Monteverde Lodge & Gardens

Monteverde Lodge & Gardens offers a sought-after location among hotels in Monteverde Cloud Forest. While the hotel is walking distance from downtown Monteverde, the setting feels like a natural oasis worlds apart from civilization. The ambiance throughout the hotel is tranquil and relaxing with the rustic design and wood fireplace offering a touch of rustic warmth. Begin and end your day at El Jardin Restaurant, which is consistently acclaimed as one of the best dining establishments in Monteverde, Costa Rica. The menu includes the freshest local produce simply prepared as if crafted by a Costa Rican grandmother. All meals at El Jardin are accompanied by fresh bread made at the restaurant and a wine.

Tucked high into the cloud forest of Monteverde, Monteverde Lodge & Gardens offers instant access to an exhilarating range of eco adventures and things to do. From nature tours, garden excursions and hikes led by experienced guides to horseback riding, zip line adventures and more, an unforgettable experience awaits.  

The private cloud forest reserve setting offers a tranquil, pristine and natural oasis for connecting with the spectacular surroundings. Just outside your room, the soothing sounds of nature slow the pulse – the song of native birds, the wind whispering through the swaying canopy of treetops and the waters of a nearby creek cascading across the rocks.  

The lodge offers 28 guest rooms framed by designer gardens and a private cloud forest reserve teeming with exotic local wildlife.  

All rooms feature breathtaking forest views and are appointed with comforts like free Wi-Fi, plush pillowtop beds, soft bathrobes, private balconies and nightly turndown service.

The Garden or Forest View Rooms feature:. 

Non-smoking rooms

One king size bed (or 2 queen)

Free Wi-Fi 

Coffee maker and coffee bag, two cups, tea bags (regular and chamomile)

Room cooler, water pitcher and glasses

Plush, pillowtop bed with extra pillows and blankets available

Ceiling fan

Safe box

Electric outlet with USB port


Table and chairs

Furnished terrace with hammocks

Garden View Ground Floor

Garden View Superior

Forest View Balcony

Forest View Ground Floor

Born and raised in Monteverde, the lodge guides are part of Monteverde's history. They’re descendants of the original Costa Rican settlers of this mountain range and spend each day exploring the forests of the region. Best of all, they’ll ensure that you see the "hidden Monteverde." That’s because these exceptional guides all live here, study the region and know it very well. So you can be sure they’re totally dedicated to your experience of a lifetime. 

Watch the clouds rolling over the Continental Divide and learn about the dwarf forests that you’ll see in this area. Then observe a new bird in the spotting scope. You’ll get an amazing look at its eye ring and chest feathers. Stand back and listen carefully as your guide calls this beautiful bird out of the forest, imitating his call. The nicest part of this experience is when you witness your feathered friend perch on a branch, singing that special melody. 

Carlos and Donald know which birds and animals can be seen at each of the reserves. On a daily basis, they’ll recommend the best places to explore for daytime and nighttime hikes in the Cloud Forests of Monteverde. Your time in Monteverde will not be complete without a guided experience. Private and shared (no more than nine guests) tours are available. 

Private Reserve Night Tour

As the sun sets, the Cloud Forest comes alive. Tune into the impressive chorus of our nocturnal wildlife with a Forest Night Walk. Your Naturalist Guide will lead a walk to spot and identify different species in the cloud forest. There’re chances to observe birds while they sleep, frogs, snakes, bats, armadillos, scorpions, two-toed sloths and porcupine, among others. Wildlife is unpredictable but your guide is well-versed on finding species as well as sharing natural history of this area.

Don Juan Coffe + Chocolate Tour

Monteverde is a good place to learn about the entire processes to create a great cup of coffee using authentic techniques that date back a few generations. 

Chocolate is another of the traditional crops grown in Costa Rica, and while at Don Juan’s farm you will get an insight into the traditional methods that our ancestors used to roast the seeds, separate the husks and finally grind the beans. Participate in the chocolate making process and have the opportunity to taste the fruit of the cacao pod and observe how the small cocoa beans are carefully converted into a rich tasting chocolate drink. After learning about growing and processing coffee and chocolate, you will have plenty of opportunities to sample the end result.

Horseback Riding Tour

After signing a release form and being fitted for your helmet, the stable manager will pair you to your horse. There is a long string of rides to choose from. Meet Somoza (former dictator of Nicaragua), Paloma (Dove), Trueno (Lightning), Betun (Shoe Polish) and Macha (Blondie) after a sniff and a look into each other’s eyes the Stable Manager will know if it’s a match. After a short lesson, you are off to the Finca. Originally a dairy farm, Finca El Rodeo has extensive pastures, coffee and banana plantations, panoramic views of the Gulf of Nicoya and patches of secondary forest. This experience is available for all levels of riding ability.

Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve Hike

The trail system of the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve offers short, intermediate and long hikes that wind through varying forest. There is recovered secondary forest and primary, untouched forest. The lower part of the reserve is warmer, with drainages and a small waterfall. A longer hike leads up to the Continental Divide, through the dwarf forests that have adapted to the winds that continuously sweep the ridgeline. This reserve is the best place to observe the Resplendent Quetzal, which if you're lucky can be seen January through July.

Curi=Cancha Reserve Hike

The Curi-Cancha Reserve protects 96 hectares or 237 acres of forest. Several large open areas make good points to stop and look for birds. Curi-Cancha has a bird list of over 200 species including the Resplendent Quetzal, the Three-Wattled Bellbird, Toucans, Black Guans and many others. It is also possible to see the White-Faced Capuchin, Howler and Spider Monkeys.Curi-Cancha offers a natural history hike of no less than three hours. Your guides will take their time to make sure you become fully immersed in the reserve. There is a total of 6 kilometers (a little over 3 miles) of trails, all with easy access. Curi-Cancha’s policy is to never have more than 40 guests in the reserve at the same time. The reasons for this are twofold, first to protect the forest and second to insure a high quality experience for guests.

Forest Adventure Park

The slow paced Sky Tram gondolas rise through the cloud forest, offering endless views during their ascent. Accompanied by a bilingual guide, tour takers will be able to stop the tram at any point, a feature that allows for bird spotting and photography. The Sky Tram ends in a wide observatory located at 6000 feet which is also part of the continental divide in Costa Rica You will be able to observe the Nicoya gulf, the mountain range and the cloud forest.

Once in the top you will commence the second leg of your experience. The Sky Trek will let you travel along 1.7 miles of cables, strung between towering trees. Your local expert canopy guide will assist you with all necessary gear like harness, helmet and gloves. Once ready, you’ll ride zip lines that stretch across canyons and between treetops. Ultimately, you will return to the starting point at the main building.

If you’ve booked the full experience, then after the ziplines you will continue on to the Sky Walk experience. Your naturalist guide will be able to explain and interpret several aspects of the cloud forest flora and fauna. During your walk, you may observe species of birds like trogons, thrushes, wrens and bush tanagers, among others. Occasionally we encounter a troop of white-throated capuchin monkeys, feeding along the trails.

Butterfly Garden Tour

The tour begins in the nature center, for an overview of spiders and insects. This includes up close and personal (but safe) experiences with scorpions, spiders, and all kinds of insects. The Butterfly Garden mission is create an appreciation for the great biodiversity of the Monteverde region. After the nature center the tour continues into 4 butterfly gardens. Each of the 4 gardens represents a different local habitat including the hot lowlands, mid-elevation forest edge, deep forest and cloud forest. Your guide will teach you about butterfly natural history while helping you locate and observe as many butterflies as possible. The tour finishes at a special exhibit on Leaf Cutter Ants, one of Costa Rica`s most outstanding insects. You may find and watch them working away in the forest on a cloud forest hike. The Butterfly Garden provides a way to see them working underground. After the tour you can go back into the gardens for more pictures, check out the medicinal plant garden, or bird watch from the balcony.

Frog Pond

A bilingual guide accompanies visitors during each tour and teaches them about the frogs’ history, habitat, and unique characteristics. Some of the more exotic names on hand include poison arrow frog, crowned frog, marine toad, cane toad, leopard frog, hourglass frog, and the iconic Costa Rican red-eyed tree frog. Visits after dark are especially popular, as the frogs are generally more active and vocal during the nighttime. Frogs and toads are currently undergoing a massive global decline. Part of the proceeds from the ticket sales goes to conservation and research efforts.