Lak Tented Camp

Set amidst the lush shadow of iconic Konia trees, Lak Tented Camp is ideally located on a hilly land, overlooking the serene and picturesque Lak Lake, the largest natural lake in Vietnam and protected by the range of Cu Yang Sin, mountain of genies. LAK Tented Camp offers creative and thrilling opportunities for day trippers as well as long stay travelers to explore this culturally rich and naturally beautiful region. The property features 15 Lakeview Tented Lodges, 4 Lakefront Wooden Bungalows, 1 Y Liêng House. Y LAK Restaurant and Lounge is, a tastefully restored M’Nong long house with indoor dining hall, bar connected with 2 waterside terraces for alfresco dining. Overviewing the peaceful Lak Lake, Y Lak restaurant takes you on a journey of 5 senses. Absorb the atmospheric space of the wooden long house, the airy alfresco dining over 2 foot-in-water terraces while savoring the authentic cuisine.

LAK Tented Camp has been conceived with the goals of cultural integrity preservation, environmental protection to offer guests an eco-friendly yet comfy stay, in harmony with local architecture and ecology.

Lakefront Bungalows

Named after the ethnic villages surrounding Lak Lake, each wooden bungalow depicts its own story of local culture and art, with a great incentive of prime view and location. These luxurious bungalows will charm all couples, honeymooners or families with spacious bedroom and stylishly furnished living lounge.

50sqm floor with two-story, upper bed room with master bed 1m80 and possible extra bed and ensuite bath room. Lower story is the living room with coolest bathtub by the window. Free mini-bar including fruits, drinks to be recharged daily. Lights, ceiling fan, air-conditioner, sofa and bench.

Lakefront Tent

Nestled in its green bower, our tents will delight you with harmonious combination of rusticity and elegance that prevails. Each offers a splendid view of the lake and its surroundings for an authentic immersion in a protected environment, without compromising on comfort.

Lakeview Tent King or Twin offers two single beds 1m20. It is possible to join the beds and make a big bed, to accommodate extra child or person. The total space is 32sqm including private balcony. There are en suite bathroom, WC  and private gate to ensure comfort and security.

Village Walk (3 hours)

On the West shore of Lak lake, M’Lieng village is an open window for visitors to look in on the M’Nông universe: one of the ethnic minorities of Central Vietnam Highlands. These smiling people have kept intact living traditions: matriarchy, long house architecture, communal life…

From LAK Tented Camp, a 45 minutes walk will drive you to this discovery by the lake shore paths. Through paddy fields where water buffaloes graze, between coffee and banana trees these ancient landscapes will offer you an overview of local life, a gateway between you and the inhabitants whom you’ll be able to meet via a family welcoming you in its house, before a boat trip back to the eco-lodge.

Bike Tour (4 or 5 hours)
The space of Gong culture in Vietnam Central Highlands covers seventeen minority ethnicities belonging to the Austro-Asian and Austronesian linguistic groups. Their most popular beliefs come from the cult of ancestors, shamanism and animism.

Closely linked to daily life and cycle of the seasons, these beliefs form a mystical world where the gongs intervene as a privileged language between men, divinities and the supernatural world. Behind every gong hides a god or goddess who is all the more powerful as the gong is older. The gong is present in all the rituals of community life and is the main ceremonial instrument. The performance of Gong cannot be separated from ritual ceremony, men and women in ethnic pattern clothes, jar of rice wine and traditional long house.

Bim Bip Waterfall (6 hours)

A dense, tropical maze of layered, leafy-green canopy lies hidden under a soft white layer of delicate clouds. The further one ventures in, the more beauty and mystique is revealed. Standing under the lush, dewy trees, the melodious singing of wild birds can be heard. Adventurous nature-lovers will not be disappointed with a visit to the hidden, small yet charmimg Bim Bip Waterfall, just about 7km from LAK Tented Camp. Situated in southeast Dak Lak, the waterfall originates from the high mountain slopes of the Yang Tao mountain range. It is affectionately considered as the “younger brother” of the imposing Cu Yang Sin Mountain or “the roof of Central Highlands,” and is surrounded by a primeval evergreen forest.

The 2-km walk (45min/way) through the forest is interesting with its explanation on local flora and fauna, farm and forest activities. The effort will indeed pay off upon reaching the hidden Bim Bip Waterfall. Lie down to relax, swim in the refreshing pool and enjoy a healthy, tasty picnic lunch.

Other Activities on your own:

Sunrise/sunset boating, fishing

Kayaking on peaceful LAK Lake

Self-explored biking/jogging

Mnong coffee experiences, Cooking class

Farming, Gardening with locals

Hands-on handicraft class

Private Gongs concert and appreciation

Games boards, library, movies

The 3D2N: Immersion in LAK offer travelers more opportunities for a deeper cultural and natural immersion in LAK. Beside the cultural village walk to explore the M’Nong culture and lifestyle, a Gong performance followed with dinner right at LAK Tented Camp and many chance for boating, fishing or biking at leisure, travelers will penetrate the jungle and hidden waterfall through a botanical walk. Enjoy a refreshing bathing and picnic by the waterfall. For active travelers, a guided bike tour incorporate with hands-on handicraft experiences will be a great experience not to be missed. There are two options with Morning or Afternoon Arrival and flexible departure time.

Day 1: LAK Tented Camp – foot retreat – Yang Tao Village

Transfer from boat pier on Lak lake

Welcome to LAK Tented Camp, check in & relax with herbal foot scrub and soak

Lunch at Y LAK Restaurant

Explore local culture at Yang Tao Ethnic Village

Enjoy peaceful scenery of rice fields, herds of buffaloes & cows, handmade pottery made by M‘Nong people, visit coffee and cocoa gardens, drink fermented cocoa wine

Dinner at Y LAK Restaurant

Overnight at LAK Tented Camp.

Day 2: BimBip Waterfall – Sunset Tour – Gong Show

Wake up and watch sunrise on Lak lake;

Free time for kayaking/ biking.

Breakfast at Y LAK Restaurant; Depart to trekking tour to Bim Bip Waterfall

Picnic lunch next to cascading waterfall with traditionally-served food, wrapped in banana leaves; take bath in outdoor “pool”

Back to LAK Tented Camp

Watch sunset on Chuo Sun stork island, drink cocktails

Watch Gong traditional musical performance, drink wine tube (Ruou Can), have BBQ dinner around campfire; Overnight at LAK Tented Camp.

Day 3: Coffee experience – Departure

Morning at leisure for garden tour and MNong coffee experience

Check out.

Transfer to boat pier on Lak lake

End of trip!