Zero Degree Residence

Located in historical area Hoadhadu, Zero Degree Residence is only in 3 min walking distance to the ocean and 10 min walking distance to the white pebble sandy beach. The perfect place to relax and rest after a day full of diving adventures. You will be welcomed amongst the tropical bushes, palm trees, and exotic gardens with blossoming flowers. Flexibly following guests and their family's needs, we are capable to provide comfort and first rate services. On entering this charming guesthouse, you will immediately sense its ultimate atmosphere that makes you feel like being in your own home. Spacious rooms with comfortable beds are waiting for you to sink into its lovely warm, soft, comforting aura. Outdoor terrace on the top floor protected against the sun’s rays by big umbrellas are welcomed to enjoy the nature glory. All of the accommodation options come with a hearty complimentary breakfast buffet which is served at in-house restaurant. The reception is on duty 24 hours a day and offers services for guided tours and entertainment.

Zero Degree Residence offers spacious rooms with ultimate comfortable beds. Their fancy springs and their one million thread count sheets have absolute quality. Stylish bathrooms are here for your comfort equipped by showers, baths and jacuzzi.

There are different types of rooms which may suit you and your family’s needs. All rooms equipped by air-conditioner, flat-screen TV, Wi-Fi, phone, minibar, hot water, safe. All of the accommodation options come with a rich complimentary breakfast buffet which is served at outdoor terrace and where guests may enjoy the morning.
Standard Room

Deluxe Room

Super Deluxe Room

Junior Suite

Master Suite

Scuba Diving with Fuvahmulah Dive School
Diving in Fuvahmulah is ultimate.  Here, in Fuvahmulah, divers can see 7 types of rare sharks in one dive. Here divers can encounter dozens of Tiger sharks everyday. Here are Thresher Sharks  cleaning stations where divers enjoy to see them during all the day cleaning on the shallow under the sun shine, and jumping from time to time. One of the biggest population of Oceanic Mantas  and Mobulas use Fuvahmulah reef as cleaning station through out the year. Seasonally they arrive for matting, when divers have rare possibility to observe dozens of them exposing playful breeding behaviour. The gorgeous schools of Scalloped Hammerheads, Giant travellers whale sharks encountered in Fuvahmulah throughout the year. Likely the range of the rare type of sharks Longimanus, Maco, Small Tooth Sand Tiger Sharks might be encountered any day. The only Dream of all divers - Sun/Moon fish or Mola-Mola is unpredictably appeared from time to time cleaning on the reef. Humpback, Pilot and Melon headed whales, Spinner dolphins are passing  Fuvahmulah by huge packs, use to stop for a few days.  And now  bull shark  recently appeared n Tiger Zoo! 

Fuvahmulah is only the place when all these rare sharks and pelagic are available to see throughout the year, in natural environment and comfortable conditions. This unbelievable pelagic paradise has been hidden from the world diving society for a long time. The beauty and secrets of this mysterious place became accessible  for the wide audience since the beginning of 2017 when Fuvahmulah Dive School started to conduct daily operations and underwater research. We are the pioneers in diving in Fuvahmulah. Our team has collected plenty of unique data of this amazing place. Similar to other famous islands located along the equator (Galapagos, Cocoa), Fuvahmulah is the unique place and one of the best diving destination in the world.