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Raja4Divers is a small authentic Papuan dive resort on a private jungle-clad island in Raja Ampat, just off the island of New Guinea and the Bird's head Peninsula. It offers the richest reefs on the planet for diving and snorkeling around the resort. Surrounded by pristine nature, there are many more activities awaiting lucky guests: climbing, exploring, birding, kayaking, snorkeling, beaching and much much more.

With only ten bungalows and unrivaled service levels, it is one of the most exclusive diving resorts in Raja Ampat and Indonesia. The dive resort nestles along a palm fringed, west facing beach, with spectacular sunsets right in front of the bungalows.

The restaurant is the heart of the resort for guests from all over the world to enjoy the delicious meals together at one big table. In an informal atmosphere, guests share their daily experiences, often leading to long and entertaining conversations. Likewise, the bar is the perfect place to marvel at fiery sunsets and ​chill out while sharing your Raja Ampat experiences of the day.

Along a beautiful coconut palm fringed beach, 10 spacious and authentic Papuan style water bungalows for 1 -4 persons were built on stilts with local materials. The design relies on proven traditional building methods and blends with modern ideas in order to maximize the airflow and promote well-being, without compromising the natural surroundings. All the appealing furniture and the beautiful fittings are designed and created on site.

Every morning is a treat with the sounds of exotic jungle birds in the forest as your wake up call. The large deck offers spectacular views particularly at sunset - a complete sense of being one with nature. All of the luxury bungalows have a huge indoor / outdoor en suite bathroom and are equipped with fridge, water dispenser, tea & coffee, bath & swimming towels, soap & shampoo, mosquito repellent, huge beds with mosquito nets, safe, international adapter, Wi-Fi, iPad and multiple plugs for you to charge your electronics. On the large deck leading directly into the water you will find sun loungers, a hammock and bean bags for your comfort


Raja Ampat is deemed a species factory for marine life, with scientists proclaiming the bountiful reefs the benchmark against which all reefs on earth should be measured. Raja Ampat's reefs are home to 75% of all known coral species, 1'459 species of reef fish and counting. Continuously discovering new species, including sharks, shrimps and reef building corals, scientists acknowledge this region to be the earth's richest seascape. Conservation is active in Marine Protected Areas throughout Raja Ampat. In addition, the area around Pulau Pef is specifically protected by a no-take zone.

Raja Ampat is not only about diversity of species, but also of habitats. Colorful soft and hard coral gardens, walls and slopes, sea grass beds, blue water mangroves, caves and caverns, muck critters, adrenaline filled drift dives, crystal-clear water, wrecks, jelly fish bays and superbly fishy reefs.  From Giant Manta rays to tiny Pygmy seahorses, Raja Ampat has it all and the dive resort Raja4Divers is the place to stay!

The Dive Center is managed by Arif, backed by several qualified local dive guides with sunny personalities and infectious laughs. ​Rental gear is available, as well as a library of marine reference guides. ​For maximum convenience, the divers' personal diving gear is stored at the end of the jetty for the duration of the trip, where dive briefings are held and the dive boats are docked. ​​Photographers are welcome to use the air-conditioned camera room for storage and set-up of their camera gear.


Snorkeling around Pulau Pef offers one of the biggest varieties anywhere in Raja Ampat. The water temperature is around 28°- 30°C  all year round and underwater visibility varies between 10 - 30m due to very nutrient rich water. Start with the house reef, offering perfect snorkeling conditions with a great variety of fish, critters and beautiful corals, stretching almost all the way around the island. At times, a school of Batfish resides under the pier, while the rays of sun light stream into the water. In the mangrove bay, you will find a mystical scenery with Archer and Cardinal Fish in the roots of the mangroves. ​If you are lucky, you might even spot the ​endemic Epaulette Shark at night. There are many different snorkeling locations in the area around Pulau Pef, some of which can be reached comfortably by kayak. You will find colorful reefs and coral gardens and almost everything from little nudibranchs to majestic Manta Rays. It is not uncommon for snorkelers to see more variety of marine life than divers.

Other Activities include:

Hiking up the the House Mountain for spectacular 360 degree views.

Visit the Hidden Beach with aquamarine swimming lagoon.

Trek into the jungle for gorgeous birding and photo ops.

Explore the hidden lakes by kayak.

Play games in the common areas and boogie to the house band.

Grab a book and swing in a hammock.


Paradise on Pulau Pef
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