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Luna Lodge is situated in the southern part of Costa Rica, a secluded eco-lodge, situated on 60 acres of primary and secondary rainforest on the pristine and captivating Osa Peninsula. The lodge is adjacent to the Corcovado National Park, one of the largest parks in Costa Rica and described as the most biologically intense place on Earth.

Luna Lodge is committed to protecting, preserving and raising awareness about the rainforest. Whether taking one of our nature hikes, leading a retreat, celebrating your wedding, birdwatching, practicing yoga, or enjoying a therapeutic massage at the Luna Spa, the Luna Lodge truly is a unique wellness experience not found elsewhere in Costa Rica or the world.

Amid the tropical rainforest of Costa Rica sit the accommodation options of six bungalows, two haciendas, and seven platform tents. There is also a tranquil Wellness Retreat Center situated at the top of the property. As the eco-lodge is located up above the Carate River Valley, it is generally cooler and almost always has a light ocean breeze. There is no stagnant water on property keeping the Luna Lodge virtually mosquito-free. This is a true escape to bask in the quiet beauty of the rainforest.


Each accommodation is beautifully situated in the rainforest and offers breathtaking views from the outdoor sitting areas. Eco-friendly soap, shampoo and conditioner are available in each room, as well as a drying line for bathing suits and beach towels.

Six of the bungalows feature two double beds, a private deck, and a private bathroom with shower and bathtub. Large windows and a high thatched-palm roof provide for ample air circulation, while walls of white cane add a decorative rustic touch. One of the lovely and unique parts of the bungalow is the lush private garden just off the shower, smoothing the transition to the rainforest outside, yet keeping it all protected with a handcrafted stone wall. There are two honeymoon suites with king-sized beds. These beautiful bungalows boast the same features and amenities as the other Bungalows.

Hacienda Rooms
The hacienda-styled rooms are closer to the main lodge and are fully enclosed. The spacious colonial-style hacienda rooms have private baths and are designed to comfortably accommodate three with one double-bed and one single-bed. The views are spectacular with the toucans love to visit the neighboring trees in the afternoon.

The Tents
The seven completely enclosed “nature-lover” tents have two single beds or one double bed, a private bathroom with hot water, electricity, and a balcony overlooking the canopy of the rain forest. Some think the tents have the best view on the property as the majority of them are situated at the top of the hill above the Yoga platform.

Osa Wellness Center

A Premier Costa Rican Wellness Retreat Center. Situated at the top of the Luna Lodge property, The Osa Wellness Center has awe inspiring views of the Pacific Ocean, rainforest, and wildlife. Luna Lodge is a superb retreat destination with sleeping accommodations for up to 36 guests, based on double occupancy. We are honored to have had Yoga, Tai Chi, Nia, Reiki, massage therapy, aromatherapy, forest bathing, visualization quests, and sound healing retreats share our space.  We also have full moon and cacao ceremonies.

The solitude of the rainforest surroundings is also great for language study, creative writing, meditation, guided relaxation, vocalization, and business workshops that need meeting space- any activity that would be enhanced by solitude and privacy.

Lodge Activities
Rain forest Trail

Rainforest trails to explore the old growth rainforest.

Waterfall Tour
Encounter a great variety of plants, trees, birds, insects, mammals, and, of course, fresh pure water, as you are guided on this hour-long introductory nature hike around the Luna Lodge property. Visit the three waterfalls, take a dip in pure water, and get to know your surroundings.  

Beachcomb and surf just a few minutes away at Carate Beach. Take a refreshing dip in the small, secluded swimming hole fed by a waterfall. Relax at the poolside.

With no light pollution, the night sky is amazing. Our telescope is always pointed skyward and guides or books are available to help spot specific constellations.

Boogie Boarding & Surfing
Miles and miles of untouched waves peel off every day on the Osa Peninsula. Boogie Boards are available for some fun in the sun.

Yoga Sessions!

Guided Trips
Corcovado National Park Tour
A half-hour beach walk from Carate brings you to the Corcovado National Park entrance. Hike with your guide through tropical lowland rainforest to the beautiful Madrigal River. Learn about the flora and fauna. Take a dip in the river and meander down the river to arrive at the beach. Leisurely walk back to Carate along the beach or duck back onto the rainforest trail. Round-trip transport to the beach in Carate and a picnic lunch provided for this five to six-hour tour. This tour is one of our guests’ favorites.
Minimum 2 people.

Lagoon Kayaking
Observe nature in and around the beautiful ocean side lagoon. The lagoon is a great place to see many different animals including crocodiles, white faced monkeys, spider monkeys, Jesus Christ lizards, and more. In addition, numerous types of fish are frequently seen in the lagoon such as red snapper, Pacific Jack and snook. Aquatic bird species are also abundant around the lagoon; Great Blue Heron, Roseate Spoonbill, and Osprey are commonly spotted in this incredibly diverse ecosystem. Lagoon kayaking is a great way to experience firsthand the abundant life on the Osa Peninsula. Transportation, kayak rental and guide included.
Minimum 2 people.

Early Bird Watching Tour
Rise and shine to the fresh early morning air to find hundreds of birds already awake. We have two different loop trails that are available. For keen birders and animal lovers, the tour will be a special treat. Breakfast will be waiting for you when you return.
Minimum 2 people.

Sunset Bird Watching Tour
The guided tour begins at 3:30pm on the grounds of Luna Lodge. Within moments we will encounter birds with impressive colors and marvelous melodies, different habitats, and a diverse range of birds; like the Turqoise Cotinga, Scarlet Macaw, Red-Crowned Woodpecker, Bright-Rumped Attila, Fiery-Billed Aracari and many more species. We have compiled a comprehensive list of almost 300 birds in the area surrounding Luna Lodge along with their sighting frequency. Avid birders can check off birds as they are seen during their visit.
Minimum 2 people.

Primary Rainforest Ridge Hike
This day-long custom guided tour gives you the opportunity to experience several local microenvironments in the same day. Beginning deep in the primary rainforest along a protected ridge high above the Pacific, you will look for four species of monkeys, two types of peccaries, and the many other diverse species of wildlife. Descend along the trail through several levels of varied terrain, emerge into the wide-open spaces and fine volcanic sands of Carate beach.
Minimum 2 people.

Shady Lane Tour
This two-hour guided tour is along a shaded trail where you will  look for all four species of monkeys, coati mundi, leaf cutter ants, and several bird species such as the scarlet macaw, toucan, and spectacled owl. Fichus, royal palm, guava and lemon trees, which are the principal food source for the animals and birds. Transportation included.
Minimum 2 people.

Golden Trail Hike
A short walk from the lodge, this guided walk introduces you to many varieties of trees such as the cow tree, monkey comb, and black crocodile. You will also find the much utilized “suita palm”, the most common palm for thatching roofs in the local area. Be on the lookout for monkeys, sloths, coatimundis, tayras, armadillos… who knows!! Ask the guide to take you to Lookout Point for an exquisite view.
Minimum 2 people.

Horseback Riding
This two-hour guided ride along a shady trail in the depths of the tropical rainforest offer the opportunity to observe wildlife and ride on the beach alongside the gently crashing waves.
Minimum 2 people.

Night Walk
When the sun sets and the moon rise the rainforest is transformed.  At night, the jungle is alive with new sights, sounds, and smells.  This excursion provides you the opportunity to experience this magnificent transformation firsthand. You will see a great variety of amphibians, reptiles, mammals, and insects.
Minimum 2 people.

Luna Lodge protects the flora and the fauna inside and outside of its property; wild animals are not kept in captivity and they are not fed. Most of the hired employees are from the surrounding communities, thus, creating employment and economic stability for the local communities.

Local small businesses are preferred when buying food, crafts and services such as tourism, transportation, furniture design, craft making and other hotel structures, generating economic stability for the surrounding communities.

The gift shop sells products from small local businesses, crafts made of recyclable materials, crafts from native groups, crafts from entrepreneur local women, organic products, and products from associations that work to protect the environment.

Zero tolerance policy towards activities related to sexual trade, sexual exploitation of minors, prostitution or drug trafficking. If such activities are detected, they will be reported.

Water saving programs

Energy saving programs

Solid waste management programs such as recycling.

Worm garden for compost to produce natural fertilizer for our plants.

Organic garden

Liquid waste management program

Use of natural biodegradable products (shampoo, conditioner, hand and body soap, and all  the products used for hotel cleaning)

Pest control through biodegradable, non-toxic and environmentally friendly products

Salt treatment for pool water purification

Use of clean alternative energies: 100% of the electricity generated for all lighting and all electric outlets throughout the entire property is produced through our own hydro-power plant, which does not use any petroleum derivatives for its functioning. Luna Lodge is 100% energetically self-sufficient.

Other sources of alternative clean energy used at Luna Lodge are: solar energy for water heating and the pool treatment equipment.

We have a program of compensation for GHG (Greenhouse Gases). At Luna Lodge we strive to reduce our emissions of Greenhouse Gases as much as we can, in order to reduce the impact of our operations in the climate change. Those emissions that are not possible to reduce any further, we quantify and compensate them, through a program of Carbon Emissions Compensation, developed by FONAFIFO (National Financial Forest Fund).

Environmentally friendly open structures, that allow the use of natural light

Creating awareness for our guests about our sustainability program through the information they can find in the hotel guide in their rooms

a library with information about the flora and the fauna of Costa Rica

brochures promoting natural protected areas in Costa Rica

an information board (called the Green Corner)

tour and activities offered in which guests can interact with the surrounding natural environment and the community

biodegradable products in their rooms

water and energy saving signage

guest recycling

observation of all the sustainable practices in the installations and operations of the hotel.