ScubaSpa Zen

Sister to the majestic, multiple award-winning luxury Maldives vessels Ying and Yang, Scubaspa ZEN Indonesia incorporates the Scubaspa laid-back luxury style and service with an extra personal touch, having only nine guest cabins onboard.

Scubaspa's award-winning luxury vessels offer exceptional scuba diving, indulgent onboard spa facilities, creative gourmet cuisine, yoga activities, non-motorized water sport activities, stunning itineraries, and outstanding service. Onboard Scubaspa ZEN Indonesia, a crew of 25 ensures high staff to-guest-ratio and unparalleled personal service. Two spa therapists, a yoga master, and two highly skilled chefs join the experienced multilingual dive crew to ensure a delightful experience. Two masted decks offer opportunities for sunset cocktails, outdoor dining under the stars, and an open-air cinema.

Built in 2012 and refit in 2020, Scubaspa ZEN Indonesia offers luxury safaris aboard a custom phinisi-style vessel which has been designed exclusively to accommodate up to 20 people in nine high -class cabins and suites. The 53-meter, two-masted sailing vessel is steady and graceful, crafted by the Konjo boat builder’s tribe from South Sulawesi. Stepping into the extraordinary facilities onboard, discover an essence of ancient romantic traditions enriched with modern design and technology and embark on a unique experience through untouched environments in some of the world’s most captivating destinations.


Owner's Manta Suite - Suite with a king-size bed located in the stern.

The Manta Suite is a true sanctuary and offers guests the utmost privacy with a spectacular living room and vast private lounge. Idyllic for couples seeking the intimacy of a romantic Indonesian getaway. This suite is 60-square meters with an overwater lounge with panoramic ocean views. The living space has a sofa that can be used as an extra bed for an additional guest. An Ipad and portable speaker are provided with a wide selection of music. Private dining is available and guests may also enjoy spa treatments in the privacy of their room. The unique design of this cabin features the highest quality materials such as exotic woods, handmade decorations from Bali, and a black marble bathroom with a one-of-a-kind sink made of Javanese yellow marble.


Cowrie Suite - Twenty-square meters suite located on the main deck.

Opening onto the starboard side of the vessel, this unique 20-square meter suite is located in the mid-section of the main deck. With beds that can be set up as twin beds or one queen bed and an additional sofa that converts to a third bed, this cabin is a perfect choice for a family of three. The unique design of this cabin features the highest quality materials such as black teak, Slatelite stone panels, coconut shells, and handmade decorations from Bali. This cabin features the largest bathroom onboard with a one-of-kind onyx stone sink.

Dolphin Suite -  Eighteen-square meter suite located on the main deck with an en suite bathroom and shower.

Opening onto the port side of the vessel, this unique 18-square meter suite is located in the mid-section of the main deck. With beds that can be set up as twin beds or one queen bed as well as a small writing desk, this cabin is the perfect choice for a couple or friends. The unique design of this cabin features the highest quality materials such as black teak, Slatelite stone panels, coconut shells, decorations hand made in Bali.

Sea Star Suites - Six Sea Star suites are set on the port and starboard sides of the lower deck.

Six Sea Star suites are set on the port and starboard sides of the lower deck. These suites are 16-square meters and are equipped with beds that can be configured as twin or double beds. Each of these cabins has a writing desk, sofa, en suite bathroom with shower, wardrobe, and air conditioning. The unique design of these cabins features the highest quality materials such as black teak and Slatelite stone panels. Each of the cabins has unique decorations handmade in Bali and a one-of-a-kind sink made of fossilized wood, marble or onyx.

Sample of 7 Nights Komodo-Nusa Kode Expedition

Day One - After being greeted at the airport or hotel by Scubaspa ZEN Indonesia crew, travel to the harbour and embark Scubaspa ZEN Indonesia vessel. Enjoy a short rest and unpack. Crew introductions and boat briefings led by the Cruise Managers will be followed with a buffet-style welcome dinner at the restaurant. Anchoring at Labuan Bajo port on the first night, Scubaspa ZEN Indonesia then departs and heads southwest to Padar Island.

Day Two - Witness the astonishing sky and calming atmosphere of Padar Island while practicing yoga as the sun rises. Padar is heaven for macro lovers; you can spot octopus, nudibranch, frogfish, scorpionfish, and ghost pipefish among the impressive sea fans and incredible gardens of corals. We will dive at Secret Garden, Tiga Dara (Three Sisters), during the day and Padar Bay in the evening.

Day Three - Awake to the peaceful atmosphere of Nusa Kode where one of the signature dive sites of Komodo National Park’s located. Dive at the famous Yellow Wall of Texas, a colourful site covered with soft corals and sea fans. Search for small critters such as nudibranch, frogfish, and long-nosed hawkfish. Green turtles are often seen feeding on the walls.  Lobster and octopi are also frequently spotted. Experience the other stunning sites of Nusa Kode such as Cannibal Rock, known for large schools and vibrant colors, Rhino Rock, a top-notch muck dive site, and Torpedo Alley, a night dive with a chance to see torpedo rays. After the night dive, dinner awaits you at the restaurant while the vessel cruises northwest towards Loh Sera Bay.

Day Four - Awake in the south of Komodo Island and prepare for a morning dive at Manta Alley. This is among the best sites to dive with the majestic manta rays in Komodo National Park. You will descend to a deep cleaning station and finish your dive in a shallow alley between the rocks. We will then journey up the east coast of Komodo Island to visit Komodo Dragon Park. No trip to Komodo is complete without visiting the home of the world's largest lizard. Afterwards, enjoy the scenery and relax at Pink Beach. The team on board will prepare a BBQ on the deck for a special dinner while the vessel cruises northeast towards Siaba Besar.  Dinner will be served in the alfresco restaurant on board while the vessel cruises southeast towards Nusa Kode.

Day Five - Awake next to Siaba Besar Island and prepare for a morning dive to see green turtles and reef sharks. Your second dive will be at Mauan. Located on the west side of Siaba Besar, this small island offers pleasant and unexpected surprises.  Afterwards, enjoy a BBQ lunch buffet prepared by our chef. Relax on board and prepare to visit Sebayur where you may kayak or visit the beaches or enjoy a dive to see sharks, reef fish, and colourful corals in crystal blue water. Return to the vessel for dinner. There will be stargazing on the top deck before cruising northwest towards Gili Lawa Darat. We’ll shut down all lights and watch one of the most magical night shows you will ever see.

Day Six - Waking in north Komodo, spend the day around the small island of Gili Lawa Darat. Tide permitting, we can prepare a beach setup here or you can spend your afternoon with a treatment selection at the spa onboard. For divers, some of the most famous dive sites in the Komodo National Park are here: Castle Rock, Crystal Rock, and Shotgun. This is one of the best places to see the majestic mantas, sharks and maybe even dolphins. Scubaspa ZEN Indonesia will voyage to Siaba Besar after dinner.

Day Seven - Awake next to Siaba Besar Island and enjoy a morning dive or stretch your muscles with morning yoga. Enjoy your last dive at Mauan for one more chance to see mantas. Return to the vessel for lunch. The crew will assist you in rinsing your dive gear and retrieving your luggage for packing. The Cruise Managers will assist you with your final billing. Sunset cocktails and a BBQ dinner with all the hallmarks of Scubaspa ZEN Indonesia service will conclude your last evening with us. The vessel will return to Labuan Bajo that night.

Day Eight - Awake to an early breakfast on board and prepare for your departure from Labuan Bajo. Disembark after a farewell from the crew. You will be accompanied by the crew to the airport.


Sample of 7 Nights North Raja Ampat Expedition

Day One - After being welcomed by the team at the airport, guests will travel to the harbour and embark Scubaspa ZEN Indonesia. This six-hour cruise takes you past many spectacular islands including the Batantas and Kri as you leave behind the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Rest and recover from the overnight flight. The spa will open to offer information and reservations for treatments In the evening. Crew introductions and boat briefings will be conducted by the Cruise Managers followed by a welcome dinner at the restaurant.

Day Two - Awake with Mioskon and Waigeo in view and enjoy your first day of diving at Mioskon Reef. The beautiful Mioskon Reef offers a great example of what you can expect from Raja Ampat. Schools of yellow snapper, napoleon wrasse, giant groupers, and wobbegong sharks can be found in Mioskon. Stunning macro life can be seen as well. Continue your underwater exploration at the iconic dive site, Blue Magic. Located between Mioskon and Cape Kri, colorful hard and soft corals are home to everything from the teeniest shrimp to oceanic manta rays. Separated from Friwinbonda by a deep channel, Friwinbonda’s north coast cliffs plunge into the ocean to create the spectacular Friwinbonda wall dive and snorkeling site. Wrap up the day with night dive at Tapokren, a sandy slope covered by algae and a good place to see some special critters. After dinner, Scubaspa ZEN Indonesia will sail to the west towards Gam Island

Day Three - Gam Island, with its lush and hilly jungle landscape, is famous for its population of birds of paradise. The day’s first dive will be at Mayhem, a site known for lots of schooling fish and shark action as well as sitings of wobbegong sharks and pygmy seahorses. Your next dive will be at Citrus Ridge, a long reef covered with many brightly coloured soft corals. This site is also underwater heaven for macro lovers. Enjoy your evening dive at Aljui village jetty, which is also famous for its pearl farm. We will hunt for our favorite nighttime critters on this site, such as toadfish, octopi, and epaulette walking sharks. Your journey will continue north overnight towards Wayag.

Day Four - Picturesque Wayag is a spectacular group of islands and a beautiful site to start your day. Enjoy the chance to dive at Two Hump Rock, a tiny mushroom island easily circumnavigated in one dive, allowing you to see the massive, cavernous overhangs around the entire island and its colorful walls covered with all kinds of nudibranchs and flatworms.

We will visit the legendary dive site Cathedral, which is renowned for its spectacular topography and swim-throughs. Wrap up the day with an evening dive at Rangers Jetty black tip reef sharks area. After dinner, the vessel will sail south towards Kawe Island.

Day Five - Located on the equator to the west of Kawe Island, Black Rock and Eagle Rock dive sites are well known for their currents and manta populations. Continue your dive expedition at Aljui Wall, which ends in chances a wonderland of shallow corals. This is critter rather than big fish territory, with to see “electric” clams, “fanned” tube worms, transparent painted shrimp, and exotic soft corals. Enjoy an evening dive at Cendana Jetty, the fuel-loading pier of the Aljui pearl farm where you can find ghost pipefish, scorpionfish, cuttlefish, and wobbegong sharks. After dinner, we will sail south towards Piaynemo Island.

Day Six - Awake next to Piaynemo, also known as mini Wayag, where some magnificent dive sites are located. You will dive My Reef, a submerged ridge with a wonderful hard coral garden and a hotspot of fish activity. Next, you will dive Melissa’s Garden, the most breathtaking patch coral garden in all Raja Ampat. Unusual and large rose-petal coral formations can be seen on this site whilst spotting reef sharks and napoleon wrasse. You will then dive Rufus Island, a large limestone formation with fringing coral reefs and a shallow lagoon. Enjoy an evening dive at Galaxy, another jetty dive site. The vessel will make a short crossing to the east towards Mansuar Island after dinner.

Day Seven - Sawandarek Village is a picturesque scene known for its long white beaches. Enjoy your last dive at the jetty, an absolutely stunning dive site. Historically, this has been a popular feeding area and for that reason, hundreds of fish congregate in and around the multicolored hard and soft corals along with octopi, massive turtles, and giant clams. This is an excellent site to photograph Pontoh’s pygmy seahorses, perhaps the smallest and most challenging species of pygmy seahorses to photograph. After your last dive, the crew will assist you with rinsing your dive equipment. You will have the afternoon to pack your luggage, during which time the Cruise Managers will be delighted to assist you with billing. Enjoy a celebratory sunset cocktail and dinner on your last night aboard Scubaspa ZEN Indonesia before sailing back to Sorong.

Day Eight - Awake to an early breakfast on board and prepare for your departure from Sorong. Disembark after a farewell from the crew. You will be accompanied by the crew to the airport.

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