Triton Bay Divers

Triton Bay Divers is the first and only dive resort located on a secluded beach on the island of Aiduma, just 90 minutes by speedboat from the town of Kaimana. It is a unique partnership between the resort’s founders and the local community which benefits from the project.

This is a divers paradise with more than 30 known dive sites around Triton Bay and many yet to be discovered. The resort is just minutes from some of the best dives sites in the area, where divers can see everything from whale sharks to pygmy seahorses. The region is also known for its beautiful soft coral and the spectacular P. Nursalim Flasher Wrasse, that is endemic to the area, and which Triton Bay Divers are happy to report can be found on their house reef.

Triton Bay is conscious of their environmental foot-print and have built the resort using sustainable natural local materials which blend in with the tropical surroundings. Any wood from trees that had to be removed has been utilized elsewhere throughout the resort using local craftsmen and traditional techniques whilst still allowing for a modern touch.

The resort’s 6 bungalows, all with sea views, are each able to sleep between 2 to 3 people comfortably. At the end of your day relax on your deck or enjoy a hot water shower in your private garden bathroom.

Each room is equipped with a large ceiling fan and designed with “natural” air conditioning in mind. There is a desk with extra (220v) power sockets, allowing you to download and view your photos whilst charging your camera in preparation for your next day of diving.

At this time, 24-hour electricity is not available, but there are plans to install solar panels in the not-to-distant future.  Power will be on from 6:30 am to 11:00pm.

The Dive Center is located at the far end of the beach and inside you will find your own personal storage area where your dive equipment will be kept during your stay.

Three guided boat dives are offered per day, usually 2 in the morning and 1 in the afternoon, with the option of an additional sunset or night dive. Best of all, dives are not limited to the standard 60 mins, as sometimes that is just not long enough!

The Dive Team will take care of your equipment and clean it for you at the end of each day and before you leave the resort. There are also rinse tanks for your camera equipment as well as showers for you to rinse off between dives.

Triton Bay Divers also has PADI & SSI certified Instructors on hand in case you are looking to further your diving experience with a full range of courses from OWD to Dive Master. Non-divers are encouraged to take the plunge too.

Rental gear is available for hire, but there is limited stock so please let the resort know in advance your requirements so they can prepare everything for your arrival.

12- liter aluminum DIN tanks are used with INT adapters.

At this time Nitrox is NOT available, so as always safe and sensible diving is recommended at all times.

Triton Bay Divers is located approximately 30 nautical miles from the town of Kaimana in the Indonesian province of West Papua, previously known as Irian Jaya, on the western part of the island of New Guinea. 

Complimentary transfers are offered on Saturdays and Wednesdays In order to make the complimentary 2:00 pm transfer to the resort on Saturdays, we recommend the Batik flight (ID 6158) leaving Jakarta at 11:40 pm on the Friday which then transfers in Manokwari (IW 1615) and lands in Kaimana at 11:55 am. 

For Wednesday arrivals, there is a 08:25 am Wings flight (IW 1522) from Sorong to Kaimana.  We do NOT recommend the Wings flight that arrives in Kaimana at 15:10 as that is too late for a safe transfer to the resort.  To get to Sorong, there are many different options from Jakarta and guests need not be limited to Batik. 

For departures, on Saturday there is a flight that leaves for Sorong at 12:20 arriving at 13:30 and for Wednesday departures there is a flight for Sorong at 10:05, via Manokwari, landing at 13:35.  The connection times to Jakarta are very short with the Batik flight leaving at 14:05 and the Garuda flight leaving at 14:55.  Therefore, if you do not urgently need to return home we recommend an over night stay in Sorong before taking an early morning flight to Jakarta.

On Arrival at Kaimana you will be met by a member of the Triton Bay Divers team who will assist you with your luggage.  A car will transport you to the boat.  Although the boat is covered, you may want to have sunscreen and sunglasses on-hand.  Sit back, relax, and take in the beautiful scenery. If you are lucky you may even see a pod of dolphins, or catch a glimpse of the resident Bryde’s whale population which are local to the area. Depending on the weather conditions you may also have an opportunity to view the ancient rock art near Namatota Island. The boat journey to Triton Bay Divers takes approximately 2 hours so we recommend you take a bathroom break either on your flight over to Kaimana or at the airport on arrival, as there are no toilet facilities on the boat unfortunately.  At the resort you will be welcomed with a refreshing drink and some well-deserved lunch!

Please note that the airlines are regularly changing flight schedules so you are best to check directly with them.