Discover an even greater number of sites with 7-day plus cruises on Wakatobi’s luxury dive yacht Pelagian. With more space per guest than any dive yacht of its kind, Pelagian expands on the resort’s tradition of ultimate service and premier diving. Venturing into remote and seldom-visited corners of the Tukang Besi archipelago, guests enjoy cruises of discovery and adventure to distant reefs, verdant island lagoons and fecund muck diving sites.

With just ten guests served by an experienced international crew of 12, including a master chef, Pelagian offers a setting that is upscale and intimate. The crew is able to provide each guest with personalized attention, no matter if they are a first-time cruiser and snorkeler, or a seasoned dive traveler who appreciates value and excellence.

Pelagian is like a floating tropical boutique hotel with ever-changing topside and UW vistas. All of the cabins have been masterfully designed for comfort and aesthetics. Spacious floor plans, luxurious bathrooms and modern decor create relaxing environments for guests. Outdoor decks, lounges and dining spaces allow you to choose your level of social interaction onboard.