Solitude Gaia

Introducing Solitude Gaia, a scuba diving liveaboard redefining the essence of ocean exploration. Launched in 2023, this 40-meter vessel seamlessly combines innovation and craftsmanship, boasting a robust steel hull for stability and an aluminum superstructure for added security and comfort. Beyond its structural excellence, Solitude Gaia prioritizes a home-like environment, meeting the highest standards for passenger ships and inviting guests to share the profound wonder of the ocean’s depths.

Stepping aboard, Solitude Gaia emanates an atmosphere fostering freedom of the mind and openness, encouraging reflection on timeless virtues such as humility, charity, and gratitude. The vessel’s curated décor, with soothing neutral tones, reinforces appreciation for the remarkable world beneath the waves.

Cruising at 10 knots, Solitude Gaia provides a serene yet adventurous experience, featuring nine cabins and a luxurious spa suite for up to 18 guests. As you embark on a scuba diving journey, Solitude Gaia becomes a vessel for self-discovery, where the virtues of the sea converge with the vessel’s essence, creating an unparalleled and transformative experience.
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Step into Solitude Gaia, where comfort, style and adventure intertwine seamlessly. Featuring nine (9) meticulously designed cabins accommodating up to 18 guests, the vessel reflects thoughtfulness, elegance, and refinement. Each cabin serves as a serene retreat amidst the open sea, symbolizing relaxation and refinement. Neutral hues and graceful furnishings establish a timeless atmosphere, fostering introspection and revitalization.

These areas embody Solitude Gaia’s dedication to excellence, offering a spacious and welcoming setting where you can relax, engage with fellow travelers, and rediscover yourself. It’s a realm where the peacefulness of the sea coexists harmoniously with the onboard comfort of Solitude Gaia throughout your journey.

Dive into the unparalleled wonders of Palau’s pristine waters with Solitude Gaia, where each underwater excursion is a gateway to a realm of awe-inspiring marine biodiversity. As you explore the vibrant coral gardens and thriving ecosystems, our experienced dive team ensures a seamless and unforgettable scuba diving adventure. From the famed Blue Corner to the enchanting German Channel, Solitude Gaia promises an immersive journey beneath the surface, where the marine wonders of Palau come to life in every breathtaking dive.


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