Le Sauvage Private Island

The secluded Le Sauvage Private Island is the ultimate castaway experience. Located on a small, private island across the way from sister property, the Kia Ora Resort & Spa, this intimate "rustic luxury" beach hotel features only five beach bungalows constructed with traditional materials such as bamboo and exotic wood. The authenticity of this retreat captures the true essence of Polynesian living. Due to the limited use of electricity, you will experience warm South Pacific nights with nothing but the stars and a lantern to light your way. Each silent evening is best spent in the hotel restaurant and lounge, where you can gather to dine with the other guests and enjoy the company and musical talents of your friendly host family.

The Beach Bungalows are the perfect accommodations to experience seclusion, romance and authentic French Polynesia. The bar and restaurant at Le Sauvage are located inside a traditional beachside bungalow with large open windows that welcome the ocean breeze. The menu features a combination of international and Tahitian cuisine and the meals are skillfully prepared using an abundance of fresh seafood. There is an adjacent lounge area with couches, providing the perfect setting to convene with an evening cocktail.


Each bungalow is designed and built as the Polynesians originally did, with high roof peaks all facing into the Trade Winds. Three bungalows face the lagoon and two bungalows face the ocean side of the resort. There is no electricity in the bungalows, but there is a generator for the refrigerators that keep the food cold in the main building and dining room. This is truly Robinson Crusoe living with kerosene lamps, hot and cold running water and nets over the beds. Enjoy!

Enjoy snorkeling, relaxing on the beach, reading while swaying on a hammock and feel the luxury of spending time doing 'nothing'. After sunset, the only light is from the lanterns and the moon. With complete darkness falling over the island, the beauty of the stars above stands out in the dark. Be prepared to totally check out here.