Sujan Jawai

Nestled among spellbinding, billion-year-old granite rock formations, where leopards roam wild and free, coexisting comfortably with the charismatic communities, is the pioneering SUJÁN JAWAI. Spectacularly set in a dramatic wilderness, the camp celebrates the great outdoors with panache. Spend unforgettable days in the wilderness tracking leopards and other wildlife. Blending sophistication and ecology, there is no better place to discover one of India’s most enchanting and breathtakingly beautiful landscapes. A wander with the charismatic Rabari herdsmen is a great chance to immerse yourself in the local culture and gain insight into some of our exemplary conservation and community projects.

Tents & Suites

With just ten tented suites now including our brand new ‘Eden at Jawai ’, the Royal ‘Panthera’ Suite & the Family ‘Felidae’ Suite, SUJÁN JAWAI redefines responsible luxury in the wilderness.

Tented 'Rock' Suites

These sumptuous luxury tents have been upgraded to be even more spacious than before. Each double tent has its own private sit-out with sweeping views of the Jawai wilderness. The new en suite bathrooms now included a bath tub and marble shower.

The Family 'Felidae' Suite

Ideal for families or groups of four traveling together, this suite is a set of two tents that share a common plinth and verandah. Set a little away from the other tents, the suite offers stunning views of the surrounding landscape.

The Royal 'Panthera' Suite

The Royal 'Panthera' Suite offers unbridled luxury, fused with unrivalled privacy, with spectacular views of the dramatic Jawai landscape. Set in seclusion from the other tents in an area of its own, the suite has a private heated swimming pool, separate lounge and dining tent, a private jeep for wilderness drives, private butler and oodles of space to spoil yourself in between game drives or excursions.

Eden at JAWAI

New to SUJÁN JAWAI this year, ‘Eden at JAWAI’ is the latest private encampment within the Jawai camp. This two double bedroom suite is reached through a private entrance and features double interconnecting bedrooms, a lounge and dining tent, a heated pool and large deck. The private camp offers mesmerizing views of JAWAI’s highest peaks and dramatic wilderness and comes with its own private jeep and butler. A third tent can be included in this suite and is available on request.

Wilderness Drives

JAWAI’s leopards, birds and people are a great attraction across the region. Trying our best to follow the schedule of our wild neighbours, we recommend an early start for your morning game drive, certainly before the sun is up. Our customized 4x4 jeeps, with a guide on board will convey you expertly to every corner of JAWAI. An experience to discover new areas, new animals and create memories with the people.

Riding in the Wild

We are delighted to introduce an invigorating and holistic new journey with horses at SUJÁN JAWAI. With a fine stable of over a dozen Marwari and Kathiawari horses – you can now explore the stunning Jawai landscape on horseback. As well as the beautiful wilderness trails, spend time at the stables, where you can choose from a number of carefully designed experiences that explore different ways of communicating with these beautiful and tenacious animals. Suitable for all ages and levels.

Rabari Walk

A guided walking safari is an incredible way to experience the JAWAI wilderness up close and personal, and who better to show you than the Rabari tribe that have walked these hills for centuries. Step into their shoes as they take you along with their herds to explore this enchanting landscape. Your expert guide and tracker will accompany you as you track animals on foot through the wilderness and explore the magnificent plants and landscapes around you. Depending on the length of the walk you wish to do, a visit to the temples and local villages as well as some of our community projects can also be arranged.

Temple Trail

JAWAI’s solitary hills are dotted with temples, shrines and memorials. All events and festivities in this region are devoted to religion. Over centuries, the various communities of JAWAI have preserved their traditions and are proud to have maintained their customs. Every temple has some spiritual significance and has a legend attached to it and there are nearly 300 temples and shrines in the region. Visit some of the temples, taking in a daily aarti, and learn about how the leopards of JAWAI are considered to be the guardians of this area, having a semi-divine status in the eyes of the communities.

Spa & Wellness

A serene atmosphere is created by the tranquil still water of the lake that blends in to create perfect harmony of mind, body and nature. Our wellness expert offers meditation, yoga and the channelling of latent energy by the lake. This experience can also be conducted at our poolside or in the privacy of your tent. You will be taken through a traditional route of wellness and yogic practices that could enhance your well-being and fitness levels. Wellness at JAWAI is as unique as the region’s peace and tranquility and promotes the learning and practice of these age-old methods. The best part of this programme is the learning that you will take home easy – practices that can be performed in your daily routine for enhanced living and well-being.

JAWAI By Cycle

One of the most tranquil ways to see wildlife is on a guided bush walk. Our experienced guides lead these walks and give guests the benefit of their extensive knowledge of the land and its wildlife, flora and fauna and birds.