Sea Serpent Excellence

Built in Alexandria’s best shipyard, MY Excellence is a new class of 5 star Luxury wooden boats designed for optimal speed and stability. This majestic looking vessel has 22 berths in 11 spacious cabins, all equipped with air condition and En-Suite facilities. The oak and mahogany interior design gives the cabins a distinctive elegance. The Salon is extremely spacious and is equipped with the latest in multimedia entertainment.

MY Excellence’s half shaded deck is the perfect spot for socializing between and after dives, while the top deck is ideal for both tanning and star gazing. All decks are made with the finest teak wood to give this boat the finish its name deserves. Especially designed for divers, MY Excellence is no compromise between luxury and efficiency.



A Most Excellent Way to Dive the Red Sea
Last Minute Sale
Jan 25-Feb 1, 2024 - Fury Shoals
* Trip from $1350