Costa Rica- The Springs and Capitan Suizo

December 2017
Overall we had a great time in Costa Rica. We especially liked driving around and exploring under our own steam. They all use Waze there! I don’t know what we would have done without it.

We liked the Springs resort as everything was right there so we didn’t have to think much, but the food was pretty average. Accommodation was amazing though, huge room/suite with kids far away and great view. Activities were great and staff was really great. We did kayaking, tubing, horseback riding, and an amazing night hike right there. They had a walk around their onsite animal sanctuary and then during the night hike they took us back there and we literally came face to face with their resident sloth who was hanging upside down at my head height chomping on a snack. We were inside his enclosure and got to pet him. One of the highlights. The other was my then 12-year old, Ethan, who is animal crazy finding a red eye tree frog on the night hike, being allowed to hold it awhile until we came upon a female and our guide picked up the female and sent her scurrying up a vine and then my son put the male at the bottom of the same vine and watched him scurry up to introduce himself to the female. It was like a nature documentary. So cool.  We also went zip lining in Arenal area but it was absolutely pouring with rain that day so a bit cold and Ethan freaked out and didn’t want to continue, the guides were really good with him and got him through it.

We really loved the coast too, Capitan Suizo was amazing and I think we will go back there one day with my older 2 step kids. I’ve attached a picture of Ethan with the buddy he made, Brutus (don’t know if that was the name Ethan gave him or the staff told him), a massive iguana who would hang out around the pool. He made such an impression on Ethan that for his 13th birthday last week he got a pet iguana! He’s only a baby and fits in his hand right now but he could grow as big as Brutus one day. We loved the accommodation and the food here. We went ATV’ing on a 2-hour tour which was amazing, just our family and the guide through all the little towns, beaches and offroad around there. Otherwise mostly boogie boarding. Great sunsets.

Overall we fell in love with Costa Rica so thanks for a great trip!

The Tekstra Family