Kachi Lodge

The Kachi lodge is a brand-new luxury lodge located on the immense Uyuni salt flats. As if the surroundings of Salar de Uyuni were not out-of-this-world enough, this dome camp set on the very Salar is somewhat of a science fiction adventure and something truly unique. From a distance, the futuristic white pods of the Kachi lodge look like a space station. The 6 luxury domes are composed of repeated equilateral triangles and lit up at night, with solar panels placed in between the domes. This is a viewing station unlike any you will ever experience in such an arid area.

The dome camp also has something of an observatory built for a passionate astrophysicist! In front and on top of the dome, a transparent panel offers wide-open views on the Salar and its starry night sky. Kachi lodge is any stargazer’s dream. White against white, the set up is perfect. The Kachi lodge is a surreal wild vision, out of this world. From inside your cozy warm dome you will be able to enjoy the unique views over the never-ending expanse of the Salar. Something nowhere else can give you. This is the place where you will be able to enjoy sunsets, sunrises and starry nights!

Kachi Lodge has a capacity of 6 domes /18 guests maximum. The rooms take the shape of large white tented dome suites, decorated with wooden design pieces which celebrate the indigenous influences in Bolivia. The structures have been designed to suit the high altitude and cold climate of the salt flat perfectly with interior heating and incredibly comfortable beds to keep you toasty warm as you sleep under the stars. The private bathrooms use solar panels to recycle their water, keeping it hot as well as environmentally friendly. But the highlight above and beyond anything else has to be the unique and completely undisturbed views of a sunrise over the vast expanse of the Salar that you wake up to every morning. Something nowhere else can give you.


Exploration of the Salar itself, trekking on the cactus filled islands and visiting the “Ojos de Sal”.

Trekking to the base of the crater on the Thunupa volcano (2 hours trek).

Cycling across the salt flats with bicycles available at the lodge.

Visits to nearby archaeological sites of Coquesa and Alcaya.

Interaction with the local farming and artisanal community of Jirira.

Visit to the quinoa fields (in the dry season quinoa fields take incredible colors: green, yellow and fuchsia pink) or walk to encounter llama farmers amidst their herd are a unique way to understand the local culture – and the dedication needed to fight the extreme climate and make a living out of it.

During the wet season, when the level of water allows it, it is possible to enjoy a stand up paddle ride on the flooded Salar.

At night, a telescope is at your disposal to observe the starry night of the Altiplano.