Selayar Dive Resort

Quiet and exclusive, Selayar Resort has a 1km long white sandy beach that is accessible by only by the resort’s speedboat. The jungle surrounding the resort has a vast amount of wildlife. Look high in the trees around the resort and you may spot squirrels  prancing through the branches, sometimes  cuscus (a tree dwelling marsupial found throughout much of eastern Indonesia) clinging onto the trunk, and at night, the enormous eyed tarsier (among the world’s smallest primates) can be seen leaping through the trees as they hunt for insects. Only a few minutes walk from the resort is a large, dry cave that is full of bats, and guests are more than welcome to visit while staying at the property. The resort has a private slice of perfect beach and a 145m long jetty to give you access to some of the world’s best underwater world.

Fan cooled beach bungalows dot the private beach as well as two more luxurious beach villas. The restaurant is the heart of the resort. Not only do guests meet here for breakfast, lunch and dinner on the big veranda but at night they can also enjoy cocktails at the small bar – served by the boss himself. Guests are also welcome to bring their own liquors if you wish.

Beach Bungalows
You’ll have direct access to the private sugar sand beach. Protected by tinted glass, guests have a fantastic view of the beach, the sea and palm trees, even when lying in bed. There is a ceiling fan in each bungalow –air-conditioning is also available – a minibar, soft comfortable mattresses and mosquito nets. The beach bungalows are furnished with solid wood and rattan furniture and on the terrace there are sun loungers and hammocks for every guest. Large desks with 220 V shock-proof sockets offer considerable space even for the most enthusiastic photographer.

The bathrooms are equipped according to European hotel standards, including hot water with decent water pressure. In order not to disturb the tranquillity of the resorts surroundings the generators, that provide a 24 hour electricity supply, were built two kilometers away from the resort.

Beach Villas
The two new Beach Villas offer guests and exclusive living experience. These tropical tastefully decorated villas are very spacious and offer guests air-conditioning, a semi open tropical bathroom and lots of space. There’s a camera charging station, day bed, mini fridge/bar and lots of privacy.

Diving / Snorkeling
The House Reef can easily be ranked as among one of the best dive sites in Indonesia. For divers who want to make more than the two daily boat dives the resort offers unlimited House Reef diving from the 145 meter long jetty. The jetty has high and low ladders to make entries and exits easy and it is just a few meters from the drop off. The reef top surrounding the jetty also offers some stunning macro opportunities with everything from sea grass to small bommies and a whole host of marine critters. The House Reef runs almost the length of the resort and is jam packed with critters.

The entire coast line of the marine park offers phenomenal diving so the dive crew has divided it up into dive sites that are back to back. The fringing reef of the east coast of Selayar Island is mainly made up of drop offs and walls characterized by numerous caves, overhangs and shelves. There are also a few sloping dive sites that you may regularly visit and all of the dive sites are within a short boat ride away. Prior to the foundation of the marine park Selayar Dive Resort recognized this special area as being one of outstanding beauty and was pivotal in the creation of the park in 2002. Since the creation of the marine protected area it seems like the word has spread to the marine life and fish numbers and species variety continues to increase. The reef tops offer impressive coral growth and the walls will impress even the most seasoned of divers.

The Indo Pacific region is known as the most marine biodiverse in the world and divers at Selayar Dive Resort you will not be disappointed. Selayar offers divers the opportunity to see everything from the tiny pygmy sea horse to the large grey reef shark – such diversity is common on every dive site here.

When not underwater, you may explore the beach and surrounding rainforest, relax with a book and enjoy the company of fellow travelers.


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