Dinah & David do Africa

Kirsten put together the most wonderful trip to Rwanda and Tanzania for us-- we were greeted at every airport and transported each step of the way by wonderful and attentive guides.  The accommodations were nothing short of luxurious and the food was wonderful (and a bit too plentiful!).  She offered great tips -- for example to hire a porter for Gorilla trekking-- since our first trek was 6 hours on very steep and muddy mountains, the porter was really helpful.  And I had no concept of how close we would be to the gorillas --two of them touched my husband!  And in Tanzania, Kirsten had us stay at Alex Walker's wonderful Serian-- it was late in the tourist season and the region was accessible only by plane, so there were very few tourists (or people at all--don't look for souvenir shops in the Lamai) and our amazing guide, Seni, was able to drive us right up to lions, cheetahs, and a leopard.  We were in the exact right region for the wildebeest migration and saw 4 river crossings.  It was the best vacation we have ever taken, and a blow-out anniversary trip.  My aging iPhone took photos that looked they were from National Geographic.  Everything went smoothly and without any hitches.