Australia is the smallest continent but a vast country with an incredible range of exciting and fun things to experience. Home to the world’s largest barrier reef, it is renowned for excellent diving – but diving is not only limited to the Great Barrier Reef; the south and west coasts may be less famous but offer underwater experiences like nowhere else. You can easily spend six months exploring all what Australia has to offer, from abundant tropical forests to a variety of underwater wonders; from modern and art-filled cities to the remote outback where at night, the sky is so clear that you will see satellites circling the earth; from the temperate wine region with quaint bed-and-breakfasts to up north where crocodiles are more numerous than people.

We will help you to make sense of all the different choices Australia has to offer and craft a trip that is truly unique and just right for you. We represent all the best liveaboard dive boats in Australia and work with carefully chosen resorts, hotels and local tour operators.

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