Saruni Wild

Saruni Wild is located on the world-famous Mara plains, in Lemek Conservancy, it is rich in wildlife and complete privacy. A small and intimate tented camp elegantly and comfortably furnished with all the necessary luxuries of a wild yet classic safari – hot water showers, flushing loos, open safari vehicles, Italian-inspired cuisine and exceptional service. The camp is located right in the heart of the Mara plains in a thicket of trees populated by abundant ‘plains game’ and right in front of the migration hotspots. Enjoy uninterrupted views from your private verandah, fire-lit meals under the vast African sky, guided game drives in complete seclusion led by Maasai warriors. Saruni Wild’s prime location is ideal for game-viewing, birdwatching, stargazing and for being immersed in nature - a truly unique and life-enriching safari experience of the remarkable Masai Mara, off the beaten track. 

Luxury Double Tent


There are 4 x luxury double tents at Saruni Wild, each with a spacious en-suite bedroom equipped with large comfortable beds (1 x large queen or 2 x singles in each), hot water showers, flushing loos and an outdoor verandah with side tables and chairs.

Luxury Family Tent

(1 ROOM)

Saruni Wild's luxury family tent accommodates up to 4 adults or a couple with children in 1 x super king-size bed and 2 x single beds, in an area that can be separated and zipped down for privacy in between. The two en-suite bedrooms are comfortably and stylishly furnished with big beds, hot water showers, flushing loos and an outdoor verandah with side tables and chairs.

Bush Breakfast, Bush Lunch and Bush Dinner

We'd love to take you to our secret spots, especially for bush breakfast, bush lunch or bush dinner. Deep in the forest or by the river Mara overlooking a "hippo beach", a nicely decorated table is waiting for us, providing us with the thrilling experience of a gourmet meal in the middle of the bush.

Day and Night Game Drives

The word "safari" means to be out and away, to be on a journey or travelling in remote areas. It is both a physical and spiritual journey that can be undertaken in many ways. For our safaris we use comfortable, fully-open Land Rovers, specially designed to give you maximum visibility over the landscape and the animals. On foot safaris we walk, on the plains and in the mountains and hills, that surround Saruni Mara.

In the Land Rover, you are accompanied by your professional guide and by a tracker, a team that will help you to read the book of nature. We don't rush while on safari and there will be time to observe the wild animals, to see how they interact and to study their behaviour and their habitats. Days can be hot or cold, sunny or rainy but the wildlife of the Masai Mara is always in action. We will not only take to the famous spots but also to the secret corners where you never meet another vehicle. It is the Masai Mara without the minibuses, as the first hunters and explorers discovered it.

If you are passionate about birds, we are more than happy to help you identify new species among the 500 plus that live in the Mara. Our guides are birdwatchers by instinct and by training. They can recognize these beautiful creatures by their calls and songs as well as by their plumage. Above all, they share your love for birds.

Wildlife is most active either early in the morning or in the late afternoon and evening. These are the two magic moments of a safari. After dawn, the light is perfect for photography and the sounds of the African bush start filling the air. This is the moment when we will explore the special, secluded areas behind Saruni, where no other tourists go. The only other people that we shall meet will be the Masai, armed only with a spear and bow and arrows, guarding their herds of cattle. Later in the day, just before sunset, we will stop and think about the day that is about to end while drinking a sundowner. We will be right in the middle of "nowhere" that is right in the centre of everything, surrounded on all sides by life and death, hunting and escape, sleeping and eating.


If you are passionate about birds, the Mara is the perfect place to visit. Not only are the species abundant, but the birds can be easily spotted and photographed. Our guides are birdwatchers by instinct and training and share your love for birds. We always carry field guides in our vehicles.

Guided Bush Walks

Walking safaris are individually tailored to your interests and are set in a breath-taking landscape. Walking with the Maasai warriors through the valleys and plains that surround Saruni Mara, accompanied by a vehicle, is a fantastic experience.


The night skies above Saruni Wild are among some of the brightest and most beautiful in the world. The air is unpolluted and offers unobscured, clear stargazing opportunities –a unique and deeply fulfilling activity. Every evening provides you with an alternative ‘playground’.

Warriors Academy

The Warriors Academy is a special interactive safari experience with a strong educational flavor, designed especially for families with children or small groups. It is a fun learning experience, that allows you to explore not only the wildlife, but also the authentic lifestyle of one of the most well-known and culturally fascinating tribes left in Africa; the Maasai. Under the tutelage of their ‘Moran’, or warriors, you get to know, enjoy and understand these unique people and see the Kenyan wilderness from a different perspective. Combined with regular safari activities, and tailored to your interests and timeframe, the Warriors Academy can last between 1-3 days, and needs to be booked in advance. Contact our lodge manager/s should this be of interest whilst you are here.

This a special interactive wildlife safari with a strong educational “flavor”, designed especially for families or small groups. It is a family learning holiday, or as a parent and older child adventure, that allows you to explore and learn about wildlife, wilderness and ‘life’ from one of the most well known and culturally interesting cultures left in Africa, the Masai. Under the tutelage of their ‘Moran’ or Warrior class, our guests get to know, enjoy and understand these unique people and their way of life.

Learn and experience at first hand the bush skills, folklore and ancient wisdom needed to survive in one of the richest wildlife regions in Africa. This is an extraordinary opportunity to ‘go bush’ with your family or friends. Gain in depth experience in wildlife tracking following an elephant or a leopard, learn survival skills, visit an original Masai village, learn how to use bow, arrows, pangas and spears, build a bush camp, tend goats and cattle whilst listening to Masai stories and songs. This is not how the ‘white man’ sees the wilderness and its abundance but how the Masai and its warriors view the world and live amongst its wild creatures. A safari will never be the same again.


The sundowner is a well-deserved drink at the end of a long day on safari to ‘salute’ the African sun as it is setting. We drive you to secret corners and on top of the highest peak in the Mara-Serengeti ecosystem and serve you your favorite drink along with a selection of scrumptious ‘bitings’; small snacks to whet your appetite ahead of the delicious dinner which awaits.

Cultural Visit to Local Village Market

Held every Thursday, guests have the opportunity to see how the Maasai have adapted to modern times, still with their traditions intact. The market is an authentic weekly gathering in Aitong of local people from across the Mara region and is also an important cattle market where the Maasai go to trade in livestock and monitor their value.

Hot Air Ballooning

Fancy seeing the beauty of the Mara and witness the vastness of the annual natural phenomenon that is the Great Migration from above? Then guests can speak to the Saruni Wild lodge manager about arranging a hot-air balloon ride to create memories of a lifetime. Guests be warned, it’s an early start to get there!

Rhino Sanctuary Visit

Located in the Olchorro Conservancy, about 30 min. from Saruni Wild, this is a conservation project employing staff from the local community that has been protecting white rhino for the past 20 years. Rhino roam freely on the slopes of the mountain and the unique attraction of this project is approaching the rhino on foot in complete safety, whilst guided by a local ranger.

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