Koro Sun Resort

Koro Sun Resort is located within a 160-acre sanctuary on the island of Vanua Levu offering the genuine warmth and friendliness of the Fijian people, beautiful lush tropical surroundings, and warm, impossibly clear waters.  This Fiji resort is a tropical retreat encircled by lush rainforest at the edge of a stunning private azure lagoon. From the moment you arrive, the Koro Sun staff embraces you like family and ensure that you have a relaxing holiday, active family vacation and magical romantic getaway.

Days can be spent lazing on the daybeds, enjoying the multitude of water sports, exploring world class dive sites, fine tuning your putting on the barefoot golf course or rejuvenating at the iconic Rainforest Spa. A stay at Koro Sun Fiji resort includes Airport transfers to/from Savusavu, daily continental breakfast, complimentary Koro Kids club and Nanny service plus a flurry of non-motorized water sports and cultural activities.

With 50 spacious fully air-conditioned bures and villas guests can relax in style and enjoy the stunning surroundings. The adults-only Edgewater Bures along with Fiji’s only Floating Bures offer an ultimate over water experience. Couples can enjoy the adults-only Edgewater Beach Club featuring an infinity pool with swim-up bar making it the perfect spot for sundowners. The spacious 2 and 3 bedroom bures and villas are ideal for families and larger groups, with 2 pools to choose from (one with a waterslide!)

Botanical Resort Accommodations
Garden Bure
Two Bedroom Bure
Two Bedroom Pool Bure

Tree Top Honeymoon Villa
Lighthouse Honeymoon Villa
Three Bedroom Villa

Edgewater Lagoon Accommodations
Edgewater Floating Bure
Edgewater Bure

Rainforest Accommodations
Mountain Top Villa
Vesi Villa
Dalo Villa


Coral Gardens Snorkel Trip - A short drive or bike ride takes you to Coral Gardens along the Hibiscus road. Your fully guided snorkeling trip will delight you with lots of vibrant soft corals, brilliant colored fish, an occasional larger visitor & caves all in our beautifully warm, tropical waters by the beach. 

Level of Difficulty: 4
Useful Equipment: Swimwear, Sun Protection, Reef Shoes, Camera, Water

Guided Snorkel Trip - Join our guides for a 30 minutes kayaking trip to Lepper’s Wall which is outside the house reef in front of Koro Sun. Once there, we leave the kayaks and swim along the wall where you’ll explore many different types of sea creatures on the reef. Your guide will share their local knowledge with you about our Fiji Island Ecosystem. The guided snorkeling is a great way to spend your day, and if your lucky you might have a turtle to join you.

Level of Difficulty: 5
Useful Equipment: Sun Protection, Swimwear, Reef Shoes, Water, Underwater Camera

Kayak & Snorkel Trip - There are numerous opportunities to enjoy a variety of Fiji snorkeling locations while kayaking the lagoon. Together, these activities serve as a wonderful way to explore the house reef and see what the underworld Fiji is well known for. Both activities can be enjoyed for a little bit of exercise or pure leisure.

Level of Difficulty: 4
Useful Equipment: Sun Protection, Swimwear, Camera, Reef Shoes, Water

Kayak to Neighboring Islands - Kayak across the lagoon to a variety of small islands. Every evening you can explore tide pools and swim in a cave on the open ocean side of an island. Climb through a hole in the rock at just the right moment before the tide waters rush through. On this 1-2 hour excursion you will circumnavigate the a few islands and then kayak back to the resort across the channel.

Level of Difficulty: 4
Useful Equipment: Bathing suit (under), Sun protection, Reef shoes, Camera, Water

Rainforest Trek - Koro Sun is surrounded by lush virgin rainforest. We set out to explore another corner of our tropical surroundings with the company of our staff on a discovery walk through 90 acres. Trek under the forest canopy, with huge trees, vines and tree ferns. Rare birds can be spotted such as the Orange Breasted Barking Dove. Remember your binoculars and take a swim in our waterfalls as a treat to cool you off. Let your guides know if you wish to do a leisurely walk, or a more rigorous hike. The choice is yours!

Level of Difficulty: 4
Useful Equipment: Repellant, Sun Protection, Camera, Tennis Shoes, Water

Herbal Walk - The rainforests of Fiji are magical and mystical places. Within their depths lie amazing herbal “remedies” used by the indigenous Fijians for years. Your Koro Sun guide will share with you the knowledge that they’ve gained from their ancestors including which leaves would be used to cure a stomach ache, or which root will treat diabetes, what bark stops a headache dead in its tracks? The wonders of nature unfold for you!

Level of Difficulty: 3
Useful Equipment: Sun Protection, Repellant, Camera, Water

Heart of Yoga Class - The primary intention of the class is to cultivate a deepening in self honor and kindness, so that the you will be able to live from an open heart filled with self-acceptance. This is Every day Yoga for everybody. We will look into the heart of Yoga, as a practice that takes place on and off the mat, truly in all areas of our life, as a way of life. See the front office for weekly schedule.

Golf - Join us for a challenging round of 9-hole Pitch N Putt Rainforest golf.  The golf course at Koro Sun Resort takes you through our picturesque property and offers stunning views of the reef and rainforest. Look out for Mongoose holes, or water hazards. You will likely need to pack a few extra balls! This course is fun but not to be taken very seriously.

Level of Difficulty: 4
Useful Equipment: Sun Protection, Tennis Shoes, Water

Cycling the Hibiscus Highway - Hop on a mountain bike or beach cruiser and enjoy the ride! Your guide will take you down the scenic Hibiscus Road where you can enjoy a leisurely exploration of the coastline or a more vigorous ride if you prefer. Whether you choose to go for a short trip or a long excursion, the beach and sea is your backdrop!

Level of Difficulty: 2
Useful Equipment: Sportswear, Sporty shoes, Sun protection, Camera, Water

Coconut Demo - Known in Fiji simply as the “tree of life” the coconut is a life-sustaining tree in the islands. Every bit of the plant is used – from the roots, to the bark, to the nut. Your guide will explain the importance these towering trees have for the Fijian people, and you can join in on coconut grating (and tasting), weaving hats and baskets, and watch your guide nimbly climb up these beautiful giants.

Level of Difficulty: 1
Useful Equipment: Bring yourself, Camera, Bug Spray & Water

Handline Fishing - Join our activities guide for handline fishing on the waterfront. Handline fishing uses a single fishing line which is held in the hands. One or more lures or baited hooks are attached to the line. Usually a weight and maybe a float are also attached. Handline Fishing is one of the oldest forms of fishing in Fiji and is still commonly used. The line can be jigged or moved up and down in a series of short movements, most often close to the sea floor. The motion attracts the fish, which are normally caught while trying to eat the lure but also as they move close to the jigged lure. The line is then hauled in and the fish removed. Handline fishing is most often used to catch ground fish and squid but other species are sometimes caught, including pelagic zone species. If you’re lucky, you might get one for dinner!

Level of Difficulty: 2
Useful Equipment: Sun Protection, Water

Sunday Church Service - The melodious Fijian voices raised in celebratory song is an experience that will touch your very soul. They are happy to show you their talents while welcoming you to their village. Check with the front desk to schedule a seat in the van for the weekly Sunday Church Service. Please also note that a collection plate is passed during the service if you wish to make a donation.

Level of Difficulty: 1
Useful Equipment: Camera, Water & Yourself

Pearl Presentation - They begin as an irritant and become a most beautiful and coveted work of natural art. Join us for an intriguing educational presentation on how these gems are being molded and transformed here in Savusavu at the J. Hunter Pearl Farm. All are welcome to attend the pearl presentation, held in the resort’s lounge next to the reception area in our club house.

Flower Arranging - Join our florist and local green thumb Leba to learn the art of flower arrangement. Learn how to arrange flowers for different occasions using the plants and stems found throughout the 150 acre resort . All you need is a sharp eye, a little imagination and an appreciation for beauty and form.

Level of Difficulty: 1
Useful Equipment: Bug Spray, Camera, Water & Yourself

Lovo - Lovo is an underground earth oven, where your dinner is cooked on hot coals and heated rocks. The earth acts as an oven trapping the heat while cooking your dinner over a period of many hours. You can watch from the preparation stages until it is “unearthed” and table ready for you to enjoy during the weekly Meke and Lovo night.

Volleyball - Join our staff for a friendly game, but understand, these award winners are tough competitors! Everyone is welcome to join.

Level of Difficulty: 3
Useful Equipment: Sun Protection, Water, Camera, Tennis Shoes

Cooking Class - Spice up your next event with a recipe from Chef Joeli. The live cooking demonstration will prepare a menu of Kokoda (Fish ceviche). He will entertain you with a fun and informative demonstration while you are able to enjoy the Kokoda.

MEKE (Fijian Dancing) - Meke is a Fijian traditional dance of the indigenous people of Fiji where men, women & children participate together in this entertaining tradition. It is a combination of dance & repetitive rhythmic chanting that tells the stories of everyday life, ancient gods and the battles won. Some dances are performed seated while some standing. Accompanying this dance is music often in the form of the steady beating of sticks. Do not miss this exciting performance and a true Fijian Tradition.

Tennis - Enjoy a game of tennis on our two tennis courts. Invite our staff to join you – what we lack in skill, we make up for in enthusiasm!

Level of Difficulty : 3
Useful Equipment : Sun Protection, Water, Tennis Shoes

Board Games / Movies - Ask at the front desk to take a look at our Movie collection and enjoy them in one of the comfortable arm chairs. Take a look at the Board Games located in the cupboard within the lounge area and play a round of Monopoly or Risk.

Books are located together with the Board Games. Feel free to take them to the pool or to your room and please don’t forget to put them back so that other guests can enjoy them as well. We would gladly accept books you already read if you want to leave them behind to save space in your luggage for your Fijian souvenirs.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding - We offer stand up paddle boards for you to explore the Koro Lagoon easily from the water. Stand Up Paddle boarding is easy to learn and has become a very hot sport in recent years. Since the lagoon is protected, we offer the ideal location to give this fun new sport a try.

Level of Difficulty 4
Useful Equipment: Sun Protection

Bocce Ball - This ancient game, whose modern adaptation most closely resembles bowling, requires skill, strategy and just a little luck. Bocce ball is a great game to play outside on a beautiful day.

Level of Difficulty: 2
Useful Equipment: Sun Protection, Water & Yourself

Ladder Toss - Is a lawn game played by throwing bolas (two balls connected by a string) onto a ladder.

Level of Difficulty: 2
Useful Equipment: Sun Protection, Water & Yourself

Horse Shoes - is an outdoor game played between two people (or two teams of two people) using four horseshoes and two throwing targets (stakes) set in a sandbox area. The game is played by the players alternating turns tossing horseshoes at stakes in the ground, which are traditionally placed 40 feet apart. Modern games use a more stylized U-shaped bar, about twice the size of an actual horseshoe.

Level of Difficulty: 2
Useful Equipment: Sun Protection, Water & Yourself

Croquet - Is a lawn game, played both as a recreational pastime and as a competitive sport. It involves hitting plastic or wooden balls with a mallet through hoops (often called “wickets” in the US) embedded into the grass playing court.

Level of Difficulty: 2
Useful Equipment: Sun Protection, Water & Yourself


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