Patagonia Camp

Patagonia Camp is passionate about their stunning surroundings; and to protect the environment, they have guided themselves from the very beginning, by sustainable standards to develop conscious tourism. All of the installations and procedures are totally eco-friendly, because they have a deep connection with nature and also have a strong commitment towards the protection of Patagonia. The camp features:

20 Full Equipped Yurts

Privileged views of the mountains and lakes

Restaurant featuring Chilean signature cuisine

Cozy Bar & Lounge

Exclusive excursions

Bilingual Staff (Spanish / English)

Gift shop with local products


Wake up among the harmonic chirp of native birds during the morning and observe the endless stars during the nights. While staying in our Yurts, you will feel that you become one with nature. The Yurts are circular tents whose concept is originally from Mongolia, used hundreds of years ago by the nomads in the steppes of Central Asia. With these light-colored cloths, the Yurts of Patagonia Camp, allow maximizing the amount of light and the heat of the sun. We have four different categories, which include Yurt Deluxe, Yurt Deluxe Jacuzzi, Yurt Suite Jacuzzi with extra lounge room and Family Yurt with 2 connecting bedrooms (twin/queen) and jacuzzi. All yurts have private balconies and ensuite bathrooms.

Contemplate the imposing nature, enjoy the unpredictability of the climate,admire the wild flora and fauna; these are just some of the things to be discovered during the Patagonia Camp excursions. The experienced staff of guides will always find the best way for you to enjoy to the maximum the experiences of the day, covering the requirements of each group, according to their interests and adapting to the changing climatic conditions that are particular to Patagonia.

Inside the enclosure where the Camp is located guests can enjoy exclusive adventures within the property, in the tranquillity, proximity and comfort of their Yurt...Fishing, kayaking, or hiking along unexplored trails through ancient woods to wonderful hidden waterfalls...


Cerro Castillo

Cerro Castillo, with its imposing presence, is one of the emblematic mountains in the vicinity of Torres del Paine. This excursion takes guests through a variety of landscapes completely unique to Chilean Pa- tagonia allowing one to observe Lake Porteño, Lake Toro, the Paine Massif, Sierra Baguales, Las Chinas River, Cerro Tenerife as well as providing glimpses of Grey Glacier in the distance.  We begin the day by heading out into the countryside through a forest of Ñirre beech trees before star- ting the ascent to the peak of the mountain. Halfway along the trail we will enter an ancient forest of Lenga beech trees which is a perfect haven before we attack the peak via an exposed ridge that leads us to the top. The path is surrounded by large walls of sedimentary rock which form a high plateau giving us a 360° view of the beautiful nature of Chilean Patagonia.

Base Of The Towers

This is one of the most iconic routes in Torres del Paine National Park forming an essential segment of the “W” circuit. This demanding excursion deserves all of its famed reputation, for the level of difficulty as well as for the unforgettable view that it offers - if the weather permits. The trail is located in the eastern part of the National Park in the Ascencio Valley, a natural gateway, where the intense and progressive trek begins for a hike that is full of great lookout points to view the rivers, streams and sides of the mountains. We will climb through forests of Lenga beech and Andean shrub-land before tackling the glacial mo- raine composed of blocks of granite that have been exposed to the harshness of the Patagonian cli- mate. Upon reaching the Towers Lookout we will find ourselves in one of the most famous postcards from this part of the world, in an amphitheatre of rocky peaks and glaciers.

Paine Massif Lookout

This is an excursion which is exclusive to Patagonia Camp; on this trip first we will drive for around 20 minutes from the hotel to the Grey Lookout and from here we will head up the trail towards one of the most stunning lookouts in Torres del Paine. After hiking along winding paths surrounded by old forests and lagoons we will get the impressive views of the Paine Massif, Grey Glacier, part of the South Patagonian Ice Field and the Serrano Valley.

Then we will begin our descent passing a group of hidden lagoons with the path wide- ning to reach a ravine filled with Pre-Andean Scrub and Lenga forests where we may be able to see the Magellanic Woodpecker with the Serrano Valley providing the backdrop.

* There are more than 20 self-guided hikes to choose from depending on length of time and difficulty.