CoCo View Resort

Located on Roatan’s south shore, Coco View Resort sits on the edge of the world’s second largest coral reef. The diving here is super convenient and satisfying. Just a short ride on one of the custom dive boats, takes you to Roatan’s best dive sites. Just a few fin kicks from your room, expect pristine coral walls teeming with a healthy abundance of critters and even a 140’ wreck in the resort’s famous “Front Yard”. You can dive and snorkel until you are completely prunie. Grab a tank & go as shore diving is available whenever you desire.

Enjoy delicious meals and tasty tropical drinks in the Clubhouse after a day of water sports. Local entertainers often perform here as well as special talks about Roatan’s history and marine life by resident experts. If you feel the need to connect with home, free Wi Fi is available throughout the resort. At Cocoview you can wander the beautiful landscaped gardens and paths that crisscross the resort. Hop on a kayak and explore the mangroves. Pamper yourself with a private in-room massage or enjoy an off-site excursion such as golfing, shark diving, zip-line canopy tours, and more.



This dive resort has 29 guest rooms in total either at the water’s edge or directly over the water. There are 4 bungalows located in two over-the water duplexes along a wooden walkway between the Clubhouse and Hawksbill Cay. The bungalows are private and spacious with large decks.  Along a wooden walkway are 12 ocean cabanas in three separate buildings with private ocean view decks. Two buildings on the water’s edge between the clubhouse and the main dock, house the upstairs or downstairs 12 oceanfront rooms. Cocoview even offers two and three bedroom casas for families and friends traveling together. Every room is air-conditioned and is equipped with in-room coffee pot, mini-fridges, lockable security boxes, hammocks and maid service.


Home to the world’s second largest barrier reef, Roatan, Honduras is justifiably one of the top scuba diving and snorkeling destinations on earth.CoCo View Resort has the reputation for being the easiest place to dive on the island.

When you stay with us, enjoy unlimited, 24 hour access to walk in, walk out shore diving and snorkeling along the reef in our “Front Yard,” literally steps from your room — or join us on a comfortable boat trip aboard one of our unique, custom-designed dive boats to one of Roatan’s great diving sites.

There is so much to do on Roatan! Zipping through the treetops, staring down a shark, playing with dolphins, golfing along the edge of the sea…these are just some of the Honduras activities available to you during your visit at CoCo View Resort.

Roatan is a beautiful island, with much more to offer than just the incredible diving that attracts most guests to CoCo View. The island’s reef-protected waters offer the perfect underwater playground, ideal for diving, snorkeling, and swimming with sharks and dolphins. Above water, lush jungles, mountainous terrain, stunning beaches are an adventure waiting to happen.

In or out of the water, relaxing or adventurous, you’re sure to find many Honduras activities to fit your interests and sense of fun. Stop in the office to find out more

Shark Diving
Sharks play an important role in the health of the marine ecosystem, helping control fish and marine mammal populations. So you don’t have to be an adrenaline junkie to scuba dive with Roatan’s sharks. Others have actually described their Roatan shark diving experiences as “awe-inspiring” and “surreal.”

During your shark diving excursion, you will dive with female Caribbean Reef Sharks among beautiful hard and soft corals at a depth of 60-70 feet. Clear visibility, usually reaching 80 feet or more, offers an excellent view of the sharks, which are typically 6-9 feet long and weigh several hundred pounds each.

After you’ve had time to observe the sharks, a snack of fish in a bucket is often presented to them at a safe distance from the diving group, where you can then watch the resulting feeding frenzy. The sharks are never handled or fed individually. When the sharks have dispersed, you will typically have time to move around and explore the site before returning to the boat.

Eco Tour with Tim & Barb Blanton
If you’re more of an off-the-beaten path adventurer, we highly recommend Tim and Barb’s Eco Tour – a great way to see the island from a local’s perspective during your travels through Roatan. Join Tim and Barb Blanton as they take guests on tours of Roatan’s less explored nooks and crannies. Tim and Barb are incredibly knowledgeable about the island’s history, geology, and bio-diversity and discuss the history of Roatan and the Bay Islands throughout their tour. See the Iguana Farm, Mangrove Tour, Punta Gorda and Paya Indian Sites. We promise an interesting and fun experience!

Roatan Canopy Tour
Roatan zip line canopy tours are a family-friendly activity, perfect for young and old alike. As you swing through the trees, the views of sandy beaches, tropical jungle, and stunning coastline are unbeatable. Platforms connect the zip lines, and at each stop, you can observe wildlife in its natural habitat.

Bring your camera – this unique tour of Roatan is a totally exhilarating trip and one you won’t want to forget!

Dolphin Encounters

Have you ever dreamed of a dolphin encounter – swimming, snorkeling, or diving with dolphins? When you stay at CoCo View Resort, we can arrange for an off-site dolphin encounter at the Roatan Institute for Marine Science (RIMS), a facility built to study and preserve the island’s marine ecosystem, where you can meet and swim with these engaging animals.

Here are the options:
Roatan Dolphin Encounter: Make a new friend as you touch, kiss, and play with a dolphin. A trained naturalist will introduce you to a resident dolphin, describing its characteristics, anatomy, and behaviours.
Dolphin Snorkel: Experience a dolphin encounter like no other as you play with dolphins at the Roatan Institute for Marine Sciences. During this unstructured encounter with Atlantic Bottlenose dolphins, the naturally curious dolphins are free to interact with you as they choose.
Dolphin Dive: Scuba dive in the open ocean with the friendliest dolphins in the Caribbean. 2-3 dolphins will visit you on the sandy bottom of the ocean floor, frolicking and playing with you on their own terms before returning home to RIMS.
Trainer for a Day: Leave CoCo View and spend the entire day learning about dolphins, interacting with them, and working one-on-one with them to initiate trained behaviours.

Island Tour
What’s not to love about Roatan, Honduras? Endless activities, white sand beaches that rival (dare we say surpass?) any in the Caribbean, quaint shops, stunning outlooks, lush jungles, colorful underwater reefs, squawking parrots, the mild climate…

If you want to see the island’s beauty, CoCo View’s own tour of Roatan will take you to the most interesting and beautiful places on the island in the comfort of an air conditioned bus. See local towns, visit viewpoint after scenic viewpoint, get up-close and personal with local wild life and get a history lesson with facts about the island – we promise it will be more exciting than the ones you remember from high school.

Make sure to bring your camera -these excursions offer plenty of photo ops!

Butterfly Garden
The Roatan Butterfly Garden demonstrates the diversity of our small island’s plant and animal life and is home to many colorful butterfly varieties, tropical trees and plants, and hummingbirds. You’ll also find a small collection of parrots, macaws, and toucans that have been acquired as rescue birds.

Walk along paths lined with hibiscus, orchids, jasmine, and ginger. Join one of the Garden’s guided tours. Learn about Roatan’s tropical trees, such as cashew, mango, papaya, and banana. Enjoy the view from a shaded bench as you listen to the calls of the birds. Observe butterflies as they float and flit effortlessly from one fruit tree to another.

Enjoy an out-of-the-water excursion to beautiful Roatan Butterfly Park. Our staff will happily help you plan a visit to this charming and diverse park while you’re staying with us.

Iguana Farm
This is one of the more popular destinations — a place where you can see thousands of iguana freely roaming. Bring your camera and come see for yourself!

Volunteer for a real research project!

CCV encourages our guests to use their curiosity, skills and talents to engage in Citizen Science projects. These projects are sponsored by a wide variety of organizations so non-scientists can meaningfully contribute to scientific research.

Here are a few opportunities we think you may enjoy:

Anyone can join iSeahorse. Whether you’re a diver, a fisher, a scientist, a seahorse enthusiast, or just on a beach holiday, you can upload your photos and observations to iSeahorse. You can help identify seahorse species. You can advocate for their protection in your ocean neighborhood. Scientists from Project Seahorse and seahorse experts around the world will use your vital information to better understand seahorse behavior, species ranges, and the threats seahorses face. They use this knowledge to improve seahorse conservation across the globe. Report your seahorse sightings via the app iSeahorse.

Sharks, Urchins, Turtles & more!
Earthdive and its partners the United Nations Environment Program– World Conservation Monitoring Center, along with marine scientists all over the world, have discovered that key indicator species in particular marine eco-regions can tell us a lot about the changing state of the world’s oceans. And, by seeing and recording these indicators during your scuba dive or a snorkeling trip, you can contribute to a Global Snapshot of our ocean’s health. Please register and log your sightings:

Diver Health
PDE is a prospective observational study of the demographics, medical history, depth-time exposure and medical outcome of a sample of the recreational diving population. PDE seeks to estimate the incidence of decompression sickness (DCS) in population subgroups and to investigate the relationship of DCS probability to depth-time profile and dive and diver characteristics. Participate in this study by sharing your diver profiles:

Animals & Plants – iNaturalist
Every observation can contribute to biodiversity science, from the rarest butterfly to the most common backyard weed. iNaturalist shares your encounters with scientific data repositories like the Global Biodiversity Information Facility to help scientists find and use your data. All you have to do is observe and report. Download the app

Sea Grass
Since 1980, we’ve lost over 35% of our sea grass meadows worldwide. That equates to about 1.5% per year, or 2 football fields each hour. This rate of loss is equal to that of coral reefs and rainforests, yet sea grass receives no attention and we’d like to change that! Project Seagrass is committed  to the conservation of sea grass ecosystems and ensuring that the benefits they provide communities are sustained now and in the future. Seagrass Spotter is a conservation and education tool for tracking sea grass meadows around the globe. Help us conserve our coastline by uploading your own Seagrass sightings.

Fish, Fish & Fish!
REEF conserves marine environments worldwide. Their mission is to protect biodiversity and ocean life by actively engaging and inspiring the public through citizen science, education, and partnerships with the scientific community. REEF’s mission, to educate and enlist divers in the conservation of marine habitats, is accomplished primarily through the Volunteer Fish Survey Project. Once you start conducting fish surveys, your diving experience will change. Suddenly you will start to notice things on your dives that have always been there, but the difference is that now you will know them. You will realize when a species you encounter is a great find, and who are the usual suspects.

eBird is a joint project of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and National Audubon Society. eBird’s global reach allows birders to keep track of their personal lists and collects vast amounts of data that can be used for science and conservation. By reporting your sightings eBird generates graphs, maps, and detailed analysis tools to help scientists better understand patterns of bird occurrence and the environmental and human factors that influence them. Included on this website is a great reference guide for the tropics:

Sea Turtles was founded out of a desire to support research and conservation efforts in the worldwide sea turtle community. Via iSTOR you can share your sea turtle sightings, and make them universally accessible and useful.

Coral Restoration
CCV is happy to announce that our first coral restoration tree is in place near the stern of the Prince Albert and fully hung with over 30 pieces of Staghorn. Aubrey Alexander, from Dockside Dive Center, is spearheading the project. We hope to place more trees in the near future and look forward to CCV guests learning how to care for, harvest and transplant the crop!


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