Blue Seychelles Safari

Blue Seychelles Safari
Day 1:  Arrive Mate and overnight

Days 2-6: Cosmoledo Atoll

Transfer to the airport for charter flight to Comoledo. Located 1 030km south-west of Mahé, Cosmoledo Atoll is situated a stone’s throw away from the world heritage site of Aldabra, which is often referred to as the Galapagos of the Indian Ocean. Menai and Wizard Islands occupy the eastern and western points of the atoll and were named after the two ships that explored the atoll on the Moresby Expedition in 1822. It’s a huge atoll measuring 17km from north to south. Cosmoledo Atoll is truly a diverse nature lover’s paradise of incomprehensible proportions. The ecosystem is pristine and untouched, with humans having had very little impact on its environment over the years. The encounters you will see on a daily basis are proof of how remote and preserved this magnificent atoll is. Cosmoledo has a single Eco Camp situated on Wizard Island where nature meets creative, eco-friendly hospitality. The Camp consists of eight double/twin en-suite Eco Pods with a central communal dining and entertainment area. The rooms are made up of custom designed Eco Pods and the communal dining and entertainment area is a large tent with bare sand floors that are committed to the conservation, preservation and protection of the natural resources of Cosmoledo. (BLD)

Days 6-9: Astove Atoll

Head to the airstrip for charter flight to Astove, which is situated 1055 km south-west of Mahé and forms part of the remote Aldabra group of atolls. It’s a small and unique atoll that spans six kilometers from north to south and just under four kilometers from east to west at the widest points.One of the most remote inhabited islands in Seychelles, Astove Atoll features the refurbished Coral House which caters to 9 guests per week in 6 single or double rooms.

It’s an environment which has had very little human impact placed on it in recent decades and is teaming with bird and marine life just waiting to be explored! The “Wall” of Astove is breathtakingly beautiful and is best described as looking down into the Grand Canyon. It consists of the flat and reef dropping a vertical 90 degrees from ankle deep water to over 1000 metres over a short distance. The “Wall” is still known as one of the best snorkeling and dive sites on this planet. The Astove Coral House is currently being renovated to add in a beautiful pool for you to lounge around in after a day of diving, fishing or adventuring.

Days 9-12: Alphonse Island

Take a charter flight to Alphonse today. The Alphonse group of islands is considered one of the most pristine, untouched Edens of the world, making it a nature lover’s paradise. The magnificent island threesome comprising of Alphonse, St Francois and Bijoutier lies in the very heart of the Indian Ocean as part of the Seychelles outer islands. Beautiful white beaches line the edges of the dense natural forest, interspersed with the remnants of old commercial coconut groves. Alphonse Island is an escape to the exquisite simplicity of a tropical island paradise, leaving behind the impositions of everyday life. The raw beauty of an untouched natural sanctuary in one of the prime marine environments in the far reaches of the Indian Ocean can be experienced here.

Alphonse Island features a single Lodge comprising of 22 Beach Bungalows, five Beach Villas and two Beach Retreats built alongside the water’s edge, each with scenic ocean views. The main lodge complex consists of a reception area, beach bar, restaurant, swimming pool, tennis court, gym and lounge. An Activity & Dive Centre and a Fishing Centre make up the lodge's water sports facilities offering an array of land and marine-based activities.

Day 12: Departure
Return to Make for onward travels.

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