Anthony's Key Resort

Anthony’s Key Resort is village of 56 bungalows cocooned in 11 acres of lush palms and overlooking the incredible blue infinity of the Caribbean. This all-inclusive resort in Roatan provides all the modern comforts in a timeless and unspoiled landscape. Let the ocean lull you to sleep in one of the water-front bungalows or sequester yourself in a hillside hideaway. Either way, relaxation is the order of the day when you vacation at AKR. Telephones and TVs are blissfully absent here, so you can focus on what’s important. Spend peaceful afternoons cradled in a hammock overlooking the ocean or snorkel the crystalline waters in search of marine life.

Anthony’s Key Resort is hugged by the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System, the largest barrier reef in the northern hemisphere. It’s home to thick, vibrant coral, playful dolphins, and varied marine life. This enchanting undersea adventure is just minutes from your bungalow. All experience levels are welcome including beginners with the resort offering on-site training and featuring a hyperbaric chamber. After a full day’s activity in Roatan, life simply couldn’t get better than a hammock and soothing sea breezes. Or, unwind by the pool; your tensions will fully evaporate with just one dip. For ultimate relaxation, rejuvenate your body and nourish your spirit with a relaxing massage at Ixora Spa. Tranquility is easy to attain at AKR.

On offer are four different styles of bungalows throughout the resort which include both overwater bungalows and ones situated back into the hillside and tropical foliage. The Key Deluxe and Key Superior bungalows are situated off the main island dispersed along the perimeter of the key. The Hill Superior and Hill Standard bungalows are located on the main island. Whether you want to fall asleep to the sounds of the ocean from your overwater bungalow or hear the sounds of nature, each of the bungalows offers a unique getaway experience.

Hill Standard - sleeps 4 max (1 king, 2 double or 2 bunk beds)

Hill Standard bungalows are nestled between lush tropical foliage of the hillside on the main island. These breezy wooden bungalows are walled on three sides with awesome louvered windows, allowing a continuous breeze to flow through. Casual wood interiors offer an easygoing charm, inviting you to kick back and experience a cozy retreat. A large private balcony connects four of these bungalows and offers spectacular views of the key and lagoon below. A private deck is shared between two others, tucked in the greenery nearby. Access to the hillside is approximately 60 steps up from the dock. Standard bungalows are not air-conditioned.

Hill Superior - sleeps 4 max (2 full beds)

Hill Superior bungalows are nestled within the lush tropical foliage of the hillside on the main island. They feature warm wood floors and Honduran hardwood furnishings that are elegantly arranged throughout. All superior bungalows are air-conditioned, weather-sealed and fitted with high visibility floor to ceiling glass windows for spectacular views. A large private deck connects all four bungalows in this category and is a great place for groups to relax and enjoy time together. Access to the hillside is approximately 60 steps up from the dock.

Key Superior - sleeps 4 max ( 2 full beds)

Key Superior bungalows feature warm hardwood floors that invite your bare feet to walk on, and Honduran hardwood furnishings elegantly arranged throughout. These bungalows in Honduras are air-conditioned, weather-sealed, and fitted with high visibility glass windows for spectacular ocean vistas. Most Key Superior overwater bungalows are situated in groups of two, three or four and share a covered deck, making them ideal to gather with family and friends. Two individual bungalows have a private porch, each inviting you to unwind in a cozy hammock at the end of the day! Access to the key is by island taxi boat, traveling back and forth in the lagoon, between the key and main island upon request.

Key Deluxe - sleeps 5 max (1 king bed + 1 full bed)

Key Deluxe bungalows are the most spacious bungalows, and you’ll find them dispersed along the perimeter of the key. These waterfront bungalows in Roatan feature wood floors, Honduran hardwood furnishings, natural stone counter-tops, air-conditioning, and high visibility glass windows for spectacular ocean views. Each bungalow has an adjoined private covered deck, inviting you to unwind after a day of diving and rest in a cozy hammock while embracing the tranquility after a day full of adventure. Access to the key is by island taxi boat, traveling back and forth in the lagoon, between the key and the main island upon request.

All bungalows feature:

Air Conditioning (ex. hill standard)

Ceiling Fan


Hardwood floors

Hot Showers

In-room safe

Hair Dryer

Mini Refrigerator

Alarm Clock

Ixora Spa Bath Amenities


Anthony’s Key wants everyone to experience the magical paradise that awaits below the water’s surface. They’re a PADI 5-Star Career Development Center and ranked as one of the world’s top dive resorts for the last 50 years. Whether you’re a newbie diver or returning regular, the have a course to match your skill level. We even offer PADI diving programs for kids!

There are endless opportunities to explore the natural treasures that call the waters of Roatan home. At Anthony’s Key, we make it easy for you to take advantage of those opportunities. Our Dive Operation offers equipment rentals, a full-service Photo Shop, PADI Continuing Education Programs, convenient dockside equipment storage, fresh-water showers, and rinse-tanks, dive and snorkel opportunities with the dolphins at the Roatan Institute for Marine Sciences, and an on-site Hyperbaric Chamber and Clinic.


With guided snorkel trips offered twice a day, you’ll have up-close encounters with diverse fish, coral, and other marine life. With our dedicated 46’ flat-top snorkel boat, you’ll be able to weave inside and outside the reef. You can also snorkel at your own pace around Bailey’s Key or in the resort’s backyard lagoon. The snorkel packages include a convenient Underwater Fish ID card to help you spot Roatan’s indigenous organisms and sea life. You’ll receive a Dolphin Beach Encounter and a Reef Ecology Lecture and Fish ID Slide Show when you book the 7-night Snorkel Package. If you’re a dolphin fan, why not snorkel with them? For an additional charge, you can enjoy a unique opportunity to snorkel with these playful and graceful creatures in the protected area of Bailey’s Key. It’s an amazing experience you won’t soon forget!


Kayak in a Tranquil Roatan Lagoon - The waters inside the resort’s lagoon are calm most days of the year and kayaking is a great way to spend an afternoon after a day of diving or snorkeling. Explore the resort with a leisurely paddle in the lagoon or head over to Bailey’s Key for some time on a cozy beach.

Stand-Up Paddle

Stand-Up Paddle (SUP) on Calm Caribbean Waters - Try out the latest craze in above-the-water sports while at Anthony’s Key with Stand-up Paddleboarding or ‘SUP’ for short. This new fun way to enjoy the ocean allows you to glide across the water on large surf-style boards and long paddles to enjoy a 360-degree view only achieved while standing upright. Stand-up paddling is so comfortable and relaxing, you won’t feel like you are doing a sport!

Dolphin Encounters

Discover the many ways in which you can interact with dolphins during your stay at Anthony’s Key Resort! This small hideaway allows guests the rare opportunity to enjoy face-to-face encounters with these majestic mammals. We have fortunate to have a resident pod who have made their home just across our lagoon at Bailey’s Key. Here, you can swim and snorkel with them on their terms. They are not trained animals. Rather, you will experience what it’s like to truly be part of the pod.

Dolphin Dive

To begin, you’ll attend a top-side orientation that includes a question and answers session. Here, you’ll learn about dolphin diving etiquette. After your five-minute boat ride, you’ll land at a beautiful reef wall where you’ll descend to a white sand bottom at 60 feet. The dolphins are then free to interact with you as they choose. The unstructured setting allows guests to learn more about the complex way that dolphins form relationships and communicate. These sessions are limited to a small group, including a dive guide, dolphin behaviorist, and videographer.

Play and Swim with Fun-Loving Dolphins

This 45-minute activity begins with a brief introduction to two of the dolphins. After, you’ll enter the water for a playful swim as well as to experience the thrilling “Foot Push.” This is when the dolphins push you by the feet above and around the water’s surface. This is the best way to fully experience the strength and speed of the dolphins. Then, you’ll go for a gentle ride around the lagoon while holding on to the dorsal fin. This famous “Dorsal Ride” is iconic among our guests and is not to be missed!

Summer Camp for Kids

The popular Dolphin Scuba Summer Camp offers parents a fun and educational way to keep the kids occupied during vacation! During the week, children (ages 5 to 14) will interact with bottlenose dolphins through various encounters, feeding, and training sessions. They’ll also be exposed to diving & snorkeling skills in keeping with their age and skill level. Your child will gain a real appreciation for the ocean, marine life, and our environment thanks to the oceanside discussions, short classroom sessions, and snorkeling trips.  The staff at the Roatan Institute for Marine Sciences and the PADI professionals from AKR’s Scuba School are the camp instructors. Campers join parents for lunch daily, and parents are always welcome to observe and participate in most activities.

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