Rincon del Socorro

Experience the beauty of a restored cattle ranch manor at Rincon del Socorro, with all the comforts of a modern, first-class lodge. The property features rich, wood lines, antique wood furnishings, and whitewashed walls. The manor house has six beautifully decorated suites, with three independent cabins dotted along the property, and a two bed cottage that was a former saddle storage unit. All suites have ensuite bathrooms and a homely, warm atmosphere. Guests can relax and unwind in the library, kids can swim in the pool and the family can cycle through the many paths along the lodge in the backdrop of the viridian fields. The lodge prides itself on healthy and sustainable living. This ethos is carried into the kitchen where quality, international menus are created using only the best organic ingredients effused with Corrientes influences.

The Lodge has 11 rooms and offers full board services as well as diverse recreational activities. The restaurant is open to the public for lunch, dinner and tea. The gastronomy combines local recipes with Argentinian and international dishes which are made using the vegetables cultivated in our organic garden. In addition, you will have the opportunity to taste the typical Argentinian barbecue.


Fauna Safari

During your stay in the Lodge, you will be able to enjoy the fauna that surrounds Rincón del Socorro, with exotic species such as ostriches, foxes, capybaras, brocket deer, marsh deer and viscachas, among others. At night, you will be able to see viscachas, eagle owls and you may be surprised by a fancy maned wolf. On clear nights, the Milky Way can be clearly seen due to the absence of lights and the clean air.


Socorro offers a great opportunity to contemplate exotic species such as the strange-tailed tyrant, the yellow cardinal, the crowned eagle and the jabiru as well as a wide variety of birds of grasslands, forests and wetlands.


You can walk through diverse paths, in the company of a local guide or by your own. During these walks you will easily find abundant wild fauna, which is familiarized with people due to the protection process developed for decades.

Horseback Riding

Go all around the Iberá Wetlands’ coast and through the high grasslands riding a horse while you appreciate diverse and unique landscapes perfectly preserved as well as abundant wildlife.


Cycling around Rincón del Socorro is easy due to its gravel roads and shortgrass. It’s even possible to go all the way to the Iberá Wetlands’ coast riding a bike.


Enjoy sailing in the Iberá Lagoon and having a close view of floating islands (mass of floating plants), caimans, marsh deer and a wide variety of birds.

Cultural Tours

Taste mates and tortas fritas with the local people in Uguay while you learn about their traditions and observe the local crafts and knitting.

Re-wilding Project

Socorro is the main operating center of the Iberá Project. Through videos and talks with biologists and technicians of the CLT’s team it’s possible to get inside the Iberá reintroduction history.


Exploring the Ibera wetlands by kayaking will be a unique experience. Watching wildlife along the water and bordering the reservoirs while listening to the song of the birds, make this activity one of the most interesting we can offer you.