Leopard Trails Yala

At Leopard Trails, Yala, old world hospitality meets contemporary flair. Leopard Trails bespoke tented safaris redefine the original tented safari with convenient modern-day amenities, all the while staying true to the romantic ambience of a by-gone British colonial era filled with adventure. Mobile Camping is the most authentic form of safari, a true immersion into the sights and sounds of the wilderness. The camp has two types of tents, the Leopard Trails Suites and Deluxe Tents and is an ideal destination for nature loving families.

Yala’s main draw is the leopard and it is said to be one of best places in the world to view spot them. It has been theorized that Yala may have the highest density of leopards in the world. However, on a safari with Leopard Trails we make it a point to showcase the diversity of wildlife that Yala has to offer. On a two night stay it is possible to spot and identify over a 100 species of birds. The density of mugger crocodiles within Yala is also quite an underrated feature of the park. Yala is also one of the better places in Sri Lanka to come across tusked elephants. At the end of the North-east Monsoon (February), the park is also very good for butterflies. There are 2 main rivers flowing through Yala, the Manik Ganga and the Kumbukkan Oya and these two rivers serve as the lifeline to the park during the drier months. The camp is ideally situated to get a jump on safari activities before the day trippers arrive.

Deluxe Tents

These tent have both air conditioning and fans as well as queen size beds (arranged as double or twin). The tents also have:

* Bedside tables

* Dressing tables

* Luggage racks

* Towel racks

* Water bottles and mosquito repellent

* Coat hanging stand with hangers

* Fresh linen

* Bathrobes, towels and bath amenities

* Fans

* Charging points for phones and cameras

* Flush-able toilet and sink within bathroom area of tent

* Your own personal outdoor shower with hot and cold water (at rear of tent)

* Additional beds and baby cots may be placed in the tent

* Total tent footprint of 300 sq ft including verandah

Leopard Trails Suite

Ideal for families and those that require a little bit of extra luxury. These tents come equipped with similar facilities as the classic mobile tents. In addition these tents have both air conditioning and fans.

Flushable toilet, dual sinks, and shower (with hot and cold water) are all within the bathroom area of the tent. Total tent footprint of 700 sqft including verandah (the much larger square footage makes it ideal for families or groups that are sharing).

Guided Bush Walks

Its been said that you never truly know and understood a country until you’ve walked it. For those seeking to get closer to nature and experience some adventure, a walking safari is the way to go. At Leopard Trails, walks are conducted in the wilderness areas surrounding our camps. They are at a leisurely pace and you don’t need a high level of fitness. On foot we fine tune our senses and experience the jungle in vivid and exciting detail. Our walks concentrate on ‘the smaller things’ that the jungle has to offer. Each walk is expertly guided by a member of our guiding team, who is well acquainted with the area and the interesting sights and sounds that you may encounter. Expect to catch sights that a game drive vehicle would normally just zoom past. The guide will also give you a brief introduction to the art of tracking by scouring the ground for signs of game.

Honeymooning in the Wild

Wedding preparations can be as stressful as they are enjoyable, and yet nothing can prepare you for the blissful whirlwind of that special day. A honeymoon in the wild outdoors is the perfect way to reflect, unwind and celebrate the beginning of a new life together. The romance of an exotic Sri Lankan safari is hard to beat, whether you want to experience wilderness relaxation or get your blood pumping in thrilling moments of game viewing. Speak to our team about the honeymoon experience at Leopard Trails.

Junior Ranger Program

The Leopard trails junior ranger program was conceptualized as a great way to keep kids busy while their parents enjoy some much needed relaxation on their safari holiday. However the program has evolved to be a popular activity at camp and a chance for our younger guests to truly gain an appreciation for the natural environment around them. Some of the activities include identifying trees, birds and wildlife, tracking, bush walks, walkie talkie etiquette, a completion of a game drive checklist etc. Activities are also tailored according to individual and family interests and skillsets. The jungle creates endless learning opportunities for your child and our team of guides are on hand to create the best possible experience for kids of all ages.

Private Bush Dinners

Dine alfresco beneath Sri Lanka’s ink-rich skies, cut with the brilliance of a million stars. Food aficionados can indulge in local gastronomic treats served with the chic colonial charm and grace that is unique to Leopard Trails. Expect to be surrounded by our ‘bush chandelier’; a collection of old world kerosine lanterns providing a flickering romantic atmosphere.

Scenic aerial transfers

Enjoy the unique perspective of an aerial view of Sri Lanka’s wilderness. Charter a helicopter through our aviation partners to discover a birds eye view of our island’s topography.

Learn to cook like a local!

Our locally trained chefs and kitchen assistants are available for one-on-one cooking classes and may even part with a few of their delectable secrets. Sri Lankan food is currently trending in foodie capitals across the globe such as London, New York and Melbourne. Aspiring chefs or lovers of exotic cuisine can learn how to prepare their favourite local Sri Lankan dishes – from selecting and preparing ingredients to cooking and presenting a meal.

Photographic Safaris

Our passionate photography guides will ensure that you achieve the best position for the ultimate wildlife shot, while also sharing tips on techniques. We offer specialist photographic safaris for professional wildlife photographers while also assisting amateurs with taking better wildlife photographs. You can bring your own equipment but we also have equipment for hire upon prior request. Our game viewing vehicles offer plenty of resting points to position larger lens.

An air-conditioned lounge tent with a 27-inch iMac is also available at our camp in Yala National Park for photographers to view or edit their photographers after returning from safari. The iMac is equipped with the latest versions of popular editing software.

How to Build a Fire

Learn to make and start the perfect campfire! In almost any survival situation, a fire is needed. Although it may seem like a simple task, most of us would struggle to construct an efficient campfire. Starting the fire can be difficult if you run out of matches while outdoors. Whether it is used as a heat source during a cold night or to cook your outdoor dinner, it is essential that all outdoorsmen know the art of building fires and starting it, with and without matches. Ask a Leopard Trails guide to show you the ropes.

A Culinary Journey Through Sri Lanka

The Leopard Trails bush dinner is spoken about by our guests, long after they have departed our camps. Without giving too much away, and leaving some of its aspects as a surprise, it is essentially a 8 – 10 course curated Sri Lankan ‘tasting’ menu; degustation meets island flavors! Our guests will get the opportunity to taste a wide variety of Sri Lankan dishes from across the island, in bite size portions, in a similar manner to a degustation menu. The meal is served around the crackling campfire and is best enjoyed with a glass of wine or an ice cold beer.

Lake Cruise

Enjoy a unique ride on a traditional “oruwa” (with a luxurious twist!), the Sinhala name for a floating raft. This activity is ideal for those that enjoy birding, as the lake and its surroundings are teeming with avifauna. Let the gentle swaying of the boat soothe you into a state of bliss. End your cruise with a gin and tonic as you watch the sunset over the horizon. A Leopard Trails guide and a team of assistants will accompany guests on this adventure. Life jackets are available.

Visit an Ancient Jungle Monastery

Located within the Yala National Park, Situlpawwa rock temple is identified as a significant Buddhist site built in the 2nd Century BC. It is believed that King Kavantissa built this rock temple. In ancient times, this rock temple was occupied by Buddhist hermits.

The main cave temple walls consists of paintings belonging to the Anuradhapura period and this is a significant feature as not many paintings belonging to this period have been found. This is a guided experience conducted by the Leopard Trails Yala camp General Manager, who is a keen student of Sri Lankan history. He enjoys making the climb and sharing his vast knowledge with our guests.

Propose In The Wild

The romance of safari harks back over generations, inspiring poets and adventurers to discover its many facets. With the jungle as a backdrop, we offer you the ultimate opportunity of ensuring your proposal to your loved one is as unique and special as what they are to you. With plenty of notice, we can assist you to craft a memorable proposal.

Specialist Birding Tours

For the birdwatcher, islands have the added attraction of endemic species that have evolved through centuries of isolation. With upwards of 33 unique birds, Sri Lanka is no exception. Our island is often described as a birdwatchers dream; it is home to more than 400 species. 200 of them are migratory birds arriving from India, Siberia, Scandinavia and Western Europe. Both Leopard Trails camps are ideally situated for the keen birder to observe a plethora of species. 


Leopard Trails practices Responsible Tourism. Everything that comes with us leaves with us. We aim to minimize their impact on the environment while retaining western standards of comfort. We are here to show-case a true wilderness experience and prioritize above all else, the protection of nature.

Supporting the local community

The Camp works hand-in-hand with the local community. The campsite staff and drivers have been handpicked from the local community.

Fruit, vegetables, meat, seafood and other provisions are sourced from local suppliers.

Transportation and logistics providers are from the area

Where possible equipment is manufactured and maintained within the local area including the use of local welders, carpenters, plumbers, and garages.

Supporting the environment

To reduce our dependency on plastics we discourage the use of plastic water bottles unless specifically requested by guests. We use reusable stainless steel thermos flasks filled from reusable American Water 5 gallon containers. American Premium is a purified bottled-water company in Sri Lanka with ABWA certification. ABWA (Asian and Middle East Bottled-Water Association) is an adjunct to the world-renowned IBWA.

All garbage is removed and disposed of outside the National park through the local council. Garbage is locked and sealed at camp each night.

We encourage guests to help us conserve water by reusing towels and bedsheets should they choose to do so.