Sali Bay

South Halmahera as part of the Moluccas is truly a diving paradise off the beaten track. Sali Bay Resort, being the first dive resort in the South Halmehera made us more knowledgeable of the area and gave us the advantage of discovering new dive sites. This brand new resort is located in a protected bay in the Northern part of Maluku (Moluccas), in the Sea of Halmahera – Indonesia.

Sali Bay is a unique resort in this part of Indonesia. It has been built in two years, in order to offer guests an unforgettable scuba diving holiday experience in North Maluku. Sali Bay has become a “real” ECO resort. The state of the art solar power plant is finally installed and provide power 24/7 to the whole resort. No more burning fossil fuel, no air pollution. Come to visit us and enjoy the pristine nature and the silent granted by no more running diesel engines!

Not far from the restaurant, a freshwater pool with bar service is available for relaxation. Located under the shades of the coconut palm trees and facing the bay makes it a cool place to be after your dives.


Twelve beachfront villas with direct access to the sea are available at Sali Bay Resort. Each unit (66 sq.m) has a back door entrance with a first small room for a closet, minibar, and photo table. Access to the wide veranda is through the double glass-sliding door. The main room is fitted with aircon, ceiling fan, make-up table and sofa corner. Bathroom’s shower with hot & cold water.


The Diver’s Lodges are located at the end of the bay. Four rooms with private bathroom with hot water, aircon and a wide veranda directly on the beach.

Dive South Halmahera with Sali Bay Resort, truly a diver’s paradise off the beaten track in North Maluku, Indonesia. A resort in this pristine region clearly has the advantage of still being able to explore new dive sites. You won’t have to be an adventurer at heart to enjoy diving in this region.

The huge biodiversity offers a great mix of coral slopes and muck diving that will ensure unforgettable moments underwater. And the best thing: you’ll have the dive sites to yourselves. Big schools of mackerels, batfish, unicornfish, fusiliers as well as reef sharks call this region their home turf. Macro enthusiasts can look forward to a range of pygmy seahorses, ghost- and other pipefish, unusual kinds of shrimps and crabs, rare nudibranchs, flatworms, and gobies.

Right in front as well as in close proximity to the resort you’ll have high chances of seeing tuna, dolphins, pilot and other whales.


Sali Bay is on of the best places on earth for snorkeling. Only the House Reef offers more than 4 hours of snorkeling. You can see Reef-Sharks, Turtle, Sea Snake, big schools of mackarels, batfish, unicornfish and fusiliers. For the good eyes unusual kinds of shrimps and crabs, rare nudibranchs, flatworms and gobies.

The Night Snorkeling is a must at Sali Bay. Good chance to see the Walking Shark Halmahera. Discovered 2013. You can also join the boat with the divers.