and at Peuma Lodge Patagonia we want you to know.


The easiest way to define this singular excursion is this word: unique. In it will live an incomparable adventure full of anecdotes, emotions and unforgettable images. Once on the summit, the side views are striking and especially, what concerns the mountain range and its glaciers. The Obsession Glacier with an evergreen lenga and its turquoise lakes invites us to walk on its frozen surface is for many a great challenge and a truly unique experience by hand of our experienced guides. If we add to the possibility of reaching one of the most beautiful lagoons in the area, the fun is more than assured.


This is the scene that we propose, a trekking of three hours through the jungle of Lodge Patagonia until arriving at a dream lagoon of Obsesión Glacier. We invite you to enjoy a Paddle Surf board in the lagoon just for you. Give us your trust, and in return, we will give you a new experience that will enter your life to stay. While you relax and laugh, our gauchos will prepare for you a rich lunch that you can enjoy on the edge of this lagoon and its imposing Glacier. In this unique experience in Futaleufu you can combine trekking, water sport and a Patagonian barbecue on the same day. In addition, we have the option of doing half the ride on our native mares, if you really want an adventure that you will not forget.