Heron Island

Heron Island Resort is an exclusive island for guests who want truly connect with nature. The nature itself is absolutely spectacular. The island is situated on the Great Barrier Reef, which means you can snorkel right off the island. Scuba divers come back again and again to fully discover the 20 dive sites that are just minutes off the island.

The resort caters to both couples and families and has 109 comfortable rooms, all with ceiling fans and either balconies or terraces. Rooms at Heron Island range from the Turtle Room, which is set amongst Pisona Forest (watch it come absolutely alive with birds during nesting season), to the secluded Point Suites, which provide the ideal location from which to watch the sun set. Taking top place is the Beach House, a freestanding house that is all yours for the duration of your stay on Heron Island. It boasts exclusive access to the beach. All the rooms have the comforts of modern convenience except for the distractions of television and cell phone service. Many of the resort's rooms offer sea glimpses through the island's unique vegetation and some offer direct beach access. The different styles of rooms arc around the natural curve of the island, from the jetty to North Beach. All boast either a balcony or a terrace to help you soak up the atmosphere. Inside, you have tea and coffee making facilities to help make yourself at home. 

Heron Island is small enough to walk around in 20 minutes, yet it has everything you could wish. There’s the Shearwater Restaurant to satisfy healthy appetites plus Ballie’s Bar next to the resort’s swimming pool. Turtles return year after year to lay their eggs and guests can gather just outside their rooms, particularly the Beachside Suites, to watch the hatchlings make their way to the water.

Come June you may see whales passing by on their annual pilgrimage. Nesting season sees the island's resident human population well outnumbered by birds. The waters around Heron Island are teeming with reef fish, turtles, manta rays, reef sharks and an endless variety of marine invertebrates. Heron Island caters to all levels of marine enthusiasts from the novice snorkeler to experienced divers. The waters around the island are relatively shallow with an average depth of between 10 and 25 meters. Snorkelers can enjoy drifting over shallow reefs just meters from the shore. Around 60% of the 1,500 species of fish and around 72% of the coral species found on the Great Barrier Reef call the waters around Heron Island home.

Heron Island is a natural coral cay 89 kms off the coast of Queensland, so it's not another Great Barrier Reef resort, it's a resort on the Great Barrier Reef. There two ways to get to and from Heron Island from Gladstone. The Heron Islander launch leaves once a day for Heron Island and returns once a day back to Gladstone. Or, begin your holiday by catching a scenic seaplane flight and experience a unique perspective of the Great Barrier Reef.