Lak Tented Camp

Meridian Adventure Marina Club and Dive Hotel in Waisai, a small town on the west coast of Waigeo Island in the Raja Ampat Islands. Currently accomodating 60 guests, this place is a great alternative choice to enjoy your incredible and unbelievable Raja Ampat experience. You can wake up refreshed in one of the modern, air-conditioned resort rooms or, step straight on to the dock from your very own private yacht. You’ll feel right at home in the freshness of the interiors, serviced throughout the day and maintained impeccably. There’s a great pool to lounge around plus the resort has Wi-Fi and up to 42 local and international TV channels.  Meridian Adventure is also committed to helping the local community develop their economy, on their terms, and at a sustainable pace that meets their expectations. If culture is what you love to immerse yourself in, then choose one of our Homestay Dive Adventures and start your day as the locals do. As part of this commitment, they are partnered with a number of local “homestays” in the Raja Ampat Regency. These are not homestays in the western sense, as you won’t be sharing a home but you will still be a guest of an Indonesian/Papuan family. Accommodation is provided on the family’s land in the type of housing typical of the area, and 3 meals a day are provided, making it a true cultural experience. Coming soon is a low-tech, but high style Glamping option.

The resort offers a fusion restaurant. The menu is designed with international flare, embracing food in its natural form, allowing for clean, uncomplicated flavors. Using fresh produce, we inject passion and character into each individual meal – from the vibrant breakfasts to refreshing lunches, sunset canapés and dinners. Our menus reflect our social consciousness in so far as we compliment the Waisai culinary possibilities by not competing with local restaurants.

The entire operation here is set up to focus on the three important components of dive holidays. High-tech, ultra-reliable equipment and transport to and from scuba dive sites. The perfect dive site every time in consideration to tidal streams and environmental conditions. And, modern, simple, clean accommodation with an exceptional on-site food and beverage program.

Whether you choose to stay in the modern boutique accommodation at the Waisai Dive Resort or enjoy a cultural experience with a local family at a homestay, this resort offers guests the opportunity to explore the region in a way that suits your budget and style.

Luxury Rooms

Nestled just behind a forest of sacred mangroves and the Meridian Adventure Marina, our 30 room eco-focused dive resort is just a short ferry ride away from Sorong, making this bucket list diving destination easily accessible. Rooms are serviced daily and include – TV, Safe, Hair Dryer, Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash, Dental Kit & Bath Robes.

If you are looking for a more affordable accommodation option that offers a combination of a cultural holiday experience and state-of-the-art dive excursions in Raja Ampat, then our Homestay scuba dive option is perfect for you.Enjoy the hospitality of a local family and share in their daily customs and living environment. Most homestays provide a mattress on the floor with a mosquito net. Very few homestays have real showers, but many have piped fresh water to replenish the large container from which you bath.


The variety of dive sites ensure there is something for everyone, from macro photographers to Manta Ray lovers, and from beginners to experienced divers. You do not have to be on a Liveaboard to experience Raja Ampat. We offer you a vast selection of dive sites, which are easily accessible with our high-speed boats. Whether you choose to stay with us or in a nearby homestay or resort – our Dive Centre offers access to over a 100 dive sites.


We’ll jump right into it and get you fitted for your snorkelling gear, followed by a thorough briefing to ensure everyone feels comfortable and knows what to expect. Settling into one of our custom-build high-speed dive boats will ensure you are relaxed while on your way to the two different snorkeling spots.

The variety of sites ensure there is something for everyone. Your snorkel guide will brief you on safety as well as the best techniques to improve your chances of spotting the lush marine life that includes: Black Mantas, Turtles, Christmas Worms, Feathered Starfish, Black and White Reef Sharks as well as schools of Sweet Lips, Angel Fish, Trumpet Fish, Bat Fish, Fusiliers, Soldier Fish, Pipe Fish and Bumphead Parrot Fish. Between snorkeling sessions, you will enjoy local coffee, tea and fruit to experience all Raja Ampat’s offerings.

Boat Tours

Surrounding the resort, lies spectacular karst islets and limestone pinnacles rising straight out of the ocean and covered in vegetation. The best way to experience this is via boat and with our custom-built eco-conscious speed-boats – you will be taking in a panoramic view of what the area has to offer. We cruise in between the islands, stopping to swim and snorkel and take in the turquoise waters from where we will make our way to a nearby island for refreshments which include either local coffee, tea or beer (depending on your mood). There is no better sunrise or sunset than the ones experienced from the boat – you genuinely get to see and experience what most of the world does not even know to exist.

Birds Of Paradise Hike

Raja Ampat has long been famous for its Birds of Paradise, ever since the ancient trade in their feathers in the 18th Century. Well over 250 species have been connected to the archipelago including the well-known Greater Bird-of-Paradise. Don’t be surprised if you see some of these species during just a short excursion – but others will require an extended jungle trek. The tour either starts in the early morning or late afternoon. Don’t forget to bring mosquito spray, binoculars, hiking shoes and be sure to wear dark clothing.

Blue River Excursion

Due to deep water and narrow channels flushing out the turbid water from the mangroves, areas like The Blue River – “Kali Biru” offer lighting that will genuinely leave you enchanted. Be greeted by a pool of blue water that is refreshingly cold to the touch, peacefully sleeping under a jungle canopy. We usually prefer to go in the mornings when it is not too busy. Be sure to bring some cash if you want to buy anything from a local store in the village, as well as hiking shoes, mosquito spray and a swim towel.

Waisai Market Visit

This local market offers a sensory experience filled with stalls of fresh seasonal vegetables, fruit and delicacies. Try some Purple Dragon Fruit or give your body a Vitamin C boost with some fresh Matoa Fruit. Street vendors sell freshly prepared local meals and snacks.

The resort is located in Waisai on Waigeo island. You can take a flight to Sorong (SOQ) and ideally arrive in the morning so you can take one of the ferries to Waisai. There is also one daily flight from Sorong to Waisai but it is subject to frequent cancellations. At the airport you will be picked up by a resort representative carrying a sign with your name who will take you to the ferry terminal and help you purchase your tickets. The ferry from Sorong to Waisai takes about 2 hours and departs at 9am and 2pm and costs around $15 if you take the recommended VIP A/C cabin. Ferry tickets are to be paid in Indonesian Rupiah, so please make sure you carry some local currency. Ferry tickets can also be pre-purchased if the resort is notified prior to arrival. Airport transfers will be then be charged to the room.

In Waisai you will be picked up at the harbor by someone carrying a sign with your name.

Meridian’s commitment towards the support for the local community is to deliver a pipeline of sustainable tourism. In Raja Ampat, we aim to help the communities to obtain a revenue stream that allows them to become custodians of our region’s wild heritage. We’re deeply entrenched at making a positive contribution towards our ocean waters and marine ecosystems worldwide. As part of our conservation initiative, we’ve avoided the use of single-use plastics so we can promote sustainable fishing and grow our produce to eliminate unnecessary packing materials. Furthermore, we’re committed to our regular beach and mangrove clean-ups to set the example for the overall community. We’re still profoundly awed by the underwater beauty that Raja Ampat is famous for, and we always hope that our guests go home convinced that lifestyle choices can make a meaningful impact in the long-term health of our oceans.


Raja Ampat in Style!
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