Pacuare Lodge

Pacuare Lodge is a luxury, eco-hotel with only 20 suites and situated on the banks of one of the world’s most scenic, white-water wonders, the Pacuare River of Costa Rica. This unparalleled location, with its vibrant nature, offers a scenic backdrop to adventure, romance and wellness. Simple, and yet sophisticated, the indigenous Cabécar-inspired architecture, pristine rainforest, farm-to-table exquisite cuisine, and luxurious, well-appointed accommodations come together to offer an experience like no other. Prepare to disconnect at Pacuare Lodge, especially in the new infinity pool! The Pacuare Lodge is a stunning ecolodge nestled in a rainforest overlooking the Pacuare River, which National Geographic has listed as one of the world’s top ten scenic rivers. Getting to this exquisite eco-lodge is half the adventure, since you arrive and depart as part of a multi-day rafting tour on the Pacuare River.

The luxuriant rainforest that surrounds the Pacuare Lodge is a private reserve that forms part of the largest network of protected areas in Central America, covering more than 1.2 million acres of tropical wilderness. The food at Pacuare is the product of the staff's love of cooking, a sentiment that transferred to the jungle and emulsified – to use a culinary term – with the talent of a local staff, teaching them how to prepare memorable meals. Guests will also have the opportunity to experience an unforgettable meal in the Nest: a platform 60 feet above the jungle floor in the branches of century-old Kapok tree - considered a sacred tree by the ancient Mayans.​

Jaguar Villa

Nestled next to the Pacuare River, the Jaguar Villa is the lodge’s most luxurious suite. It was designed to give guests the experience of being in a tropical rainforest without sacrificing comfort. The simple, elegant design combines hardwood floors and teak furniture with ample open areas for admiring the surrounding nature, including a terrace complete with a spring-fed pool, outdoor showers, and spacious bathrooms. Rushing water, birdsong, and the sounds of the forest team up with the rainforest’s natural colors and aroma to create the unforgettable sensory experience of a stay in the Jaguar Villa. The Jaguar Villa also offers: king size bed with Simmons Beautyrest mattress, hot water for indoor and outdoor showers, bathrobes, wellies for hiking adventures, private deck with hammock and sitting area, combination of electric lights and candles to illuminate your villa, telephone to communicate with main lodge, laundry service (additional fee) and safety deposit box.

Canopy Villa

Welcome to life in the treetops. A private suspension bridge leads from the deck to a platform high in a massive rainforest tree that affords a sweeping view of the Pacuare River and surrounding jungle. On any given morning or evening, you can spot dozens of bird species in the nearby treetops from your aerial perch. This Villa has a high roof, teak floors and wide screened windows that let the breeze through and provide a 360-degree rainforest view. It is elegantly furnished and holds a king-size, canopy bed. The adjacent covered deck has a hammock and seating area, and the entire suite opens onto a sundeck with a small stone swimming pool fed by spring water. The Canopy Villa also offers: king size bed with Simmons Beautyrest mattress, hot water for indoor and outdoor showers, bathrobes, wellies for hiking adventures, fans, telephone to communicate with main lodge, laundry service (additional fee) and safety deposit box.

Linda Vista Suites

Perched on a ridge amidst exuberant tropical greenery, the Linda Vista Suites offer unforgettable views of the Pacuare River and surrounding rainforest. Bright and spacious (230-square-meter) suites, with a simple, natural design and exquisite décor that perfectly complement the verdure and profusion of the surrounding jungle. Each suite was built with special attention to the topography so that guests enjoy gorgeous views of the river and forest from every area – the bedroom, living room, bathroom, deck and pool.

Riverview Suites

Retreat into tranquil luxury and design. Your spacious River View Suite (980 sq ft) includes a private terrace that opens on to stunning views of the Pacuare River and the surrounding jungle. Your suite features a king-size canopy bed with crisp 300-thread Egyptian cotton linens and superior Beautyrest mattress, exquisite décor, natural design with hardwood flooring, open terrace with hammock and a waterfront deck. A fully tiled ensuite bathroom offers a nearly 180-degree view of the rainforest and the Pacuare River. Nearby, a open-air heated shower lets you experience the seclusion and beauty of the rainforest.

Gardenview Suites

The seven spacious garden suites (670 sq ft) include a private terrace that opens to landscaped native bush gardens and a stunning view of a massive wall of thick rainforest that cascades down a mountainside opposite the Pacuare River. Inside your front door you’ll find a luxuriously appointed king-size canopy bed or two full-size canopy beds with crisp 300-thread Egyptian cotton linens, and superior Beautyrest mattress® caters to a serene, restful night’s sleep. Your ensuite bathroom offers a nearly 360º view of the jungle. Nearby, a private alfresco heated shower lets you soak up the quiet sounds and invigorating scents of the rainforest.

White Water Rafting Class III-IV

Experience the whitewater magic as you discover the excitement of thrilling rapids coursing through rugged canyons and verdant tropical rainforests on one of the most exotic and scenic rivers in the world. This adrenaline-pumping excursion takes you through class-III and -IV rapids, past spectacular landscapes, under tumbling cascades, and all the way to the town of Siquirres. Depending on the river’s water level, tour is approximately 5 hours roundtrip to Pacuare Lodge.


El Tesorito Creek flows out of the mountains behind the Pacuare Lodge into a narrow gorge in the midst of the rainforest. We’ve created a fun outdoor adventure that includes rock climbing, a descent down a small waterfall, sliding along cables, swinging through the jungle like Tarzan, and rappelling down a 30-meter (100-foot) rock face. The result is a light but exhilarating adventure in an idyllic, natural setting.

The El Tesorito experience begins and ends with a 15-minute hike through the rainforest and includes safety training and equipment and an introduction to rappelling. You’ll rappel down shorter walls – between 2 and 20 meters (6 to 65 feet) – before undertaking the thrilling rappel down a 30-meter (90-foot) cliff. This tour can be taken right after breakfast or lunch.

Canopy Adventure

Most of the action in the rainforest happens not at ground level, but in the treetops. That’s why our canopy adventure is perfect for thrill seekers and nature lovers alike. After a 15 minute hike into our private reserve, you’ll reach the first platform: be ready to enter an unspoiled realm of magnificent scenery. The area surrounding our ecolodge is a haven for bird watchers and nature seekers, and offers an unprecedented glimpse of Costa Rica’s biological diversity. Before exploring the canopy’s delicate environment you will receive a thorough review and demonstration of all safety guidelines.

Then you’re off to face the exotic beauty of the rainforest head on. This adventure tour offers dramatic views, rappelling down towering trees and sliding along cables from tree to tree as you descend the jungle-cloaked mountain toward the Pacuare Lodge. The final, thrilling rappel leaves you steps away from our main lodge!


6:00am: With the first blush of morning, amid dappled shadows and misty morning light, we leave the warmth of our bungalows to pay fitting tribute to the beginning of a new day. Costa Rica is a birder’s paradise. Because of our position between North and South America, we receive migrating species from both sides of the continent. Costa Rica is home to some 850 species of birds, of which 630 are resident species. There is ample opportunity to see exotic species every time you go out your front door.

See Mother Nature at her best as you spot the many birds and other wildlife that are indigenous to the area. Look and listen carefully for the Montezuma oropendola, which nests far above in the towering trees. The area around the lodge is home to an extraordinary number of exotic bird species that include the Sun Bittern, Red-throated Ant-Tanager, Black-cheeked Woodpecker and a variety of colorful toucans. Our guide carries a telescope and will gladly identify the different species that come our way. Binoculars are also available. The tour lasts about an hour and a half, after which we will return to the lodge for breakfast.

Loop Hike

In the company of your naturalist guide, you will begin a short hike along Pacuare Lodge’s private reserve which comprises more than 700 acres of rainforest. Your guide will show you exotic birds that come your way and endemic flora. You will visit a replica of a Cabecar Indigenous thatched house and learn more about this intriguing and remarkable culture and traditions. The tour finishes with a splash in a waterfall before heading back to the Lodge.

Costa Rica Indigenous Hike

The Talamanca Mountains are host to the Cabécar, the largest indigenous group in Costa Rica, and one that retains many of its traditional customs and beliefs. The trek to visit these family clans is challenging due to the difficult conditions of the trails; nevertheless, the trail offers a wonderful opportunity to discover many secrets of the forest, interact with the ecosystem, and hike the same trails the Cabécar have for centuries. After visiting with a Cabécar family, we will begin our trek back down to the lodge.

The Nest

For years, the spectacular beauty of the rainforest surrounding the Pacuare Lodge has captivated us. It inspired us to make the lodge as environmentally friendly as possible and to integrate its bungalows into the jungle, so that guests experience the sights, sounds and scents of the rainforest during their entire stay. It is in that spirit of immersion in nature that we created El Nido (The Nest).Just as the birds that abound at Pacuare Lodge make their nests high in the trees, we’ve built our own nest: a platform 20 meters (60 feet) high in a treetop, where guests can enjoy a meal in a uniquely splendid setting. The culinary adventure begins as you glide down a 130-meter cable to the platform high in the branches of a Ceiba: a tree that was sacred to the ancient Mayans. There, you’ll find everything you need for an unforgettable breakfast or lunch – an atmosphere of delicate sound of a breeze blowing through the surrounding foliage, the soft rumble of the Pacuare River below, and the aroma of jungle blossoms, all at 60 feet (20 meters) above the ground!

Pacuare Lodge Signature Adventure Package

This four-day trip combines the thrills of whitewater rafting on the scenic Pacuare River and other outdoor adventures with the comfort, service and natural beauty of one of the world’s top eco lodges. It includes exposure to Costa Rica’s rainforests and indigenous heritage, exciting outdoor activities and such unique experiences as a massage in a jungle spa and a meal in the canopy of a massive tropical tree. It also includes three nights in one of the Pacuare Lodge’s exquisite suites, where the design and decor complement the surrounding nature, and the sights, sounds and scents of the rainforest will tantalize your senses.

Day 1: You’ll be picked up early in San José for the 2½-hour drive to our Pacuare River put-in, a trip that takes you past the country’s original capital of Cartago and verdant farmland, with a stop for a traditional Costa Rican breakfast. After basic safety training on the riverbank, you’ll embark on a 60- to 90-minute white-water-rafting adventure down a stretch of one of the most scenic rivers in the world, past lush foliage and through exciting class II & III rapids. You’ll arrive at the Pacuare Lodge – Costa Rica’s premier ecolodge – just in time for a delicious, farm-to-table lunch with a view of the river and rainforest. After lunch, settle into your exquisite suite: either the Jaguar Villa, Linda Vista or Canopy Suite. The Pacuare Lodge’s suites were designed to let guests experience the surrounding tropical rainforest without sacrificing comfort. Their simple yet elegant decor combines tasteful details such as hardwood floors and teak furniture with ample open areas for admiring the scenery. This afternoon, you can go on a guided walk through the forest to a waterfall and swimming hole, or simply relax and enjoy the breathtaking views from your private terrace or spring-fed pool. After a delicious candlelight dinner and, perhaps, a drink at the lodge’s bar, you’ll be lulled to sleep by the soothing sound of the river.

Day 2: The wake-up call is a symphony of bird songs, which means its time to get ready for a short hike to an ancient indigenous culture. Since time immemorial, the Cabécar Indians – Costa Rica’s largest tribe – have lived in harmony with the rainforest in the mountains near the Pacuare River. These indigenous people live in small family groups scattered across the jungle, which has helped them to maintain their customs and language. The Pacuare Lodge offers an opportunity to experience their way of life without invading their privacy. We helped members of a clan in the nearby Nairi Awari Indigenous Reserve build a typical Cabécar Rancho (thatched house) a short hike from the lodge. The son of a local shaman will give you an introduction to his people’s culture and customs while you enjoy a delicious homemade breakfast. You’ll have the rest of the morning free to enjoy your suite and the lodge’s luxuriant grounds. During the afternoon, you can choose from two outdoor adventures: the Canopy Adventure Tour, which takes you sliding along cables between treetop platforms for a dramatic, bird’s-eye view of the rainforest canopy, or the Tropical Canyoning Tour, which includes an exhilarating rappel down a 30-meter (90-foot) rock wall in the lodge’s private rainforest reserve. You’ll be back in your suite with plenty of time to enjoy the colors and sounds of sunset, and get ready for another amazing dinner.

Day 3: This day is dedicated to rejuvenation, with a ‘jungle renovation’ package at the Pacuare Lodge’s Jawa Juü Spa. The treatment begins with a combination of organic coconut exfoliation and a banana leaf wrap, followed by a 60-minute hot stone massage. As our spa professionals work their magic, the soothing sound of the nearby river will help you let go of any tension in your body. You can savor the resulting serenity with a leisurely day in your suite, or take one of the varied optional tours available, such as a rainforest hike or a visit to a nearby farming community. In the evening, you’ll dine like never before on a platform high in the branches of a massive Ceiba: a tree that was sacred to the ancient Mayans. The culinary adventure begins as you glide down a 130-meter cable to the platform, perched 60 feet (20 meters) above the ground, where your table awaits. You’ll enjoy a delicious meal in an unforgettable setting: candles shimmering like fireflies amidst the branches, the delicate rustle of a breeze in the surrounding foliage, the sound of the river below and the aroma of jungle blossoms.

Day 4: After another hearty breakfast, you’ll depart by raft for a fun-filled day of whitewater rafting (approximately 3½ hours over class III-IV rapids) down the Pacuare River’s most impressive section. Downriver from the lodge, the Pacuare winds its way through lush canyons and pristine rainforest, past crystalline waterfalls, emerald streams and an array of birdlife, providing plenty to admire on the quiet stretches between rapids. A tasty picnic lunch will be served on the riverbank along the way, and you’ll be able to change into dry clothes at a private facility at the river take-out, before you’re driven back to San José.

There are no roads to Pacuare Lodge, so you will arrive by river. The majority of guests arrive at the lodge after rafting on on one of the world’s top whitewater rivers. Before the put-in we drive through Costa Rica’s old capital city, Cartago, lush farmlands that blanket the slopes of Irazu and Turrialba volcanoes, and finally the rushing waters of the Pacuare River.Once you’re in the river, Costa Rica’s natural splendor surrounds you. Silver ribbons of waterfalls plummet down emerald-green cliffs. Blue morpho butterflies flutter past, their radiant blue wings catching the sun. In addition to the natural beauty, you’ll experience sheer exhilaration as you face the challenge of each huge wave, battling surging waters down miles of raging rapids. When you finally reach the shores of our piece of paradise, you’ll have rowed, splashed, and floated along unspoiled rainforest and unmatched tropical beauty. The trip in is short - only an hour or two, depending on river conditions - but it is the perfect introduction to the enchanting environment that awaits you.If you’re not comfortable rafting into the lodge, don’t worry. You can get there by land, too along a scenic drive in 4x4 vehicle. Or, you may take a helicopter flight in. 

Community Support Program
The Lodge is located in a remote area which as a result has been poorly maintained over time by local governments mainly due to its inaccessibility by conventional means. The Community Support Program works to enhance the living standards of people along the Pacuare River and near the lodge by improving the infrastructure in this area. The lodge also supports local schools and provides funds to purchase stationery and other requirements as well as support sports and other social programs in the area. It has restored the cable car service which local residents use to cross the river.

A 100% of the Pacuare Lodge staff belongs to the closer communities Nairi Awari, Bajos del Tigre and Linda Vista. Pacuare Lodge provides direct or indirect employment to these communities that before lacked any source of formal employment. Their main income used to come from subsistence coriander cultivation and cattle raising.

Howler Monkey Reintroduction Program
The capture was impeccably executed and the team managed to catch the entire troop in record time, sedating them one by one, weighing each individual, taking blood samples, and other doing tests that could aid the scientific study of these monkeys. They were the placed the animals in sacks and tool them in a 4x4 to the Pacuare Lodge, which is the base for reintroducing and monitoring the howler monkeys. The howler monkeys were immediately released and the biologists began to log their subsequent activity, their movements through the forest, their process of adaptation, the signs and sounds with which the demonstrated their acceptance of the area, the trees the feed on, etc. etc. The study showed that after two weeks in the Pacuare Lodge’s reserve, the monkey’s adaptation process was developing excellently. In fact, a female that arrived pregnant gave birth during the second week there, and all the signs since then have been positive and encouraging.

The Jaguaar Project
The jaguar project complements Costa Rica Nature Adventures’ comprehensive sustainable tourism policy, which includes efforts to decrease the company’s environmental footprint, benefit communities near the Pacuare River, and contribute to conservation. Those efforts range from recycling programs at all the company’s facilities to planting trees on former pastureland near the river and using wood from reforestation projects in construction of the Pacuare Lodge. Much of the jaguar research will take place in the company’s 258-hectare (637-acre) nature reserve along the Pacuare River, which has been purchased bit by bit in an effort to protect the area’s flora and fauna.


Nature is the Inspiration
Stay 4 nights / Pay 3
* Valid for stays until Dec 15, 2021