Havaiki Lodge

Havaiki Lodge is a quaint resort set on a stunning stretch of sand just north of the main village of Fakarava, Rotoava. This laid back retreat offers authentic bungalow accommodations with modern design, beautiful views of the sunset over the lagoon, freshly caught and locally sourced meals and authentic Polynesian charm. With tables set in the shallow water of the lagoon, this hotel gives the appearance of a classic lost paradise fantasy.

Traditional style bungalows sit on the edge of the lagoon or in the heart of the gardens to welcome you comfortably. Let yourself be seduced by the house cocktails, the delicious locally and European inspired cuisine.

At your disposal are kayaks, canoes, bicycles, but also the possibility of discovering the most beautiful places of the atoll such as the pink sand motus in the south, whose reputation has crossed the oceans.


Beach Bungalow

10 Bungalows on the edge of the lagoon come with air conditioning, hot water, mini-fridge, coffee service, hairdryer, terrace, 1 queen size bed, 1 single bed, 1 extra bed, ventilator, round table and beach loungers, bathroom bath, shower wc, sink and electricity 220v.

Garden Bungalow

5 Bungalows nestled in lush gardens come with 1 queen size bed, 1 single bed, 1 extra bed, hot water, coffee service, terrace, ventilator, round table, bathroom, shower wc, sink and 220v electricity.

Although seemingly untouched, Fakarava was once the active capital of the Tuamotu Atolls. You can explore the village of Tetamanu at the far southern end of the lagoon and find a lovely vintage Catholic Church built entirely out of coral by early European missionaries. You can also take a leisurely bike ride to Rotoava, now the administrative center, and see the Topaka Lighthouse, a stone structure shaped like a pyramid that stands 45 feet (14 meters) high.

The main village of Rotoava is located on the longest continuous motu (islet) in French Polynesia. This skinny strip of land encloses the northern and eastern side of the lagoon and is rimmed with extraordinarily beautiful beaches. Life along these quiet shores is especially unique. Leisurely activities include nothing more than kayaking, fishing and snorkeling during morning or afternoon lagoon excursions.

Other Must-Dos:

Green Lagoon

With mask and fins snorkel around the "karenas" (coral peaks in the middle of the lagoons), with black tips and parrot fish. You will then reach a second interior lagoon, an immense expanse of green and turquoise as far as the eye can see, where turtles come to feed on algae. Fresh coconut tasting! After a stopover, direction the bird motu (subject to weather conditions) and underwater escapade in the coral garden towards the North pass. A multitude of wild islets crossed by inlets, with protected and endemic species, a fauna, a virgin state, nests of fishing birds, traces of coconut crabs, jacks hunting among sharks.

South Pass Snorkel Trip

On one of the most beautiful snorkeling sites, a coral garden in 1.50m of water, napoleons that come to touch your hand, a visit to the first evangelized village of the Tuamotus, fish caught on site for a delicious barbecue, a fresh fruit juice or a cocktail in the bay of Tetamanu and we set off again towards the pink sands , which stretch endlessly between the sky and the lagoon.

North Pass Snorkel Trip

On the largest pass of the Tuamotu, try to observe a band of dolphins, a snorkel mask accompanied on the reef drop off in crystal clear water on the ocean side then inside on the coral garden ... on the return passage along the coast and village.

Pearl Farm

Hugo takes you on the breeding lines for a black pearl fishing. Attend a presentation and demonstration of grafting, then tasting of lemon korori. Try your luck by fishing, perhaps, the pearl of your dreams. Take your string of oysters from the water, choose one, open it and discover what nature has in store for you.