Lapa Rios Lodge

Set in a private nature reserve spread over 1,000 acres of Central America’s last remaining lowland tropical rainforest in the wild Osa Peninsula, Lapa Rios is paradise for wildlife, nature and beach lovers. The 17 private bungalows line three ridges overlooking the pristine point where the Golfo Dulce meets the Pacific Ocean. Built over 350 feet above sea level, the property was carefully crafted in harmony with the surrounding forest and beaches and was built with locally harvested materials. Much more than a luxurious lodge, Lapa Rios is a model ecotourism project and National Geographic Unique Lodge that has won worldwide awards for social and environmental excellence, and is a featured sustainable tourism pioneer. Home to monkeys, macaws, pumas, toucans, tree frogs and thousands of other creatures, a trip to Lapa Rios Lodge will be the trip of a lifetime. This is a fantastic place for nature loving, active families.

For your dining experience at Lapa Rios, expect locally sourced, freshly prepared meals along with breathtaking views of the rainforest and Golfo Dulce at the lodge’s restaurant. Although the lodge is situated in a remote location, Lapa Rios’ meals rival the most luxurious you will find in Costa Rica. All meals are served a la carte. We offer fresh local fruits and vegetables with responsibly caught seafood, organic chicken and grass-fed beef. A full service bar master mixes favorite beverages, fresh juices, organic wines and premium spirits.

Lapas Villas

Perched above the forest canopy and with sweeping ocean views, each of our four new Lapa Villas simultaneously immerses guests in the spectacular wild nature of the Osa Peninsula. All around you is primary rainforest brimming with bird and mammal wildlife, merging with the turquoise palette of the Golfo Dulce (sweet gulf), home to whales, dolphins, sea turtles and three point breaks coveted by surfers. Take in the perfection of this natural paradise, accompanied by the call of monkeys passing through the treetops, the chatter of brilliantly colored Macaws overhead, and the splash of a breaching Humpback whale or diving sea bird.

Premier Villas

For couples or friends who want the best, the two new Premier Villas offer unparalleled comfort while immersing guests in one of the most biodiverse places on earth. Each private standalone suite is surrounded by the rainforest canopy and its abundance of wildlife grants uninterrupted views of the brilliant blue Golfo Dulce (Sweet Gulf). Awake to a symphony of birdsongs, monkeys chattering in the treetops, and the occasional splash of a breaching whale or dolphin on the horizon.

Deluxe Bungalows

The deluxe bungalows are dotted along a ridge in our 1000-acre private Rainforest Reserve. The bungalows are open-air with screens — uniquely designed to give you an incredible indoor-outdoor experience. In each, you’ll find harmony in this undisturbed environment, sunrise views, and an appreciation for the sounds, sights and smells of the Rainforest. Deluxe bungalows do not feature air conditioning. The open-air architecture and positioning on an ocean-facing ridge allow for constant air flow, keeping things cool.

On-property tours are included in your stay and you won’t want to miss them. Four full-time experienced naturalist guides are employed to make sure you get the most out of your experience. All guided tours in the Lapa Rios Reserve help support the ongoing maintenance and land preservation of the rich Osa Peninsula biodiversity. Hiking and learning about the rainforest interconnectedness with our trained, experienced guides not only offers an authentic local interpretation of the breathtaking natural beauty of our rainforest reserve, but it also means you’re supporting our local community by providing employment.



Share the cool early morning air with over 319 bird species inhabiting the Osa Peninsula. For keen birders and animal lovers, this guided tour guarantees numerous species of birds, morpho butterflies and other mammals. High quality binoculars are included with tour. Easy, 2 hours.


Hike through the virgin rainforest to pristine waterfalls and splash back along the Carbonera River. A fun rainforest experience with adventurous hiking and a chance to swim under the waterfall. For hardy hikers looking for a challenge (wet walking and some climbing involved). Medium to difficult, 3 hours.


Follow local guides through the primary rainforest as they explain traditional medicinal uses of plants and seeds. A fascinating tour for all nature lovers interested in indigenous culture and customs of Costa Rica. Medium hike with hills, 3 hours.


Learn about the marine biology of the Golfo Dulce, one of only four tropical fjords in the world, as you tour pristine waters and coconut-shaded beaches. An excellent opportunity to see land crabs starfish and sea cucumbers. Tide dependent tour. Don’t forget your sunscreen and a hat. Easy-medium. 2 hours.


Hike down along the cool ridges of Lapa Rios’ most impressive primary and secondary forest as your guide highlights the hidden treasures of the rainforest. An excellent opportunity to see rare and unusual flora and fauna, and a great hike to truly immerse yourself in the wonders of the rainforest. Medium to difficult. 3-3 ½ hours.


The complete rainforest experience! This tour descends through the reserve’s most remote and pristine forest filled with enormous trees and breathtaking views of the rainforest, The Osa Walk is an unforgettable experience for all hardy hikers.

Medium to difficult, some hills. 3 ½-4 hours.


Hike along nearby beaches and secondary forest as your guide points out some of the most lively and active creatures of the rainforest. A great tour for wildlife lovers who also want to explore nearby beaches. Easy, 2 hours.


Walk through an unforgettable sunset as you search for rare and exotic birds. Highly recommended for all wildlife enthusiasts. High quality binoculars available with your tour guide. Easy, 2 hours.


Experience the magic of the rainforest at night! Use your flashlight, and the help of a guide, to uncover unusual nocturnal creatures and their habitats. A great opportunity to see frogs, bats, insects, kinkajous and other wonders of this hidden, nocturnal world. Don’t worry: you’ll make it back before dinner! Medium walk, some hills. 1 ½ to 2 hours.


Beginning at the main lodge and looping through the primary and secondary forest, this trail features eighteen marked points of interest that correspond with a biologist’s guide book available at the reception. A great way to experience the natural beauty of the Osa Peninsula at your own pace.  Medium. 45 minutes.


Contribute to the Lapa Rios reforestation program by transplanting a primary rainforest seedling to an area of secondary growth. Participants will learn about their tree, its role in the ecosystem and receive a certificate to commemorate their efforts. Gift certificates can be purchased on behalf of others and the trees can be planted in their honor. Planting usually takes place in the early morning or late afternoons when soil is cool. Easy. 10-20 minutes.


Join us for a tour of a local primary school built and sponsored by Lapa Rios Eco lodge. An excellent opportunity to share and learn with the local community. Highly recommended for children. Easy. 1 hour.


This highly recommended tour winds around the lodge premises, giving first-hand witness to our commitment for a greener and more sustainable way of life. From renewable building materials to the biogas produced by our pigs, learn why Lapa Rios is an award-winning sustainable property. Not to be missed, a unique experience highly praised by guests. Easy. 1.5 hours.

Local outfitters provide these following tours. Most tours require 24 hours advance notice and charge a cancellation fee, sometimes as much as 100%. The length of time for all tours is approximate. Tour prices are subject to change without notice. Please note that on occasions the guide and services may not be available.


Enjoy snorkeling and exploring the Golfo Dulce and its lush coastline. A great opportunity to see any of the three species of dolphins (common, bottled-nosed or spotted), whales and turtles. Snorkeling equipment included.


Guaranteed to stand up! A perfect right point break for beginners, with different sections to match your level of ability and incredible 83-degree water. Whether you are 8 or 80, this is truly a dream wave to learn on. Lycra surfing shirts and professional soft-top boards provided. 2 hours


Experience an incredible sea kayak mangrove tour in the Golfo Dulce area full of marine life! No experience necessary and lots of fun.

3 hours. * Tide Dependent


Visit a private botanical garden started over 25 years ago filled with hundreds of different species of tropical orchids, ornamental plants and trees. Accessible only by taxi and boat ride on the Golfo Dulce. 3 hours


Gentle horses and a local guide will meet you at Lapa Rios’ green gate to take you to the hills from where you will enjoy gorgeous views of the rainforest and the Golfo Dulce. The tour continues riding through farmlands to finalize on the beach in front of Lapa Rios. This tour gives you the opportunity to interact with local farmers and is highly recommended for horse and nature lovers. 2 hours


Enjoy four waterfalls and four hours of adventure in a truly beautiful deep forest setting. Challenge yourself and enjoy an extraordinary day. Rappelling (also known as abseiling or canyoning) takes you into the heart of the jungle through a wild river canyon at El Remanso, a 15-minute ride from Lapa Rios. Most reasonably fit people with a good sense of balance can do this tour. After rappelling the first waterfall, you follow the river to the second, then third waterfall. The best is saved for last as the fourth waterfall is a 70-foot high beauty. Bring your cameras for this one, as the photo opportunities are marvelous. Wear a swimsuit underneath, and bring a hat and sunscreen. 3 – 4 hours


If you prefer to tour the rainforest at high speed, the thrilling Miramar Canopy is the first zip-line canopy tour on this side of the Peninsula. Five lines stretch between five platforms, winding 600m through primary forest, enjoy the adrenaline. This activity is low-impact, easy to control your velocity and exciting for its participants. It’s located about 30 minutes away from Lapa Rios, on the road back to Puerto Jimenez. 2 – 3 hours


World-famous Corcovado National Park is one of the most biologically rich places on earth. It provides an excellent backdrop to see rare and beautiful wildlife. Accompanied by one of our naturalists, this full-day tour includes a charter flight into Sirena Biological Station, lunch, and round-trip Puerto Jiménez transfers. Visitors witness from the air and on the ground one of Costa Rica’s most famous parks. Note: a $100 cancellation fee is levied within 72 hours. Medium. Full day


Depart Lapa Rios on a 5:00 am transfer and ride 1 hour along the scenic road to Carate. Walk up to 4 hours out (depending on hikers’ skill) along a natural trail next to the national park’s coastline. Witness one of the area’s largest still-standing tropical lowland forests. Enjoy a healthy picnic and turn around to hike back to Carate and the return transfer. Very hard. Full day.


Taxi and then boat from Puerto Jiménez to see dolphins, flying fish, sea birds, and maybe a seasonal whale! From the Golfo Dulce (depending on the tide), float up the Rio Esquinas and explore deep into a tree-covered river brimming with shore birds, mangrove swamps and the surrounding rainforest. 4 – 5 hours


Day 1 
Arrive to Puerto Jimenez airstrip where you will be greeted by the Lapa Rios Reservations staff. You will then be guided to the office where refreshment will be offered. After disconnecting with the outside world you are ready to continue the adventure in the rainforest in a bumpy and scenic road for 45 minutes.

Upon Arrival to the Lodge you will be met by the Lodge’s Management who will guide you for the main facilities while explaining about Lapa Rios mission, vision and goals.

Rest your body and soul after a delicious lunch by taking a nap in the hammock of your comfortable suitta thatched roof bungalow and get ready at 5:30 p.m. for the Night Walk hike. This tour gives you the opportunity to enjoy the magic rainforest by night on a two hour hike where you will observe amazing nocturnal creatures difficult to see during the day.

After the hike an exquisite three courses meal awaits you, the ideal way to end your first day at Lapa Rios.

Day 2 
Wake up to the sounds of the ocean and wildlife alike against the backdrop of a stunning sunrise behind the Golfo Dulce. Take in these stunning views on your balcony, savoring a hot cup of organic Costa Rican coffee delivered right to your door.

Indulge in a delicious breakfast of fresh tropical fruits and hearty Costa Rican-inspired dishes before embarking on the Wild Waterfall Hike starting at 9:00 a.m. Return to the Lodge just for lunch at 12:00 pm.

Treat all of your senses with a one hour therapeutic massage overlooking the Pacific and join other guests afterward at Lapapalapa Bar for a refreshing tropical cocktail.

Day 3 
Get ready bright and early with the 5 AM sunrise for another day of adventure! To experience the aquatic wonders of the Osa Peninsula, embark on the Golfo Dulce Dolphin Tour. Have a light breakfast and leave Lapa Rios at 6:30 a.m. to Puerto Jimenez, where the tour starts sighting for dolphins and other creatures and return to Lapa Rios at 1:00 p.m.

For the rest of the afternoon, relax on the sunbed on your private balcony while listening to the calls of the toucans, macaws and howler monkeys. After a breathtaking sunset, join us at the scenic Brisa Azul Restaurant for a glass of wine or a cocktail before another savory gourmet dinner.

Day 4 
Start the morning right with a refreshing jog along a secluded beach or a sunrise yoga session on your balcony, taking in the salty fresh ocean breezes and wildlife surrounding you.

Cap off the last day of your stay at Lapa Rios with the popular Osa Trail hike, which leads you into the deep primary forest in the Lapa Rios private reserve. The tour departs Lapa Rios at 8:15 a.m. and returns at noon.

Take the afternoon slow with a relaxing swim in the fresh water pool, providing picture-perfect vistas of the Pacific and Golfo Dulce ideal for watching your final sunset.

Day 5 
If you have a flight out of Puerto Jimenez at noon or in the afternoon, you might wake up early and take the Early Bird guided tour. This tour leaves at 5:30 a.m. and returns at 8:00 a.m. During the tour you will spot a wide variety of migrant and stationary colorful birds as in no other part in Costa Rica.

Bid farewell to all the friendly staff members you befriended, say goodbye to your favorite critters, and pray for the day you can return and experience once more the magic of Lapa Rios!


Lapa Rios is a Private Nature Preserve, Reforestation Project and Model Demonstration of Ecotourism and Sustainable Development. Lapa Rios contains some of the last remaining tropical lowland rainforest existing in Central America. It has birds, trees and plants found nowhere else in the world. The 1000-acre Lapa Rios is a wildlife corridor and protective barrier for the 100,000-acre Corcovado National Park.

Lapa Rios is symbolic to the Osa Peninsula for the protection of biodiversity and is so regarded by the Lapa Rios employees, its guests, the tourism industry, the local community and the Costa Rican government. Nature Conservation: Lapa Rios has successfully protected 1,000 acres of mostly primary rainforest from logging and uncontrolled development making it a sanctuary for a variety of plants and animals. From monkeys to jaguars, from poison dart frogs to toucans, the private reserve is full of wildlife. Biologists indicated that a massive rainforest tree called Sangrillo Colorado (Paramuchaerium Gruberi) can only be found in the Lapa Rios reserve and is not even present at the nearby Corcovado National Park.

Community Development: One of many examples of community development is the case of an employee who began as a night guard in the nature reserve, one of the entry-level positions in the business that might typically be thought of as a “dead-end” job due to language and educational limitations. One such guard used his time at night, while guarding, to teach himself English well enough to apply for a job on the wait-staff in the dining room, one of the most coveted positions on the property. Another one is the case of a neighbor’s son that used to be a cattle rancher, but now leads tours into the Lapa Rios reserve, helping to demonstrate to tourists that a forest left standing is more valuable than one cut down.
Lapa Rios joined The Long Run in 2012 and committed to a holistic balance of the 4Cs – Conservation, Community, Culture and Commerce – as a means to contribute meaningfully to the biodiversity and the people of their local region.


Where the Wild Things Are
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