Raya Heritage

Inspired by the spirit of Lanna life in former times, Raya Heritage offers a clean, contemporary take on traditional Thai design. Beautifully curated, one-of-a-kind furniture pieces, artefacts and accessories, sourced from and often created by hand by local craftspeople, are featured throughout.
The resort concept stems from northern Thai culture’s simple, elegant approach to life and art, and the social value placed on living in balance with nature and the surrounding community. Immersed in tranquil natural surroundings on the banks of the Ping river, Raya Heritage's serene atmosphere makes it the perfect base for discovering the unique charms of the region at an unhurried pace.

Raya Heritage offers a range of culinary options at the resort’s signature dining outlets: Khu Khao, Laan Cha Tea Terrace, Baan Ta Lounge & Lawn as well as in-suite room service and poolside dining. Whatever the venue, the emphasis is on fresh locally sourced ingredients and a blend of local and international recipes.

Raya Heritage offers 38 spacious suite rooms situated on 3 levels set in lush gardens just steps from the banks of the tranquil Ping River.

Inspired by the artistry and craftsmanship of northern Thailand’s Lanna culture, Raya Heritage blends the simple charm and character of the region’s past with discreet, personalized service and state-of-the-art guest comfort. The fully-equipped suites feature comfortable outdoor terrace areas and many of them have private pools. Handcrafted artisanal touches such as handwoven textiles, baskets, pottery and woodcarvings underscore a style of luxury based on simple, natural beauty and northern Thailand’s unique heritage.


Raya Heritage arranges half and full day excursions to some of the area’s most interesting sites. Temple and market trips, village visits and forays into national parks are all on offer. Other popular activities include elephant experiences, jungle walks, rock climbing and rafting. Those interested in traditional crafts can spend the day visiting artisan studios or explore the very best shopping that Chiang Mai has to offer. Tours are designed with quality in mind and are perfect for those looking to gain insight into the local culture.

On Property Things to Do:

Thai people use pandan leaves (bai toey) for many different purposes. Small squares of the leaves are often cooked with rice or added to desserts to give them a distinct aroma and attractive green hue. Pandan is also very useful for making handicrafts. The young leaves are sliced into thin strips which can then be woven into baskets, mats and other everyday household items. Join us as we show you the secrets of folding the leaves into charming and attractive flowers. These flowers are used for decorating the home or for offerings in the temples to the Buddha image.

TUESDAY: TA-LEAW MAKING “Ta-Laew” in Northern Thai Language means “eagle eyes”. Local villagers use it as a totem of protection. Ta-Laew is used as a sacred symbol to mark the boundary area of a protection zone to ward away evil and bad luck. The villagers will bring Ta-Laew in ceremonies and hang it in front of their houses or place it in their farms. Made from bamboo line, you may find Ta-Laew in your room as a do-not-disturb sign.

WEDNESDAY: BAMBOO WEAVING Most baskets, fishing traps or other handcrafts are made from bamboo and are part of the traditional way of life since ancient Lanna period. Kong, a creel for carrying fish, and Piat, a bamboo woven hamper, are still commonly used for home storage. Let us teach you how to make an animal-shaped weaving for your family and friends. THURSDAY: HANDMADE MEMORY CARD MAKING Create your own handmade card keepsake of Chiang Mai. Enjoy making cards in environmentally friendly way using natural and reused materials.

FRIDAY: GARDEN WALK Walking through our hotel landscape while learning about the local trees, enjoying our organic vegetable gardens, picking some herbs that we use in our kitchen and planting your own vegetable pot with our Gardener and Ton Hong.
WEEKEND: GENTLE FLOW YOGA Gentle Flow Yoga helps to increase consciousness and gain the power of concentration. You will learn how to breathe in and out by using the rhythm of Yoga Asana. It helps us to increase blood circulation and release accumulated stress along the muscles joints, bones and organs.