Lake Manyara Tree Lodge

The White Lodge in Los Cabos is a beautiful, sustainable resort in Mexico, where the end of the Baja California Sur peninsula merges with the immensity of the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortes through sublime sea views where you can immerse yourself in a holistic experience and become one with nature A 110 yard natural path on which the collection of mud, lime and straw cottages converge with the desert that surrounds us.

ZENICA Ancestral Spa, offering rituals and ceremonies assembled on ancestral knowledge, to heal the physical body, quiet the mind and nurture the spirit. Temazcalli, an ancient Aztec ceremonial aromatic wood fired sauna designed for those seeking to detoxify the body and cleanse the heart.

A healthy Baja-Mediterranean menu highlighting a daily selection of fresh clean ingredients from organic farmers and local fishers to create a truly artisanal culinary experience in Baja Sur. Open-air and ocean views, our Azul Cortes chef also incorporates from The White Lodge’s small organic garden with fruit, salads, herbs, vegetables, and edible flowers to prepare unique and delicious dishes.

Your stay at The White Lodge will be an experience defined by tranquility, privacy and luxury.

This Boutique Hotel offers 3 panoramic Ocean Suites, 3 bungalows and 4 Hobbit Suites, all with a breathtaking ocean view and for a maximum of only 24 Guests.

Each room has a private terrace or a private deck to watch whales and colorful desert birds.

Minimalist and natural design and furnishings exude elegance and sensory emotions

Ocean View cottages with stunning minimalist interior design inspired by nature, surrounded by coastal vegetation. Each cottage features breathtaking private roof-top decks, terraces, indoor fireplaces, and private plunge pools or bathtubs. The entire property sleeps up to 24 guests. Escape the noise of Cabo, and relax in comfortable eco-luxury at a sustainable boutique hotel in Baja Sur, overlooking the Azul waters of Sea of Cortés, while indulging in unique ancestral wellness experiences, locally sourced ingredients, and eco-friendly bath amenities.

Electric bikes available for rent Famous surf spot: Santa Helena beach ¨Nine Palms¨ just a few minutes drive away Mexican sourced chemical free ¨Loredana¨ branded amenities that mix naturally with the essences of these lands. Rustic Mini golf course adapted to the natural stream, among cottages Customized tours, whale watching and other adventure and wellness activities. There’s so much to do in Baja or just chill!