Tetamanu Village

Tetamanu Village offers a laidback, traditional Tahitian experience with thatched bungalows all merged in an exceptional remote environment between coconut trees and the lagoon. Here you will find a restaurant deck where you may admire the sunset all while sipping a sundowner. Below this deck is a natural aquarium so you can observe sandperches, sharks, damselfishes, napoleons, morays and many others. Fakarava is an unreal destination for today's divers. At the south pass of Fakarava, the dive sites are practically virgin while remaining accessible to novice divers. The visibility allows to see at a great depth, a particularly rich fauna and flora.

Tetamanu is located south of the atoll near Tumakohua pass. It was the main village in the early 1900’s. This idyllic site is where Tetamanu Village is implanted, offering magnificent beaches with pristine pink sand islands. Several remains can be found at Tetamanu such as the first Tuamotu church made out of coral, built in 1874, which testifies of a rich past.

This charming, no thrills (except for the diving!) resort consists of 5 beach bungalows and one garden bungalow, all equipped with toilet and individual shower (cold water) with a big bed (2 persons) and a small bed that fits one person. All feature a view on the pass Tumakohua.

The Diving

The Tumakohua pass where Tetamanu Dive is installed, are full of hundreds of fish and sharks. The drifting dive beginner ocean side between 20m and 30m allows you to discover the entire ecosystem of the pass, loaches marbles, nasons, wrasses that evolve on a background of coral rose.  Back in the pass, you will see a cave at 28m, dug in the right flank of the pass where there are many sharks, also called the sharks wall. The dive ends in front of the dive center and the overwater restaurant Tetamanu Village.

Let yourself be enchanted by the beauty and richness of the underwater fauna of the Tumakohua pass, with the 500 shark pit, the Napoleonic cave, not to mention the schools of priacantes, becunes, barracudas, perch, groupers and many more. 'other.

The southern pass of Fakarava is famous for its fish varieties and according to a specialist well known in the world of diving, Henri POULIQUEN, "it is one of the most beautiful passes of French Polynesia”.


The Tumakohua pass and the lagoon near the hostel are ideal sites to enjoy snorkeling, to discover octopusses, groups of multicolored fishes and corals at shallow depth.


Excursions to paradise like islets such as pink sands (picnic) where you may wander and relax peacefully between the lagoon and luxurious vegetation. Play at being Robinson Crusöe!

Fakarava is the second greatest atoll of all French Polynesia, next to Rangiroa. Located in the Tuamotu archipelago, the most elongated of archipelago, Fakarava is an hour flight from Tahiti and a 35 minute flight from Rangiroa. Shaped as a rectangle, 60 km long and 25 km wide, its reef crown is composed of several little islands.