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The Lembeh Strait is widely recognized by marine biologists as having the world's highest concentration of rare and unusual marine life. The practice of Muck-Diving, also known as Critter-Diving, began in Lembeh in the mid-nineties when marine biologists started to explore the black sand slopes to identify the amazing diversity of animals that inhabit this underwater realm. Today, 20 years later, divers who enjoy both macro as well as wide-angle underwater photography travel from all over the world to experience this magical place in North Sulawesi. Lembeh also offers day trips to the amazing soft coral reefs around Bangka. Snorkelers also start to enjoy the Lembeh Strait. We can arrange night snorkeling or even Fluorescence snorkeling.

Once you step off the plane in Manado, you will travel about 90 minutes by road, followed by a 10 minute boat ride to the resort. Situated slightly above the beautiful waters of Lembeh Strait and surrounded by lush tropical gardens, Lembeh Resort was built to inconspicuously blend into the natural landscape. Westerly views of ancient extinct volcanoes and spectacular sunsets await you.

There are several accommodation styles to choose from at Lembeh Resort. The newly-built Cliffside Suite, perched on a green hillside, offers the ultimate in indoor-outdoor living. The suite has floor to ceiling windows, 2 outdoor sundecks, and a private infinity pool. Two different deluxe cottages include the  traditional Minahasan cottages which are the original cottages directly behind the waterline offering wonderful ocean views. These are built in the traditional style with large verandas, spacious sleeping rooms and Balinese style (semi-open) bathrooms. They are full detached and connected by winding pathways among tropical gardens. A couple of the cottages are attached making them perfect for family stays. The newer Modern Cliffside Cottages blend traditional and contemporary style building methods. These cottages also have Balinese style bathrooms and are located up on a lush green hillside with sweeping views over the bay. Perfect for single travelers are the more affordable Garden view rooms which are closer to the restaurant and dive center. All rooms are air-conditioned and include 24 hour electricity, en-suite bathrooms, hairdryer, king-size bed or twin beds, wardrobe, table and chair, dispenser for cold as well as hot drinking water, complimentary tea & coffee, stocked mini-bar and electronic safe.

Due to its remote location, all meals are included at Lembeh Resort. To the great advantage of Lembeh guests, the artisanal farmers of North Sulawesi produce the freshest tropical vegetables and fruits throughout the year while the bountiful Celebes Sea offers some of the best seafood in all of Indonesia. At the end of the day, pamper yourself at the Spa or cool off in the freshwater swimming pool. The pool and bar are just meters from the seaside and offer stunning views of the surrounding volcanoes and spectacular sunsets across the Lembeh Strait.

Dive Center Daily Schedule:

06.30AM: Camera Room is unlocked.

07.00AM: Breakfast service starts in the Restaurant.

07.30AM: Dive Center opens.

07.30AM - 08.00AM: Your dive equipment is loaded onto your scheduled boat from your locker by our staff. Nitrox tanks available for analysis.

08:00AM: First Dive

10.45AM: Second Dive

12.30AM +-: Dive boats return from the second dive.

12.30PM - 2.00PM: Lunch service in the Restaurant.

2.15PM: Spa opens.

2.30PM: Third Dive

3.45PM – 4.15PM: Dive boats return from the third dive.

4.45PM: Boat departs for Mandarin Fish Dive (available Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday).

6.15pm: Night Dive boat departs (available Monday, Wednesday, and Friday).

7.30PM - 8PM: Night dive boat returns.

7.00PM - 10.30PM: Dinner Service in the Restaurant and Lembeh Resort Bar is open until 10.30pm.

8.30PM - 9.00PM: Camera Room is locked.

The founder of Lembeh Resort Alex Rorimpandey always believed in supporting local communities in North Sulawesi. From the beginning, Lembeh Resort and Critters@Lembeh have provided ongoing training and employment for people from our local villages. We encourage villagers to cherish the natural environment both above and below the sea, as well as their traditional cultures. We do our best to promote viable livelihood opportunities now and sustainable ones for future generations. Lembeh Resort and Critters@Lembeh employ and train many local villagers on Lembeh Island. The resort staff are given the opportunity to experience diving in hopes it will cultivate a greater appreciation for our unique and precious underwater ecosystems. Diving Lembeh Strait affords our staff a deeper appreciation of why people travel from around the world to experience critter diving in Indonesia and why Lembeh Strait is considered the best muck diving and macro diving destination in the world.

In keeping with his commitment to the community, Alex donated materials to build the local church in nearby Pintu Kota Kecil. This mutual cooperation has helped forge a strong bond between the resort and the natives: Today, Lembeh Resort provides electrical power for the church and Sunday school, which plays an important role in most of the education on the island. We also host occasional barbeque parties for our guests, at which children from the Sunday school provide musical performances. The children save their earnings from performances to buy something for everyone’s benefit. Very often our guests ask how they can help the local communities. We think the most useful contributions are school materials (such as crayons, paper, colored pens, pencils, very simple English dictionaries, or very basic children’s books in English) and sports accessories (such as soccer balls or other group sports accessories). What else could be helpful? The new school year starts each July. Uniforms are mandatory in Indonesia, and a complete set costs, on average, $30.00 USD. This expense is quite difficult for some families to afford. The two nearest villages Pintu Kota Kecil and Pintu Kota Besar are populated with the families of small-scale fishermen. We would like to contribute to a learning center with a small library and a computer with a USB modem for internet access. If many generous people give a modest contribution, the learning center will soon be within reach! The warm and welcoming people of North Sulawesi, as well as the glorious natural resources here, make Lembeh such a special place.

New ! Backscatter Trained Photo Center
At Lembeh Resort, underwater imaging is super important. The new Photo Center is the first Backscatter Authorized Photo Center in the world! The onsite Backscatter certified Photo Pro has the depth of knowledge that Backscatter is famous for in shooting technique, instruction and underwater imaging gear. The Photo Center also has a much wider range of underwater imaging equipment and accessories on sale and available to rent than ever before. This is great news for anyone who is visiting Lembeh Resort with a view to underwater imaging. Not only can the center offer the existing services but also, guests  can now experiment with more rigs, strobes, lights and other items before making a purchase.The resort knows how important your underwater imaging equipment is to you and their number one aim is to ensure that a broken piece, a forgotten part or a small fault does not keep you out of the water. The team is dedicated to finding practical solutions to keep you shooting and now we are even better placed than ever before to ensure you have the best imaging opportunities possible in Lembeh.

The Photo Center Assistants are all experienced underwater photographers who have received training from numerous world class Photo Pros from around the world. The full time Photo Pro is available  to assist with technical questions, gear related enquiries, general advice and offers a range of tailor-made courses to meet individual needs. So, come back with some amazing images and don’t forget to share them with us on social media!


Muck It Up
DEMA 2021 Special 
Combo Lembeh & Siladen Special
5 nights @ Lembeh with 11 dives from $1432
5 nights @   Siladen with 11 dives from $1640
* Book by Dec 31, 2021. Valid for travel until Apr 30 2023.