Hotel Las Torres

Hotel Las Torres is an exceptional destination within Torres del Paine National Park. Located in the heart of the park, the hotel shows a unique character because of its past as a cattle farm, which is still possible to see through the organic garden, stables and horses and gauchos. With 85 charming rooms is located 7 miles from the Towers of the Paine and it is the hotel closest to this iconic site. This is perfect location the take advantage of all the tours to mountains, glaciers, lakes and rivers.

The Hotel has a superb restaurant, where you can enjoy typical regional dishes prepared using fresh produce from the organic vegetable garden. There are more than 20 excursions, 150 horses, vehicles and guides willing to show you the wonders of this amazing national park. After a day of activity, head to the relaxing spa that will renew you for the next day’s adventure.The hotel offers “All inclusive Programs” which include transfer, agro-tourism, excursions, all meals, open bar, spa discounts and all the Patagonian nature for you to enjoy.

The National Park is open all year, but the best time to visit is between October and April, coinciding with spring and summer in the southern hemisphere. This period is characterized by sunny days, less rain and more than 16 hours of natural light. Hotel Las Torres only operates between September and April and stays closed in winter.

If you want to spend a short walk along the shore of the lake or a long walk through the pampas, Hotel Las Torres offers a half-day or full-day excursion to satisfy your quest for adventure within the Torres del Paine National Park. The hotel's strategic location, at the foot of the majestic Torres del Paine mountain range and along the park's legendary hiking trails, makes it the perfect “base camp” to explore the many natural wonders of the area.

The excursions are designed to enjoy the national park around a variety of themes, from the flora, fauna and geology of the park, to the heritage and culture of the gauchos and the indigenous peoples of the region. They also include several modes of transport: vehicle, trekking, horses, navigation and climbing. Last but not least, they vary from easy to difficult depending on your physical condition and experience.

Half Day Excursions
You may be surprised at how much Torres del Paine National Park can see in just three or four hours. Whether on foot, on horseback or by vehicle, our half-day excursions are full of adventures and interesting information about the flora, fauna, geology and human history of the Park. Let our experienced and experienced guides take you to places like the Salto Grande waterfall, the beautiful Blue Lagoon, the Lenga forest, rich in wildlife. Lunch is served at Hotel Las Torres after your morning tour or before your afternoon excursion.

Cuernos viewpoint
Nordenskjöld Lake
Cerro Paine, First Viewpoint (Horseback Riding)
Ascencio Canyon
Lengas Forest
Blue Lagoon
Baqueana Experience
Rock climbing
Organic garden
Cerro Paine, First Viewpoint (Trekking)

Full Day Excursions
With a duration of seven to ten hours, our full-day excursions provide guests with the opportunity to explore the hiking trails, equestrian routes, scenic roads and lakes of Las Torres del Paine National Park in greater depth.

Some activities include a refreshing box lunch where Chilean specialties created by the chefs of the Hotel Las Torres are served. For all excursions, we offer a sandwich, water and snacks to enjoy your adventure in the park.

Full Paine / Gray Lake
Full Paine / Serrano Glacier / Balmaceda
Mirador Base Torres (Horseback Riding and Trekking)
Cerro Paine Full Day
Enchanted Valley
Trail to Cuernos Sector
French Valley
Lakes Trail
Gray Lookout
Mirador Base Torres (Trekking)

One of the most impressive and beautiful national parks of the planet, called “Torres del Paine National Park” is tucked away at the end of South America. Torres del Paine is a natural paradise full of lakes and lagoons with clear waters, turquoise rivers, ancient forests and stunning as well as giant glaciers. Hotel Las Torres Patagonia is located inside the national park, at Cerro Paine Ranch.Twice a day, the hotel offers transfers for 9 people from Punta Arenas, Puerto Natales and Calafate (Arg.) which are included for our all- inclusive guests.

If you have your own wheels, whether from Punta Arenas, Puerto Natales or Calafate, it is very easy to reach Torres del Paine because there are only few but extensive routes in such a remote region. To reach Hotel Las Torres is important to take Route 9 to Cerro Castillo. Once you get to Cerro Castillo, you continue north on the Route 9 and then turn east on Route Y- 150 that will take you to the park entrance “Laguna Amarga” which is located only 7km from the hotel.

The suite rooms are the most spacious rooms of the hotel, they have a bar, a small living room and a jacuzzi. There are cozy places where you can relax enjoying the beautiful view of the Paine Massif.
Capacity: 2 adults and 1 kid up to 3 years.
Beds: King Bed.
View: Mountain

Cypress Rooms:
The rooms are new, spacious, warm, with excellent insulation and large windows to enjoy the landscape. Their decoration stands out with special elements from the area, such as looms, ethnic masks and furniture made by artisans from Patagonia.
Capacity per room: 1 to 2 adults and 1 kid up to 3 years.
Beds: Double / Twin.
View: Mountain / Garden.

Canelo Rooms:
The rooms are very warm, with pleasant and comfortable spaces, where simple elements that evoke Patagonian history and culture are mixed.
Capacity per room: 1 to 4 adults and 2 kids up to 3 years.
Beds: Double / Twin.
View: Mountain / Garden

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* Book a 3 or 4 night all-inclusive program at the hotel and earn a free night in Santiago before or after your stay. Valid for travel until Apr 2024.