Galle Fort Hotel

One of the grand mansions of the fort, this iconic building has been many things to many people; a former gem merchants mansion, RAF barracks, a post office, bakery, lapidary and even a pitch for the forts juvenile cricketers; the Galle Fort Hotel is quintessential Galle, a beautiful, eclectic, eccentric gem of a place in the town that exerts a magnet appeal for history and culture buffs the world over.

In the decade following its brilliant restoration, this 13 suite boutique hotel has gained an impeccable reputation for offering a singular experience; paying deep homage to Galle’s rich cultural and aesthetic values, while combining luxurious surroundings and delectable cuisine with the highest standards of service excellence. The perfect mix of culture, class and comfort, the Galle Fort Hotel is not to be missed.

The living spaces are not just about air conditioned comfort, elegant furnishings and modern conveniences; each has its own character and quirks, things that make them and your here unforgettable.


Offering three very comfortable spots in which to put down roots during your holiday; our Garden Rooms are ideal for two people and offer generous proportions, modern amenities and easy access to our frangipani scented courtyard.


Who knew that loft was another word for love nest? These split level suites offer every practicality on the ground floor, and devote the upper level to the pleasures of an antique four poster bed.


A tribute to the 19th century blue and white porcelain plates that adorn one of its walls; this suite offers the ultimate in elegance, with the added luxury of possessing its own dressing room cum bathroom.


Many years before Columbus, the Chinese explored the Indian Ocean and Western Pacific with seven voyages of the “Treasure Fleet”, commanded by a powerful seven foot tall eunuch admiral named Cheng Ho. This suite commemorates his visit to Galle in 1406.


The largest suite in the house, the Library Suite is perfect for small families, those travelling with parents or even just for two people who love each other but value their personal space!


After first visiting our island, the Count was determined to find “the one spot which, by its sublime beauty, would fulfill my dreams and hold me there for life.” The iconic Taprobane Island proved to be that place. So too is our Grand Apartment.


Designed by Count de Mauny-Talvande, a man of uncertain roots and morals, but undoubted taste, creativity and passion; this penthouse suite comprises two bedrooms, each with their own bathroom; and a salon cum dining room.

Sri Lanka is a land of many wonders. Enticements abound, and there is much that should not be missed; the Galle Fort is foremost among these, a place like no other, where worlds, ancient and modern meet and mingle, and where the appetites of body and soul are both equally satisfied.

Galle is the capital of the Southern Province, and the Galle Fort is a monument of tremendous historical, architectural and archeological significance.  A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Galle Fort was built by the Portuguese in 1588, and then extensively fortified by the Dutch during the 17th Century. A half day walking tour of Galle is highly encouraged.

The architecture within the Fort reflects the islands bygone period of colonial occupation, and the numerous Portuguese and Dutch era buildings have been carefully restored and renovated, so visitors to Galle are, seemingly quite literally, transported back in time.

Important heritage monuments within the Fort include the original home of the Dutch Governor and his staff – now the  Amangalle resort hotel, the Dutch Reformed Church; the Meera Mosque; the All Saints Anglican Church, the Clock Tower and the Galle Lighthouse. The National Maritime Museum is also not to be missed.

The fort has a colorful past, and its present is no less vibrant. The perfect spot for anyone with a reverence for history, a hunger for culture, an appetite for cuisine and a desire for a life with a difference; the Fort is today occupied by many writers, artists, designers, poets and  photographers. Home to several fantastic boutique hotels and some of the finest restaurants in the entire island; Galle exerts an undeniable pull, captivating visitors with its fascinating history and unique atmosphere. Galle Fort Hotel brings them the luxury among history, with one of Luxury Hotels in Galle, the Galle Fort Hotel.