Kusu Island Resort

Kusu Island Resort blends into the natural beauty of a remote Indonesian island and offers high-quality service. Dive into unforgettable holidays. Visit Kusu Island Resort, a unique opportunity to enjoy one of the few remaining paradises in the world. With its magnificent white sandy beaches, lush rain forest, beautiful water mangroves as well as an astonishing variety of tropical birds and marine wildlife, Kusu Island Resort will leave you in awe. This intimate resort provides guests with an amazing and unforgettable holiday experience through excellent service and world class diving.

Kusu Island is located in South Halmahera, Indonesia and is a tropical paradise for water sports enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. Kusu Island Resort is the most luxurious and exclusive Dive and Holiday Resort in this region.They are located in the heart of the Coral Triangle, which is recognized as the global centre of marine biodiversity, and the reefs surrounding Kusu Island are virtually untouched and bristling with marine life. On this tranquil secluded island, we provide our guests with an amazing and unforgettable holiday experience through excellent service, world class diving and much more.

Nature lovers can explore the island’s rainforest and mangroves where you can find and monitor butterflies, numerous bird species, wild chickens, lizards and other amazing animals.

With only 8 luxurious and spacious Ocean Villas experience one of the most exclusive and relaxed holidays. Each Ocean Villa is built on stilts over the sea and offers an open living and sleeping space, a Balinese-Style open-air bathroom and a large deck with your very own access to the sea. The breath-taking underwater world surrounding Kusu Island is only a few fin kicks away. Take a dip in and enjoy the magnificent ocean view – all in complete privacy.

The Ocean Villas have been carefully designed and handcrafted for privacy and sustainability and blend perfectly into the natural beauty of the island. Along the white sandy beach nestled between mangroves and rainforest trees our Ocean Villas are widely spaced for extra privacy. All of our Ocean Villas are spacious, well-ventilated and feature independent air-conditioning units, hot and cold freshwater showers as well as handcrafted furniture and fittings.


There are many well-known dive destinations around the globe. What sets Kusu Island apart is its exclusivity. Marvel at newly discovered, spectacular and undamaged reefs, with no other divers for miles and dive sites right at the island’s doorstep. Experienced divers can enjoy adrenaline-filled drift dives, while relaxing dives on coral gardens teeming with reef fish are for all divers to appreciate. This underwater heaven is a paradise for underwater photographers, videographers and free divers. At least 40 known dive and snorkeling sites can be reached in less than 15 minutes, many of them located directly along the fringing reef of Pulau Kusu.


This underwater heaven is a paradise for all underwater photographers, videographers and snorkelers. At least 40 known dive and snorkeling sites can be reached in less than 15 minutes, many of them located directly along the fringing reef of Pulau Kusu. 


Kayaking is the best way to discover the uninhabited cays, beaches and plentiful natural wonders that surround Kusu Island. Explore the marine ecosystem and get up close and personal with coastal birds, baby sharks, turtles and many others all from the comfort of your kayak. Kayaks are built from local wood.

Kusu Island Resort, more than just diving

White sandy beaches lined with palm trees and lush tropical forest are the highlights of our island. Pristine blue water mangroves grow along the coast. As in the entire region, there are a multitude of exotic birds that you can spot all over the island.

On the grassy hill in the middle of the island you have a wonderful view of the surrounding islands. Enjoy miles of beach, the sea, sunrises and sunsets indefinitely. Swim and snorkel in the crystal-clear waters surrounding the island in privacy – enjoying the bird songs, watch the countless colorful reef fish buzzing around the coral reef while waiting to encounter a sea turtle or baby shark.

Hike over the hill to the other side of the island with its jungle, listen to the song of the countless birds and watch their hustle and bustle. Relax or treat yourself to a cool drink and a snack on the sea terrace.

Apart from diving, a wide range of attractive activities are available to our guests – snorkeling, free-diving, diving courses, traditional kayak tours, land excursions as well as massages and wellness treatments.

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Coral Triangle - Luxury Meets Nature
Introductory Rates Extended
7 Night Dive Package - from $1895
* Includes ocean villa, 5 dive days, all meals + tax. Valid until Jun 30, 2023.