Galapagos Master

Rebuilt from a 52-metre (171ft) steel-hulled merchant vessel, MV Solitude One is almost a complete makeover from her original form to set new standards in hospitality and professionalism. With our clients in mind, the vessel was purpose-built to incorporate smart design, functionality and comforts close to home. She operates in the Philippines from May-Oct then transitions to Micronesian waters.

The vessel is large, spacious and more than sufficient room for the maximum of 22 guests and/or Scuba divers and 16-20 dive staff and crew. It is an impressive sight as it weaves its way around the islands of the Philippines.  Solitude One is spread over 3 decks with an additional ‘vessel island’ for sunbathing. There are 10 cabins in total. Every cabin has its own en-suite shower and toilet facilities. The cabins are split as follows:
• 2 x Staterooms (King-Sharing)
• 7 x Deluxe Cabins (4 x Twin or Double sharing, 2 x Double Sharing, 1 x Twin Bunk)
• 1 x Standard Family/Quad Cabin

In addition to toilet and shower facilities, each cabin has as standard it’s own air-conditioning system, safety deposit box, bath robes and towels, hair dryer, bedding, storage space and flat screen TV with USB media player platform.

On the very top of this vessel is a comfortable sun-deck for those needing a dose of vitamin D and a breath of sea air. At the end of the day there is also a hot tub to relax in with a drink of your choice. What impresses most about the Solitude One is that it’s clearly geared for divers. If you’re an underwater photographer there is even a digital ‘dark room’ where you can spend time privately assessing the day’s shots, or simply dipping into the library onboard.

The feeling that this offering is really geared towards Scuba divers is underlined by the impressive dive deck. There is space for 30 divers. There are tank racks, storage boxes, camera basins and stowage for the most discerning diver. Equipment rental may also be arranged should you wish to travel light. The only non-rental item being an underwater camera.

Paying close attention to detail, the cabins were conceptualized from experience, common sense, feedback from guests, incorporating essential elements from the hospitality world and being very aware of what discerning divers need and want, and then designing them with taste and practicality.


Jessie Beazley Reef
Located about 20 kilometres north-west of the North Atoll, the world famous reef is home to tuna, sea turtles, barrcuda, and whitetip and blacktip sharks. If you’re lucky, you may spot whale sharks, tiger sharks, and hammerhead sharks.

Malayan Wreck
Sitting approximately 10 metres deep, this wreck attracts all sorts of marine life. Take a look and you’ll see its residents – such as harlequin sweetlips and sea turtles – hanging around the wreck.

Delsan Wreck
Keep an eye out for big fish at this dive site. When currents are strong, you'll likely see grey reef sharks hunting schools of fish. Tiger sharks have even been spotted here!

Shark Airport
This dive site's reefscape is made of a wide plateau that drops off to a shelf at about 25 metres or so. Sea turtles (hawksbill and green) are a common sight here, as are whitetip sharks.

Washing Machine
Be prepared when exploring this dive site; as its name suggests, currents are highly unpredictable and can change at any moment. Your reward? Encounters with grey reef sharks and countless colourful layers of reef fish.

7 days/6 nights- Approximate 17 dives

Tubbataha Sample Itinerary:

Embarkation at the harbor of Puerto Princesa starts from 14:00Hrs.
Upon boarding Solitude One, a welcome from the rest of our crew awaits you. Orientation and registration (remember your C‐Cards and/or Log Books!) will begin once you are welcomed. You are encouraged to complete your registration and general liability release forms prior to embarkation; this way you will save yourself some time with the orientation and can use this towards getting yourself settled in and rested! If you have not, there is nothing to worry about as you can complete them after the orientation to hand to your cruise directors. During the registration, Permit and National Park fees will be collected as well. For this stand‐alone Tubbataha itinerary, a total of 3000PHP (subject to change as informed by the authorities) is required to be paid. Dinner is included.

Day 1: Solitude One will get underway towards Tubbataha Reef National Park at sunset (estimated time of travel is 10 hours)

Days 2, 3 & 4:  3 or 4 dives daily, North & South Atoll. As dive sites in Tubbataha Reefs are in close proximity, dive sites will be scheduled based on tides/currents as well as communicating with other liveaboards in the vicinity to avoid overcrowding a particular dive site.

Days 5 & 6: 3 or 4 dives daily, North Atoll & Jessie Beazley Reef. As dive sites in Tubbataha Reefs are in close proximity, dive sites will be scheduled based on tides/currents as well as communicating with other liveaboards in the vicinity to avoid overcrowding a particular dive site. Your last dive of this day has to conform to our 18 hours no‐fly/no‐altitude policy. Solitude One will get underway towards Puerto Princesa (estimated time of travel is 9 hours) after the scheduled final night dive in Jessie Beazley Reef.

Day 7: No diving, disembarkation (Puerto Princesa) at 0930hrs



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