Lamanai Outpost Lodge

True adventure awaits at Lamanai Outpost Lodge, an intimate award-winning lodge situated on the banks of a remote jungle lake amid the remnants of the ancient Mayan City. Surrounded by pristine and remote lagoons, Lamanai has a fitting name, “submerged crocodile”, which you will have plenty of chances to see as well as other legendary creatures like colorful birds and hydrophilic iguanas. Travelers boat down these peaceful waterways where ancient temples rise up before your eyes, including impressive Lamanai itself. Perhaps most impressive to see is the Jaguar Temple, adorned with 15-foot stone masks of faces, including that of a Mayan king.

Lamanai Outpost Lodge’s extraordinary location puts you in close proximity to nature and archeology Indiana Jones style excitement. You’ll go on sunrise canoe expeditions, guided nature hikes, crocodile encounters, and of course, explore Lamanai’s ruins. First thing in the morning, you can take an airboat safari through the wetlands or native canoe trip, join a jungle dawn hike, or relax on the deck with a jungle breakfast service as the rainforest wakes up. This is just the beginning of your adventure day! The Outpost is truly a magical experience not to be missed as part of  your Belize escape.

There are 17 charming thatched-roof cabanas with king, queen or twin-sized beds with some designed to accommodate triples and families. Blending perfectly into the surrounding foliage, these rustic, yet comfortable lodgings have their own private verandas. Though the cabanas offer air conditioning, ventilation is not a problem at Lamanai Outpost Lodge: the property is right on a lagoon, and the breeze over the water combined with high-output ceiling fans is enough to keep you comfortable at night without taking away the experience of dozing off in the the rainforest. Guests can access the Internet from the communal computer or their own laptops anywhere on the property.

More on the lodgings:

The Outpost’s cabanas are built using bush materials, they are comfortable and elegantly rustic – all feature the following:


High-Output ceiling fans

Fully screened for insects and other critters

Complimentary WiFi in your cabana & throughout the lodge

Stocked refrigerator with complimentary bottled water

Complimentary shower gel, shower puff, shampoo and soap

24-hour electricity with plenty of 120 volt USA style outlets

Electronic safe – memory foam mattresses – daily housekeeping – available hair dryers

Private bath with endless hot water

Covered verandah with power outlets and outdoor seating

Traditional Hardwood and Thatch Construction

King Cabanas  that are perfect for couples

A variety of Special Family Cabanas  where parents & grandparents can have their privacy AND keep the kids close

Several Double Cabanas  that work well for groups and extended families

A trip to Lamanai is like stepping into a National Geographic program. There's so much to do and see here that we recommend 3-4 nights so you are not disappointed.  Here's some of the adventures that await.

wo Per-Night Are Included in our Adventure Packages and with everything happening just minutes from your cabana, most people do 3 Adventures Per Full Day  at the lodge & add a couple of Special Adventures to complete the overall experience.

SUNRISE CANOEING – Meet your guide for dawn coffee, muffins & juice before Canoeing Across the Lagoon  to explore Dawson’s Creek & the adjoining wetlands. Keep an eye out for Manatees,  otters, crocodiles, Jesus Christ lizards, kingfishers & endemic parrots.  Back to the lodge in time for breakfast.  A professional canoeist will accompany those who need help with the paddling.

JUNGLE DAWN – Explore jungle trails with an expert naturalist as nature awakes.  Learn about a habitat that is home to the Agouti,  black howler monkey, Leaf Cutter Ant, long nosed quash & Keel Billed Toucan.  Meet for dawn coffee & muffins – back to lodge for breakfast.

MAYA JUNGLE MEDICINE & VILLAGE LIFE EXPERIENCE – Indigenous people have long relied upon a variety of local plants for their powerful medicinal properties.  Learn firsthand how basic potions & salves are used to this day in Belize’s rural villages.  Tour the village of Indian Church before stopping at a small women’s cooperative to assist with the preparation of a Traditional Maya Lunch.  Departs after breakfast & returns to the lodge a little after lunch.

CREATURES OF THE NIGHT – Explore the jungle as nocturnal creatures come out to hunt & troops of Howler monkeys call out across the canopy.  Search for Arboreal Porcupines,  owls, Kinkajous,  frogs, tarantulas & Armadillos – this one was eating an avocado that had fallen from the tree next to the pond in-front of Cabana 17.  Departs after dinner – headlights supplied.

LAMANAI MAYA RUINS & NATURE RESERVE  Explore the remnants of this 3000-Year-Old Maya City, a wonderful blend of nature, jungle trails & culture just three minutes from the lodge.  Departs after breakfast & returns to the lodge for lunch.

NATURE WALK WITH COLONIAL SUGAR MILL & SPANISH CHURCH – Be on the lookout for a wide variety of birds & jungle critters as you hike down jungle trails & explore a long abandoned Colonial Sugar Mill  & Spanish Church.  Departs mid afternoon and returns in time for a cocktail at the bar.

SUNSET COCKTAIL CRUISE – Nature watching with cocktails & chips aboard a 30ft pontoon boat as the Sun Slips Below the Treetops.  Cocktails, drinks & chips included – wine can be added & charged to your tab.  Depart late-afternoon & return in time for dinner.

SPOTLIGHT RIVER SAFARI – Head out into the night on a jungle-riverboat in search of nocturnal creatures such as the arboreal porcupine, Morelet’s crocodile, Bulldog Fishing Bat,  manatees & occasionally even the elusive jaguar.  Departs after dinner.

Family Adventure - Suggested 4 day / 3 night trip of a lifetime!

Day 1 - Welcome to Lamanai

Meet & Greet at the Belize International Airport. It’s a 60 minute Road Transfer out to our New River boat landing with lots to see along the way. Then, it’s a fun  60 minute jungle-riverboat transfer into the lodge. Enjoy a cool welcome drink while you check-in and meet with your adventure planning guide. Unpack and take a dip in the lake (don’t worry it’s safe!).  Creatures of The Night  guided night-walk – departs after dinner – headlights supplied and discover the critters of the night. Bed time — it’s a busy day tomorrow!

Day 2 - Adventure Day

Explore the Lamanai Maya Ruins,  Museum & Nature Reserve – departs after breakfast. Then, back to the lodge for lunch. Take an afternoon siesta, read a book in a hammock, go for a swim or mingle with other guests and the wonderful staff. Afternoon Nature Walk  or family cocktail cruise are options today.  A must-do … the Crocodile Encounter  – departs after dinner – at additional cost, not included, but so worth it! Head to bed as another day of adventure awaits.

Day 3 - There’s Lots More to Do!

Rise up! Time for sunrise canoeing – departs after dawn coffee, juice and muffins are provided.  Back to the lodge for breakfast. Take the Maya jungle medicine & Village Life Experience,  departs after breakfast – returns after lunch. It’s cool! Afternoon Lake Tubing  – at additional cost, not included — guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Spotlight river safari – departs after dinner and see things you can’t even believe.

Day 4 - Time to Go

After breakfast mid-morning departure. Bid farewell to the wonderful folks at Lamanai. Head home or to your next hotel in Belize.

It’s easy to get to the Outpost.Most guests arrive on a scheduled transfer from the Belize International Airport which involves 60 minutes by road and 60 minutes by Jungle-Riverboat.  Transfers depart the Airport & Lodge simultaneously at 7am, 1pm & 4pm daily.

There’s also a local airstrip so you can take a short flight to the International Airport, Ambergris Caye, Belmopan or the Cayo District.

Family Trips:


Bungle in the Jungle Family Special
3-night Family Adventure Package on Sale - $622 each
* Based on family of 4 staying in Family Cabana with a/c. all meals, 6 family adventure outings, transfers and more. Package includes 60% discount for kids and 12% discount for adults.