Thailand remains a treasure trove for visitors whether you are looking for golden beaches, underwater wonders, tasty cuisine, excellent shopping, unique cultures or gorgeous vistas – or any combination of the above. The tranquility of the Thai life is evident everywhere. The mountainous north where small villages still proudly hold on to old traditions and where the scenery is spectacular is a must. The main city here, Chiang Mai, is known for its more than 300 temples and excellent handicraft markets. The middle plains are studded with picturesque rice fields and towns. Even the capital Bangkok, although vibrant in all senses of the word, has a calm Thai center you will experience in the easy smiles and in the unyielding hospitality. In the south, Thailand’s famous breath-takingly beautiful beaches stretch for miles and offer an easy access to excellent diving and snorkeling.

Thailand’s best diving is seasonal depending on which side of the peninsula you are on. The Gulf of Thailand is worth visiting between May and August. On the other side, many of the superior dive sites in the Andaman Sea are located some ways from the coast – sites such as Richelieu Rock, Hin Daeng, Similan Islands and Phi Phi Islands – so the way to dive here is take a liveaboard. The best season is between November and April although the last two island groups have year-around charters. Keen on spotting a whale shark? They are commonly sighted here between February and May. There are many boats to choose from but we only work with liveaboards that offer superior comfort and service and get consistently great reviews.


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