Ramon's Village Resort

Located on a serene hillside surrounded by rice fields, the 4-star Wapa di Ume Resort & Spa is a short drive or walk from Ubud’s vibrant art markets, shops and restaurants. Private villas are constructed and decorated using unpainted wood, dressed slate, rough cut stone, alang-alang grass roofing and natural bamboo - all integrated into beautifully landscaped grounds. You will stay in one of the sixteen individualistic and distinctive dwelling units, scattered down the gentle hillside flanked by emerald rice fields. Everywhere at Waka di Ume, you are surrounded by the textures and color of nature’s flowers and foliage. Two of suites have private pools and all rooms have sunken bath – some with an outside garden shower.


From the Lanai Room to Di Ume Suite with decking that stretches over the agricultural panorama, to villas with private pools overlooking the natural beauty, this is an oasis of calm in a serene setting. The existing 9 Lanai rooms offering king size or twin beds, 4 Di Ume Suites with decks overlooking the fields, plus a collection of private villas of varying sizes with private pools. All 18 units are carefully constructed around the rice fields with 15 new units built on the bank of an idyllic river.

Rice Paddy Trekking
Wapa di Ume is derived from two basic words Wapa and di Ume; Wapa is abbreviation of the pioneer‟s name Wayan Pasek and di Ume mean at the Rice field. Therefore rice field is icon of our resort. We offer you an exercise in order to feel the nature of rice, knowing how the rice field cultivated and relation with other Balinese activities and culture. Our front office staff will guide you on this trekking. He will explain you the basic information regarding the activities although he is not as professional guide yet, you will maintain your healthy, walking cross the village then to the rice field at about 1,5 to 2 hours in early morning to heal the fresh air. It is a real natural and healthy. Free program on Tuesdays & Fridays at 07:00am.

A luxury three level ultra modern Spa in the famous Wapa style in the jungle with rain forest view. Featuring with a whirlpool, a beauty centre and two private massage rooms with selection of treatments featuring natural oils with and exotic blend of perfumes. Indonesian herbs and spices add to the rich traditional nature of our treatments for total well being and our well-trained therapist will take pleasure in explaining each step of the treatments.

​Yoga Center
There is a spacious upper level yoga room overlooking to lush green palm trees and panoramic rice terraced. Throughout the ancient art of classical yoga, you will learn technique to still your mind, strengthen your body and expand your consciousness using posture, breath work, meditation and relaxation. The class will be conducted by Ibu Ketut, the Balinese experienced yoga instructor. She has teach yoga to many foreigners also practice yoga for years and feels the great benefits of yoga for body and soul. The class is suitable for beginner to advanced practitioners. Free on hotel schedule Morning Yoga on every day starts from 08.00am until 09.00am.

Balinese Cooking Classes

On your holiday in Wapa di Ume, you can have an unique experience with us where we will be proud to share our secret recipes of traditional Balinese cooking with a cooking experience. Our Balinese chef will guide you to prepare for the cooking, starting at 07.00am in the morning you will be taken by our staff to buy the cooking ingredients at Ubud’s traditional market. It is also an opportunity to see the Balinese way of life in getting their daily need at the market and to watch how they do bargaining.

The cooking starts at 11.00am and is held in a traditional Balinese kitchen compound amid the organic gardens and rice fields. If you love to cook specific food of vegetarian, there is an organic garden cultivated to support the cooking class where you can get any kind of spices or vegetables such as, salad, vegetables and tomatoes, Lettuces, potatoes, etc. Afternoon Cooking is available start from 16:00pm with or without morning market.

​Balinese Palm Leaf Creation
Get creative on Mondays and Thursdays, learn the art of coconut leaf creations-a part of the tradition of the Balinese ceremony, the offerings to the God. Take home this new beautiful skill and surprise your friends. Breakfast from 07.00am – 11.00am Lunch 12.00 noon – 18.00 pm Dinner 19.00pm – 22.00pm.