Whichaway Camp

Pioneering spirit and comfort meet at White Desert’s flagship Whichaway Camp which sits at the shores of a freshwater lake. There are 6 cozy sleeping pods with snuggly sitting areas. Each unit has a wash area and bathroom, and there are 3 hot water showers available 24/7 in the camp. There are also separate pods for communal space at Whichaway Camp, places to sit back and recharge. The well-appointed lounge, with adjacent cocktail deck, is the perfect setting for guests to relax and share experiences after a day on the ice. Enjoy a craft cocktail with pure ice over a 1000 years old. There are hearty breakfasts to get you on your way for a day full of adventures, picnic lunches with outstanding views and 6-course sumptuous dinners paired with the best the Cape has to offer.

The library is complete with timeless classics recounting tales of Antarctic exploration, the stories perhaps all the more real now that you are experiencing this incredible environment at first hand.
* Many thanks to Kelvin Trautman + Marko Prezelj for incredible photos.


The 6 warm and cozy sleeping pods are guaranteed to give you a good night's sleep after a day of exploring, safe and secure from whatever is going on outside. There are soft, comfortable beds in toasty and pleasant surroundings with sitting areas to sip a cup of coffee to start your day. There are hot towel racks, wash areas and bathroom in each pod with 3 shower areas available to you 24/7 for a well-deserved hot shower. 

* Many thanks for the incredible photographs by Kelvin Trautman and Marko Prezelj

The adventures here will leave you breathless. Enjoy!

Nunatak Tour

Scale an isolated peak of rock projecting above a surface of inland ice or snow for incredible views from the summit.

Abseiling Tour

Experience the thrills of abseiling frozen cliffs under the guidance of the experienced crew.

Ice Climbing

Practice your of ice axe techniques and crampon skills as you scale cool walls of ice.

4x4 Safari

A specially designed vehicle will take you on a joy ride to discover the icy arctic landscapes.

Ice Tunnels

A photographer’s dream come true. Explore the beautiful and surreal ice tunnels that seem to change before your very eyes.

Ice Climbing

Challenge your skills and join the ranks of a few who have scaled a nunatak.

Adventures Picnic

Refuel and rejoice at the top of a 1000 foot cliff with a craft cocktail and pure, very ancient ice cubes.

Science Base

Learn first hand the important science research being accomplished at the station near camp.

Rope Walk

A fun easy traverse across a 200 foot cliff with spectacular views over the ice waves.

Zip Line

Feel like a snow petrel soaring over an ice lake.

Polar Talks

Join an informative session on all things Antarctica particularly the history of exploration here.


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White Desert Flagship Camp
Emperor Penguin Spots Available
Nov 25-Dec 1, 2022 - $62500
* Includes flights from Cape Town, accommodations, meals and activities.