NAD Lembeh

NAD Lembeh Resort features five wooden Minahasa style bungalows located in a secluded portion of the resort, a short distance away from the main building. With an impressive view over the bay, these bungalows are all double bed, and are suitable for couples who want to spend their evenings sitting on a private deck with the best view of the Straits. The bright and cheerful beachfront rooms are close to the pool and beach scene. Steps lead up to the tastefully appointed seaview bungalows which are built in the traditional style and offer privacy in a secluded setting. have moderate steps and great views over the Strait.  All rooms have air-conditioning, hot water and all the comforts of home. The resort has added a small pool and jacuzzi in the garden area, with lots of nice rattan furniture and comfortable cushions for relaxing with a good book. Adjacent to the pool area are some kayaks, free for guests to use for an afternoon paddle around the bay. The open air roomy restaurant serves most meals buffet style with various Asian dishes and continental offerings to choose from. NAD Lembeh is proud to be the first dive resort in the world which is growing its own produce in the most ecologically friendly way possible.

They grow a variety of leafy greens, vegetables and fruits to provide guests with enough home grown organic produce to keep up with the daily salads and a whole lot more. Since they are a dive dedicated resort, the restaurant does not offer seafood or fish on our menu unless it is requested. However, the resort is perfecting its Aquaponics operation to provide fish for the resort. Tilapia farmed in this way is a great alternative and does not cause any loss to the reef, and there is 0 pollution leaked into the environment. The closed loop system is a pioneering effort and the resort is already getting the local community interested in trying this out. The on-site nerds will be happy to show you around this operation!

The new bar is equipped with lots of power sockets and modern projectors and TVs, making this the perfect space to edit your pictures or watch presentations. Enjoy the beautiful sunset overlooking the Lembeh Strait together with a cold beer, a glass of wine or delicious cocktail.

Diving is what there is to do here! The dive team is the largest and likely one of the most experienced in Lembeh. The staff is trained to be eco-sensitive as well as responsible for their environment. They are great spotters, and there’s enough of them to offer a 2:1 guest to dive guide ratio. Vistors travel here to shoot photographs of amazing underwater creatures such as Mimic Octopus, Blue Ringed Octopus and Hairy Frogfish.  The Lembeh Straits are also very famous for Pygmy Seahorses and 4 different species have been spotted here in the past. Dives in Lembeh are typically nice long dives in the (usually) calm waters of the straits.  Here the substrate is usually Black Sand, especially in the bays.  On the headlands you also find rocky/coral dive sites which provide wide angle opportunities for those interested.  Angels Window and California Dreaming are some of the more interesting sites to visit for non-mucky things.

To get to Lembeh, you need to fly to Manado (MDC).  You can get there on direct flights from Singapore (SIN) and Jakarta (CGK) – we recommend these two as the major travel hubs.  There are also flights from Bali (DPS), Makassar (UPG) and Surabaya (SUB). Manado is also a hub to get to West Papua and Raja Ampat by taking a flight to Sorong (SOQ).