Maldives Master

Originally operating in the Red Sea before being completely refitted and moving to the Maldives in 2015, Master Liveaboards are proud to present the Maldives Master. The boat has 13 well-designed cabins, with 3 double suites and 10 twin bed cabins she can comfortably welcome 26 divers aboard in spacious luxury.

It’s fair to say that diving in the Maldives has something for everyone, with a variety of kandus and thilas where sightings of reef sharks, manta and even whale sharks can be considered commonplace. Throw in the some of the best night diving, with hunting nurse sharks and huge rays at Mulaku Atoll, some of the most amazing corals in the Indian Ocean and impressive smaller creatures such as leaf fish and ghost pipefish and you have the perfect mix!

Diving can range from exhilarating passes to submerged pinnacles and sheltered atolls so there really is something for everyone in these tropical turquoise jewels.

Maldives Master Boat Layout

On a typical day we offer up to 4 day dives, however the 4th day dive may be substituted for a night dive when the boat is anchored within an atoll. A 7-night itinerary provides for between 18-20 dives, whilst during our 10-night itineraries, up to 30 dives will be possible.

The diving day aboard the Master Master is scheduled as follows:- Light Breakfast followed by a briefing and Dive 1. Full Breakfast, relaxation period, briefing and Dive 2. Lunch, relaxation period, briefing and Dive 3. Snack relaxation period, briefing and Dive 4, where possible. Dinner. Guests may also take the opportunity to visit the islands and walk upon the pristine beaches.

Dive sites vary, with something for everyone on most itineraries. Currents are the norm in many spots in the Maldives so it is recommended that divers have experience beyond beginner level to ensure maximum enjoyment. Submerged pinnacles, or thilas, in clear blue water offer the chance for larger pelagics, while there are relaxing drift dives along the outer walls of the atoll for those who love to see coral covered vistas.

The Maldives enjoy a warm, tropical climate all year round. The driest season, with lots of sunshine, lasts from January to March. Wet season is from approximately mid-May to November. Year round temperatures do not vary much; around 23C (73F) at night and 31C (88F) during the day. Not surprisingly, water temperatures in the Maldives are also fairly constant over the year; 26-29C (78-84F), except in the far south where it can drop to 24C (75F). Most guests are comfortable in a 3mm or 5mm full wetsuit.

Can I dive with Nitrox? Yes. All Nitrox qualified divers may opt to dive with nitrox for an additional charge.

I am not Nitrox certified. May I take a Nitrox course whilst on board? We do currently offer dive training courses aboard the Maldives Master. For those wishing to take a Nitrox certification course, please contact our reservations team.

What should I bring with me? Liveaboard lifestyle is relaxed and informal. Essential items include T-shirts, shorts, swim wear, long trousers / sarong/ long skirt, sturdy footwear for island visits and a warm jacket or pullover for cooler nights. Shower gel is provided on board, however guests should bring any hair care or personal beauty products they require, along with sunscreen. We have a fully stocked first aid kit on board, but guests should bring any personal prescription medications with them (with doctor’s note).

Does the Maldives Master have internet on board? We do provide internet free of charge on board the vessel, while the boat is in range.

Can I rent scuba equipment whilst aboard? Yes. We offer BCD, regulator, wetsuit, mask/snorkel and fins for rental on board. Prices per item vary however we also offer a package price of US$40 per day of diving. Computer and Torch (flashlight) may also be rented for a daily fee of US$5 per item.

Must I pay National Park fees? Yes, you will be updated of these when booking and prior to departure

I’m travelling alone. Must I pay a single supplement or may I share a cabin? For solo travelers we offer 2 options. You may choose to have a cabin for yourself for which we charge a single supplement of 80% of the cabin cost (60% of your package price if your package includes international flights). However if you wish to share a cabin, we will place you in a twin cabin with a member of the same sex. We do not mix cabins without express permission of both guests.

Must I spend an additional night in Male either side of my liveaboard trip? We recommend guests spend an additional night 1 day before cruise departure so you’re well rested before the start of the cruise. Disembarkation at the end of the cruise will be just before 10am. If you are not remaining in the Maldives for additional nights after your cruise, please allow plenty of time for the transfer to the airport and for check-in.

Do I need dive insurance? Yes. All divers travelling aboard the Maldives Master must ensure they are fully covered for all diving accident and emergency situations, including coverage for air evacuation. We also strongly advise our guests to obtain comprehensive travel insurance to cover against unforeseeable delays and potential missed flight connections. A combination dive and travel insurance, which includes the option for additional liveaboard cover, may be booked through our Worldwide Dive and Sail office or online through DiveAssure.

Renowned for sightings of whale sharks and mantas, these are the two highlighted species in Project Shark in the Maldives. Project Shark is a trust founded in 2012 by our expert dive guide and marine biologist Elke Bojanowski, PhD. She started the project by studying shark behaviour and collecting shark numbers data in the Red Sea. Eventually, Project Shark was able to broaden the scope of research in order to increase knowledge and data about mantas and whale sharks in the Maldives. Join Elke or another representative of Project Shark on board the Maldives Master and assist in this valuable research. Project Shark works together with the Manta Trust that possesses the most comprehensive database of Maldives manta information. You can compare your manta pictures with their database to determine exactly which manta you have seen, where it was last spotted, etc. If you happen to snap a photo of a new manta, you will get to name it. The dates of this exciting and popular cruise are listed here, so book your space early so as to not miss it!
Feb 14-24, 2021 - Southern Atolls
Feb 25-Mar 7, 2021 - Far South