White Pearl

MY White Pearl is an elegant 57-meter yacht designed and built with the key purpose of providing guests with a spacious and comfortable cruising experience. With excellent headroom, and sleek indoor and exterior designs, the boat calls for perfect comfortable gatherings in numerous areas of the yacht while cruising through the beautiful waters of Indonesia.

MY White Pearl comfortably accommodates up to 20 guests in 10 guests rooms – 1 Suite, 2 Master rooms and 7 Deluxe rooms. Pearl Fleet takes pride in delivering only the highest quality standards in service. With a team of 20 highly-qualified crew members, we look forward in being a part of your unforgettable experience onboard MY White Pearl, Indonesia.

Vessel Amenities

Main Deck Outdoor Seating and a 6-meter Jacuzzi

Main Deck Outdoor Bar

Spacious Indoor Dining Area with Cafe and Bar

Entertainment Salon with Two Televisions equipped with Gaming Consoles, Gym Equipment, Business Centre

Camera Bay

Sun Deck Seating and Sun Beds


10 Ensuite Cabins with Hot Shower

Double/Twin Share Cabins with King/Double-Sized Beds

HD Television Sets with Satellite TV and Google Cast

Hassle-Free Keypad Door Lock Systems

Basic Room Amenities: 2-in-1 Shampoo and Bath Gel, Separate Towel Hangers for Bath and Face Towels, Clothes Hooks, Hair Dryer, Safety Deposit Box, USB Ports for Charging, Inter-Room Communication System


3x All-Purpose 7.5-meter Boats equipped with 250HP Outboard Engines

Comfortable and Spacious for Divers

Boats are equipped with VHF Radios, GPS, First Aid Kits, DAN Diving Emergency Safety Equipment

Rental Equipment Available Onboard

MY White Pearl operates 7-9 night dive itineraries throughout Indonesia.

Central Raja Ampat /Triton Bay (Dec-Apr)

Known as “The Last Paradise” on Earth, Raja Ampat is known as the most diversified diving destination in terms of fish species and coral species. With more than 1,700 species and more than 500 species of corals in the area, and is a part of the establishment of 7 ecologically-connected Marine Protected Areas. A liveaboard in Raja Ampat is the best way to explore this world-renowned destination. Divers can expect to see a vast amount of marine life, from the smallest of critters and colorful fishes among the corals, or to giant oceanic manta rays. This trip will leave divers truly amazed by a unique place that has become a global hotspot for avid scuba divers.

Komodo (May-Aug) - Alor + Flores

A part of the UNESCO World Heritage List, the Komodo National Park is one of the most exciting places to visit and dive. Known for its giant Komodo dragons, the area offers a variety of unforgettable experiences. The destination brings adventures on both land and in water at the same time through a Jurassic landscape and an explosion of life. An incredible number of smaller islands hide some beautiful white sand beaches and the most magical dive sites. The diversity of Komodo gathers more than 1,000 species of fish and 260 species of coral. Home to Sharks, Manta Rays, Dugongs and beautiful soft corals, Komodo has a variety of dives sites that will please all types of diving interests.

The Banda Sea/Ring of Fire (Sep-Nov)

Located in the East of Indonesia, the Banda Sea is full of history of its Spice Islands. The waters in this area offer some of the most fantastic dive experiences. During the mating season and the changing Monsoon, a diving liveaboard is an opportunity to encounter Hammerheads patrolling along some of the islands. Although the Hammerhead Sharks are one of the main highlights, the Banda Sea offers much more. This remote area is home to spectacular walls covered with soft corals and this coral garden forms an amazing seascape for all to be amazed at. Drift diving, pinnacle and muck diving can be expected. The Banda Sea is an adventure to experience with its rich history and the unique topography of its dive sites.