The Oasis Marsa Alam

This splendid small hotel is indeed an oasis of tranquility. The Oasis Hotel is located about 20 km north of the town of Marsa Alam on the shore of the Red Sea with its fringing reef. The premises are spacious and away from the coastal road in a natural Wadi. The 50 chalets are built out of fossilized coral stone in Nubian style and interconnected by small alleyways and stairs.

The sea view from the restaurant is fantastic and you will be enchanted by the lighting of the facility at night. Divers and non-divers will find peace and quiet – an atmosphere rarely found in Egyptian resorts. With no TV, telephone or radios in the rooms, the main focus is peace and quiet, relaxation and an informal atmosphere. If you want to relax between or after the dives, you can do this at the beautiful pool with a superb sea view. Sunbeds, umbrellas and towels are available free of charge. Head to the Wellness Center to get pampered with a massage at the massage center or directly at the pool. In addition to the classic massages the resort also offers reflexology. Next to the diving center, visit the Bazaar where you have the opportunity to buy some typical souvenirs and spices as well as items for your personal hygiene.

Each of the 50 chalets is unique with individual floor plans. Varying stylish elements and colors influence the tastefully decorated rooms. All rooms have been built of natural building materials and decorated in Nubian style.  All chalets consist of a sleeping room, bathroom with shower, WC and a terrace with sea view.  They are all equipped with air conditioning, mosquito net and minibar. As a template we use the Nubian construction of the houses in order to ensure a natural air conditioning of the chalets. Solar panels heat the water for the bathrooms. All rooms are equipped with 220 volt sockets.

“The Oasis” has two room categories: Standard and Deluxe. The deluxe rooms are more spacious, with a breath-taking view of the Red Sea and an electric kettle for preparing coffee or tea.  Furthermore, you can choose between double beds or twin beds (depending on availability). In some of the chalets, an extra bed for a third person can be provided (a surcharge applies).

The Oasis Diving Center is located in the center of the hotel and is under the management of Kazo and Sophie. The Diving Center as well as the hotel is a collaboration of Diving Centers Werner Lau and Sinai Divers. This Collaboration guaranties costumer satisfaction, best service, safety and professionalism. There is a full range of dive courses as well as dive equipment for rent. Morning and afternoon we offer dive trips by jeep / bus to shore diving spots around “The Oasis” (each including one dive). The traveling time is between 5 minutes to a half hour. Also we offer our “Super- Day” a full day trip, direction south to the wreck “Hamada”, with three dives.

In addition, we regularly go by boat or Zodiac to highlights such Samadai Reef (Dolphinhouse), Shab Marsa Alam, and the Elphinstone Reef. Our divers have a choice of 30 different dive sites from land and boat.

The area around Marsa Alam is rated as one of the best diving areas in the red sea. Fortunately it is not overrun by diveboats and divers. The reefs are very well preserved and make divers hearts beat faster because of its biodiversity and the abundance of fish.

There is something here for everyone, either gently sloping dives from the beach, trips by car to more remote bays or boat/ zodiac excursions to legendary reefs such as Elphinstone, Abu Dabab and Samadai Reef (Dolphin House). One of the world’s best divesites, Elphinstone Reef can be reached in 20 Minutes by Zodiac. Longimanus (Oceanic), hammerheads and tiger sharks glide past the drop off. Millions of red jewel fairy basslets populate the overgrown hard and soft corals, gorgonians and sponges. A must for any experienced diver. 

Our house reef, not only for experience divers, invites you to dive, not only in the early morning or at night but the whole day.


We do not only offer diving at The Oasis, but also excursions to the desert. Artefacts and ruins left by the ancient Egyptians and Romans can still be admired in Egypt today. Get enchanted by the magnificent colors of the Eastern Desert (not only during sunset) and discover ancient cities with us. Depending on the excursion, minibuses, jeeps or camels will be used.

The following tours represent a selection from our excursion program:
Sunset in the Desert
The tour starts in the afternoon with a drive through the desert (by jeep) to the camp where the camels are. The camel ride takes around about 30 minutes and you can enjoy the colors and formations of the dessert on the way.  The tour is continued by a drive (by jeep) to a Bedouin guesthouse called MADHAFA. There you will experience an unforgettable sunset in the desert. Bedouin coffee, tea and freshly baked bread are served.

This tour starts after dinner with a 30 minute drive (by jeep) through the nightly desert to the astronomy center. The center is located on a hill in the desert far away from any artificial light and the noise of the hotels. A powerful laser is used to accurately point out various stars and their constellations. The participants can observe planets and stars with binoculars and a powerful telescope. The guide will give you an understanding of the universe and the correlation between constellations and the Greek and Egyptian mythologies. During evenings when the moon is too bright to observe the stars, we offer a special “Moon Program”. The tour takes about three hours.

Combination Tour (Sunset and Astro Tour)
A combination of these two tours is complemented by a dinner in the desert. After sunset, a traditional dinner in the Bedouin guesthouse with grilled beef, fish, side orders and salads is served. After a coffee you set off for the Astro Tour.

Shalatin is located 260 km south of Marsa Alam and is an important trading center in this part of Egypt. We reach Shalatin after a 3.5 hours’ drive along the coastal road. At first, we visit the camel market. Sometimes there are 100 camels waiting for their new owners. After that, we can watch how the sold camels are loaded onto trucks in El Taba. You can see the purple “kalabeias” of the “Rashaid”, a wealthy tribe trading with camels, everywhere.

The Bishari and Ababda are ethnic groups from Sudan. Whips and curved daggers are worn as symbol of status. After a short drive you can visit another market. Stroll along the stalls – the range of items is truly impressive. You can see Egyptian women with their traditional headdress there. This is Africa! After a typical Egyptian lunch, we drive along the coastal road back to the north. There are many occasions to make a short photo stop. (mangroves, rocky desert landscapes, etc.). The tour starts at 5:30 h, return to the hotel at 18:00 h

Daytrips to Luxor or Aswan
For both excursions, you drive from Marsa Alam across the desert into the Nile Valley. The German speaking tour guide there will show you the following places of interest:

At first, you will be visiting three or four tombs in the Valley of the Kings at Thebes West. Next on the agenda is a visit of the Hatshepsut Temple from where you have a fantastic view over the Nile valley. After a photo stop at the Colossi of Memnon, it is possible to cross the Nile in a “felucca” and lunch will be served afterwards in a cozy Egyptian restaurant.

After lunch you will visit the Karnak temple. This is the largest and one of the most important temple complexes in Egypt. With this excursion, you can place yourself at the time of the ancient Egyptians 3000 years ago.

You will start by visiting the impoundment dam of Aswan. It dams up the Nile towards Sudan, creating the huge Lake Nasser. It is more than 3800 meters long and was officially opened in 1971. After that, a “felucca” will take you to the island of Agilkia to visit the Philae temple. This temple was originally built on the island of Philae, but it was flooded during the construction of the first impoundment dam in 1902. From 1977 to 1980, the temple was divided into blocks and rebuilt on the island of Agilkia. Back in Aswan, you will have lunch in a typical Egypt restaurant. Next on the agenda is a visit to the Nubian Museum. Afterwards you have the opportunity to take a walk on the esplanade before going back to the Red Sea. The tour starts at 5:00 h, return to the hotel at 22:00 h.

Daytrip to Edfu and El Kab
On our way from Marsa Alam to the Nile Valley you visit the rock tombs of El Kab, also known as King Mina tombs. The beautifully colored relief drawings give us an idea of the lifestyle of the ancient Egyptians. In Edfu, you will visit the Temple of Horus which is the best preserved temple in Egypt. Its size of 137 meters in length and 79 meters in height is impressive. Horus means “the falcon”. The two statues at the main entrance symbolize the God Horus. Treat yourself afterwards to a typical Egyptian meal. Next on the agenda is a walk on the “Corniche” of Edfu. Alternatively, you can also take a coach ride across the market before driving back to the hotel. The tour starts at 5:30 h, return to the hotel at 19:30 h.

In addition to these trips, we can arrange excursions to the ancient gold mines, the national park “Wadi el Gimal” or an individual visit of  Marsa Alam, Port Ghalib or El Quseir.

Desert trips by quad, camel or horse complete our excursion program.

* The minimum number of participants for all excursions is 2, and for some excursions more than 2 participants are required. Some tours are conducted by a local company and require different numbers of participants. There is no guarantee that all trips can be offered during your stay. This will depend on the political situation and on the granting of permissions by the local authorities.


Oasis Buddy Weeks
Book a Dive Package/Course for you and receive the same half off for your buddy.

Valid now until Mar 15, 2020. New bookings only. Cannot be combined with other offers.